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Learned Scribe

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Posted - 21 May 2013 :  17:58:14  Show Profile  Visit Kyrel's Homepage Send Kyrel a Private Message  Reply with Quote  Delete Topic
Hi people,

I could use some help with some inspiration for a (larger) plot to throw at my players, which is somehow related to Silverymoon. Currently it's the Autumn of 1355DR, and the players are heading out of Icewind Dale as guards for the last caravan out of Bryn Shandor, before the snow closes the path for the season. As the group includes a couple of non-human individuals, they will be bypassing Luskan and heading for Mirabar and then on towards Silverymoon (whichever way they then plan to go).

I'm very open to suggestions as I'm currently pulling a blank with regards to ideas.

Caladan Brood
Senior Scribe

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Posted - 21 May 2013 :  18:08:16  Show Profile  Visit Caladan Brood's Homepage Send Caladan Brood a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Are you looking for ideas for on the road or for when they reach Silverymoon?
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Lord Bane
Senior Scribe

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Posted - 21 May 2013 :  18:10:38  Show Profile Send Lord Bane a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Have the caravan be sold out by a spy and raided by bandits hired by the Host Tower of the Arcane in order to aquire some magical item. Then have them for example sell it to a Red Wizard residing in Mirabar who at the same time is a follower of Shar who then would try to use said magical device to fuel a ritual that would cause a catastrophe in Silverymoon which then gets besieged by forces loyal to the Church of Shar under the disguise of some bandit lord wishing to claim the city in the name of Shar.
That way you have Luskan, Mirabar and Silverymoon as places of the plot.

The driving force in the multiverse is evil, for it forces good to act.
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Wooly Rupert
Master of Mischief

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Posted - 21 May 2013 :  18:16:30  Show Profile Send Wooly Rupert a Private Message  Reply with Quote
One of the things that bugged me with the transition from 2E to 3E was that Silverymoon's magical wards suddenly were retconned into being a mythal.

I had previously discussed ways to reconcile this. One was somehow folding the wards into a new mythal, another was that the wards achieved some sort of critical mass and became a mythal. Another idea I had was that Silverymoon was the site of an ancient mythal that was now dormant, and that it was somehow reactivated.

If I was going to go for a larger plot involving Silverymoon, I'd have to consider my previous idea of reawakening a dormant mythal there.

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Learned Scribe

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Posted - 21 May 2013 :  19:02:58  Show Profile  Visit Kyrel's Homepage Send Kyrel a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Caladan. I'm mainly looking for ideas related to Silverymoon, once they get there, but I'm quite open to suggestions "for the road" as well, especially if they might somehow be able to combine into a greater whole of a plot centered around Silverymoon.

Thanks for the comments so far though. Much appreciated :-)
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Jeremy Grenemyer
Great Reader

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Posted - 21 May 2013 :  20:59:48  Show Profile Send Jeremy Grenemyer a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Some “for the road” ideas, based in part on Johnn Four’s excellent collection of 1,132 Roadside Encounter Ideas (free at

1. A pack of orcs, 10-12 in number, comes running down the road towards the PCs. The terrified orcs don’t stop to talk or fight, instead they run between and around the PCs at top speed. A terrible roar from over the next rise follows in the orcs’ wake and something big lumbers into view.

2. The PCs arrive at a fallen bridge that’s being repaired by dwarves. Two different clans are working on the bridge and a heated argument has broken out over the final leg of construction. A line of wagons and caravans wait on either side, their drivers and guards nervously watching the skies for sign of dragons, the woods around for raiders or orcs or worse, and each other for signs of treachery.

3. A group of riders—adventurers, by the looks of them—headed in the opposite direction gives the PCs a wide berth as they try to make their way around them.

4. As the PCs ride past, they see a small cart and horse parked to one side. A man wearing the robes of a Chauntean priest stands near the cart and is haggling with a woman wearing the bright, flaring robes of a wizard. The subject of their conversation is the price of the human corpse residing in the priest’s cart.

5. As the PCs get a campfire going and are about to start cooking dinner, they are surprised by the manifestation of a number of ghostly travelers that look into the fire and speaking soundlessly to each other as they extend their translucent hands towards the flames as though trying to warm them. Whenever a ghostly form touches a PC, a chill runs through his or her body. Not long after, the ghosts as one stand up, turn to look in the same direction and then flee the campsite, disappearing at its edge.

6. A beholder floats past the PCs, moving along a side road that crosses the road the PCs are traveling on. The creature is listing to the side, it’s huge central eye half-closed and pointed slightly towards the ground. The monster’s armored hide is ash-colored and trailing smoke out of a red hot, barrel-sized hole in the back of its body, its lesser eyestalks either ruined stumps or hanging limply with eyes closed. In the direction the beholder came from a column of white smoke drifts up into the sky, the smoke’s source obscured by trees, while the beholder continues to drift down the side road.

Look for me and my content at EN World (user name: sanishiver).

Edited by - Jeremy Grenemyer on 21 May 2013 21:06:44
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