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 FR Trivia Challenge, questions and answers
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Master of Realmslore

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Posted - 23 May 2009 :  12:43:48  Show Profile  Visit Fillow's Homepage Send Fillow a Private Message  Reply with Quote  Delete Topic
Fellow scribes, here are the questions, the answers and the sources where lore used in the Forgotten Realms Trivia Challenge was found.

Go to the active trivia challenge
Or test your knowledge about the Realms with the following already asked questions :

The format :
(name of the asker, if different of the upper answerer)00 : Question
answerer - Date of answer

01: Who avenged the death of Irritym Wonderstar of Waterdeep?
Baelam "The Bold".
Source : Campaign Guide from the Ruins of Myth Drannor boxed set. p. 103 - 104
Fillow – 07 April

(ShadezofDis) 02: Who is the captain of Umberlee's Get?
Jezgar Skentzin
Source : Pirates of the Fallen Stars. Page 76
Scererar – 12 April

03: What was Kelemvor's family curse and how did it come to be?
Kelemvor´s curse was the family curse of the Lyonsbanes, which consisted in his being a lycanthrope who´s animal form was a black panther. The original curse was given to his ancestor Kyle Lyonsbane, who´s selfish, mercenary nature led him to deny help to a wounded sorceress because he saw no personal benefit in it. As the sorceress died, she cursed Kyle to turn into a mindless panther every time he performed an act out of a desire for personal reward. In the case of Kelemvor, 7 generations later, the curse was reversed in that he would turn into a panther if he performed any charitable deed without a reward. Kelemvor was doomed, therefore to demand a reward for every act he performed.
Source : Shadowdale
Afetbinttuzani – 15 April

04: What was the name of the Bard who penned the famous "Cormyte´s Boast", sung proudly by drunken louts in taverns throughout Cormyr, and what was the name of his home town?
"..And in this land I´ll proudly stand
Until my dying day, sir,
For whate´er king o´er all command
I´ll still be a Cormyte brave, sir!"

Canthalas the Bard, from the backwoods hamlet of Knightswood, Cormyr
Source : Volo's Guide to Cormyr, page 163
Daviot – 15 April

05: Name the three nycaloths of the eponymous Trio Nefarious
Aulmpiter, Gaulguth and Malimshaer
Source : Campaign Guide from the Ruins of Myth Drannor boxed set. p. 6
ShadezofDis – 15 April

06: Who kept Kelemvor's soul safe between his death and ascension to Godhood and how was this accomplished?
Mask, by keeping him imprisoned within Cyric's own sword, Godsbane
Source : in the "Prince of lies" novel by James Lowder
Apocalypse – 16 April

07: What seem to be the colours of the Zhentilar uniform?
black, with gold trimmings
Source : Lords of Darkness cover
Fillow – 20 April

08: Made with pickled beholder brains, it's a favorite of fire giants. What is the name of this meal ?
It is the yaddleskwee.
Source : The Sorcerer, Chapter ten
Fillow – 25 April

(George Krashos) 09: Who is believed to be the current wielder of the blade known as the Sword of the Ages?
Khamathogh, an evil warlord in Endless Wastes
Source : Elves of Evermeet
Fillow – 29 April

10: Who and what was Canthus ?
The moorhound that belonged to Tristan Kendrick, and later leader of the Pack
Source : Darkwalker
Wooly – 29 April

11: The ranger Haelam Sunderstone used what to destroy an orc horde pouring so
uth past the Coldwood?

He used Spellfire
Source : Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting p.56
ShadezofDis – 29 April

12 : Why was the Windlass conclave's island assault in DR 724 so unsuccessful?
the assault on the isle of Ilighon was unsuccessful after the 2 remaining wizards of the windlass, spells and magic items did not function, while the druids powers remained unaffected. The attack was repelled and the remaining members of the windlass lose their lives. not an exact quote.
Source : Grand History of the Realms. page 100
Scererar – 01 May

13 : Elminster was allowed to take one thing to keep from the Vault of Ages, after his month long judgment period, dictated by the Coronal of Myth Drannor. What was the one thing Elminster chose to keep?
Elminster took out of the vault his "friendship" with the Srinshee.
Source : Elminster in Myth Drannor
Monknwildcat - 01 May

Sian 14 : Who killed the red wyrm Rithaerosurffel ?
King Connar IV of Ammarindar
Source : Great History of the Realms, p.31
Fillow – 01 May

15 : What was the name of the gnome who took part to the stealing of one set of Nether scrolls with elves of Cormanthyr ?
Rilmohx ShaQuessir, a gnome elf-friend, helped steal one set of the Nether Scrolls for the Fair Folk of Cormanthyr in -3095.)
Source : Lost Empires of Faerûn, p.97
Monknwildcat - 01 May

16 : which deity serves as the patron of the Monastery of the Yellow Rose overlooking the glacier of the white worm?
Source :
Markustay – 01 May

17 : Who is Rolanda Invenweigh, where does she reside, and what is she known for?
She's a druid turned necromancer, living at the Battle of Bones site, and her ferret Fez is a zombie
Source : Elminster's Ecologies, Appendix I. p.1
Wooly - 06 May

18 : Who did Guldor Zauviir, the Master of Mages in Sshamath, shelter?
A Manshoon clone
Source : Cloak & Dagger, p.15
George Krashos – 08 May

19 : Which realm did the lich Charchee hail from?
Source : REF5 Lords of Darkness, p.75
Rinonalyrna Fathomlin – 12 May

(Wooly) 20 : According to legend, what did Mahtor Auricheart, a fabled female dwarven dragon-slayer and smith from long-lost Delzoun, forge?
Blades of Dragons' Tongue/Blades of Ochir Naal
Source : article entitled "Series Magic" in Dragon 213. And there were write-ups for the "Blades" in Sea of Fallen Stars also
The Sage - 19 May

21 : What was the elven name the River Lis was once known by ?
Source : City of ravens bluff game accessory, p.143
Scererar - 22 May

22 : Before they built their own keep (since destroyed), the Company of Crazed Venturers lived here, and it was always their favorite place to drink.
the Inn of the Dripping Dagger.
Source : Volo's Guide to Waterdeep, p.114
Kyrene - 23 May

23 : What is the name of the establishment owned by the "Laughing Laundress of Neverwinter" ?
Bright Weaves Laundry
Source : Wyrms of the North article (Dragon Magazine #259 or
Kajehase – 24 May

(Markustay)XX : What 2e FR products were released by WotC, not TSR ?
Cloak & Dagger and Dungeon of Death

(Kajehase) 24 : What is a Zonth?
An Electrum coin of Memnon.
Source : Empires of Sand, p. 53 or Empires of the Shining Sea
Ergdusch – 26 May

25 : The Siremun Kingdom has grown wealthy selling a special mineral. What is this unique mineral called ?
The Skystone
Source : The Horde or Dragon Magazine 349, p. 55.
Fillow – 26 May

26 : Who was the second Faerûnian owner of Crenshinibon ? (After Akar)
Stumpet Rakingclaw
Source : Passage to dawn
ShadezodDis – 27 May

27 : Who was Transtra's teacher ?
Source : Skullport, p.94
Wooly – 29 May

28 : Who once helped hide Laeral while she was being cured of the effects of the Crown of Horns ?
Briiathor Alougarr, the Lord Warder of Amphail
Source : Volo's Guide to the North, pgs.217-218
George Krashos – 01 June

29 : What was lost when Gorlaung "Blackhelm" was slain ?
The Shoon's Buckler, a "blink shield".
Source : The Magisters, p. 32
Fillow – 01 June

30 : Who was in fact Kaldair, the one who fought Vaprak the Destroyer ?
Brandobaris, the Friendly Rapscallion of the Halfling Pantheon
Source : Demihuman Deities, p.205
ShadezofDis – 02 june

31 : Who is Sh'derra D'Zeer and where does she live?
Sh'derra D'Zeer is a amethyst dragon living in Highstar Lake.
Source : Elminsters Ecologies II, p.28 ; Dragons of Faerun, p. 156 and also the Roll Call of Dragons.
Ergdusch – 03 June

32 : Who are Fazul, Thord, Hillard, and Rolf and what do they have in common?
The four are wizards whom were fashioned into wizard wands, the first three (Fazul, Thord, & Hillard) by Kyristan, the last (Rolf) by persons unknown.
Source : Pages from the Mages, p.70.
monknwildcat - 08 June

33 : Name the Realmsian brew described thus:
"This hearty stout from Arabel is one of that city's major exports, and deservedly so. Best served at cellar temperature (Arabellians sniff at any other way of serving this drink), the stout is heavy and is jet black with a dark brown head of foam."

Bitter Black.
Source : Aurora's Whole Realms Catalog, p.127
Wooly - 11 June

34 : The ranger Thanadar and the bard Arnthiir Windrivv were, under other names, part of a famous adventuring group. What is the name of that group ?
the adventuring company "The Nine" led by Laeral.
Source : Seven Sisters sourcebook p.32
Scererar - 11 june

35 : Who built the Watchwall?
The Galeb Duhr built the Watchwall in Aglarond for King Brindor, in exchange for possible future assistance.
Source :
Markustay - 12 June

36 : Who is/was Lorrick, what group is he a member of, and what great artifact was he rewarded with and by whom ?
Lorrick was a dwarf warrior who was part of the Seekers, an adventuring comapny.
I believe the artifact you speak about is Skysplitter, Thelarn Swifthammer's fabled war axe, a talking axe. The ghost of Thelarn himself rewarded the dwarf with it.
Source : Players guide to FR - 1993 ; p.29
Fillow - 12 june

37 : These community-minded creatures were kidnapped from an alternate Material Plane, enslaved by the imprisoned deity Moander and transported to the Lost Vale, in the Dalelands.
What is this race and what are its subraces ?

The race is the Saurials and the 4 sub-races are : the Bladebacks, Finheads, Flyers and Hornheads.
Source : Sean K. Reynolds article 'Lords of the Lost Vale' in Dragon Magazine #292, p. 37 and the WE to Serpent Kindoms
Ergdusch - 16 june

38 : What do Bran Skorlsun, Durnan 'the Wanderer', Khelben 'Blackstaff' Arunsun, Hilmer 'of Waterdeep', Laeral Silverhand, Mirt 'the Moneylender', Trunnian Regallis, and Yaereene Ilbareth have in common?
They are all clan-friends of the dwarven clan Melairkyn.
"Bandaerl [Dumatheir, High Old One of Dumathoin], if asked of other clan-friends, will mention Bran Skorlsun, Durnan, Khelben Arunsun, Hilmer, Laeral, Mirt, Trunnian Regallis, and Yaereene Ilbareth. (All are natives or former natives of Waterdeep)"
Source : Undermountain, the Lost Level, p. 19
Capnvan - 18 June

39: There are 2 notable mages in Teziir. Who are they?
Cydaran & Isyio.
Source : Pirate of Fallen Stars, p.125.
Fillow - 23 June

40: What collective name does an evil organization use to appoint several lycanthrope-worshiping tribes found in some different places of Faerûn and guided by both Malar and Shar?
The Black Blood Cultists
Source : .
Kajehase - 24 June

41: What is the name of the realm ruled over by Exalted Lord Eilauver Ildroun and Lady Queen Helartha Jaglene?
this realm is Aumrauth, beneath the waves of th Shining Sea, between Tharsult and the mouth of the river Scelptar. This is a verdant, crowded aquatic elven realm of many fish, seaweed and other "farmed" undersea life.
Source :Dragon #267.
Fillow - 01 July

(Wooly)41: Where is Lacheera from?
Lacheera, a travel companion of Tamper Tencoin, is a ghoul from the world of Nehwon.
Source :Code of the Harpers, p. 83.
Ergdusch - 04 July

42: Who is currently in the possession of the item known as Unique Mageries?
Maeve of Starmantle
Source :Lost Empires of Faerûn, p.80 .
George Krashos - 07 July

43: What was used to level the ancient city of Dharmaghongh in Murghom, long ago?
A single rune of power was used to level the ancient city of Dharrmaghongh in Murghom, long ago.
Source :Dwarves Deep, page 42 .
Wooly Rupert - 09 July

44: Whose white great cloak has been worn by Maaril, Torias Wands, Anharla Harpell, and Laeral Silverhand?
Source :Realms by night part 9, The spirit of Ahghairon (WotC website)
Scererar - 13 July

45: Though he appears to be a normal hobgoblin, this person is actually a reincarnated evil warrior. What is his name?
Ardenor Crush, (who is the leader of the Chill mernerary band from Chill Tower in the Lurkwood. After he found himself reincarnated in a hobgoblin body, Ardenor formed a band to exact revenge on those who had slain him.)
Source : Gold & Glory, p. 19.
Ergdusch - 16 July

(crazedventurers)46: What two places does the Cloven Stone link?
The Cloven Stone is an old gate linking the Great Grove with the High King's castle."
Source : Halls of the High King, page 24.
Sherincall Tijanic - 23 July

47: What is a 'bela'?
A word for paper money used by the savage barbarian tribes to the east of the Realms, bela refers both to bills used in the lands of Kara-Tur and more recent script issued by the over-chief or khan of the tribes. In the western Realms, it is worthless, and occasionally offered as an insult.
Source : Forgotten Realms Adventures, Page 129.
Wooly - 28 July

48: This cousin of Khelben's transformed into living pearl when she became a baelnorn. Name her.
Lashyrr Maerdrymm
Source : Sea of Fallen Stars p. 179
Capnvan - 28 July

49: Who wrote the Song of the North Wind?
the Ffolk bard, Carlyth Grylloch
Source: FR2 Moonshae
The Sage - 28 July

50 : Who and what was the "Dread Scourge"?
Before the Time of Troubles, The Dread Scourge was the title of Gauntather, when he was a wandering adventurer-priest of Bane
active in the Vilhon Reach. He's also known as the Dark Druid in the Moonshaes and as the Most Holy Hand of Bane. He was the leader of the Risen Cult, a Bane's cult.
Source : Halls of High King
Fillow - 17 August

"Today is a good day to smile",
Fillow Big'n'Book Mahlemiut 'Lead-dog', Son of Garl, Wanderer of the Masked Leaf and Namer of Oghma.

- Fight in the arena and have fun ! :
- Feel free to take part to these projects : Post-Spellplague bibliography ; 4E index project ; Taverns and inns of the Realms ; Dogs of the Realms ; Descriptions of places in the novels ; forums, RPG, FR Abbreviations and Acronyms
- Come and have a look at the already asked questions from the Forgotten Realms Trivia Challenge

I am a French FR fan, so please forgive my lapses in English language and do not hesitate to correct me. Thanks a lot.

Master of Realmslore

1608 Posts

Posted - 23 May 2009 :  12:44:43  Show Profile  Visit Fillow's Homepage Send Fillow a Private Message  Reply with Quote
51 : Who runs the Way Inn?
Dauravyn Redbeard.
Sources : Old Grey Box p88, VGttSC p215-216, and the Marco Volo adventures, Under Illefarn adventure
Monknwildcat - 19 August

52 : Besides the notorious assassin Artemis Entreri, the canon Realms contains at least one other dude named Artemis. Name one of them and provide his occupation.
Artemus/Artemis Collin. He tends the shrine to Mielikki in the Way Inn.
Source :
Kuje - 23 August

53 : Where was Yarlith located, and what was it known for?
"Yarlith (which lay somewhat south of where Neverwinter is now; a land of skilled woodcarvers, hardy shepherds, and – of necessity – tireless orc-slayers)."
Source : Dragon #228 (the Athalantan Campaign Article {pg.35}
Daviot - 23 August

54 : Which black-haired hooked-nose "Bold" ex-thief lost a hand and received a prosthetic from a certain Waterdhavian mage and then studied under that same mage until the mage's death, and several months later, engaged his mentor's killers and other thieves in an epic spell-battle in Waterdeep, before leaving an apology to the Blackstaff and leaving the city?
Baelam the Bold
Source : Ruins of Myth Drannor
Christopher_Rowe - 27 August

55 : What riverport town, "ruled by a flamboyant fop," is known as a traditional home to various types of wordsmiths like minstrels and jesters, and (this is my favorite bit) has a book publishing industry?
Fanedown ; a riverport on the Sword River, in the Sword Lands.
Traditionally home to many minstrels, jesters, and wits, Fanedown is one of the few places in Returned Abeir where books are published. The town is ruled by a flamboyant fop, Lord Hansibran Maerl.
Source : FRCG 4E, p.215
Fillow - 30 August

(Christopher_Rowe)56 : Where (and when) and to which deity was the temple tended by Meriel Starglance located?
Meriel Starglance tended to Corellon's temple. She was the only priestess, and she was planning on leaving for Evermeet. The same book refers to Mourngrym's son Scothgar, born in 1358, as a "young son", and it says Syluné's death in 1356 was "more than 10 years ago". So the timeframe would be around 1368, I think, give or take a few years.
Source : page 23 of FRS1 The Dalelands
Wooly Rupert - 02 Septembre

57 : The officially poor widow Oelavarra Draethfurl is a false identity for whom?
Taraunramorlamurla, a.k.a. "Serenescales". A lady song dragon who lives in that certain coastal city of Waterdeep. She was formerly the Keeper of Secrets
Source : Dragons of Faerûn, page 34
Daviot - 03 Septembre

58 : Which famous mythal barred from entry all those beings who had ever eaten dwarf, elf, or human flesh?
The mythal of Glaurachyndaar, now known as Myth Glaurach, formerly barred all beings who had ever eaten elf, dwarf, or human flesh.
Source : Lost Empires of Faerûn, p.90
monknwildcat- 04 Septembre

59 : Explain the term "leaves of gold" from the below commonly recounted poem:
Autumn's turning yields leaves of gold,
a mantle fit for woodland kings.
Wood nymphs weep cold tears of sorrow,
and yet the fair Hamagess sings.

The reference is to "Leaves of Gold", magically occuring arcane writings on what appear to be oak leaves made of purest gold, in the vicinity of Turlang's Wood, near Everlund, in the High Forest. The Hamagess was a fey enchantress of unprecedented prowess whose magical legacy is partially recorded in these mysterious writings.
Source :
Vangelor - 04 Septembre

60 : How did Waterdhavian crimelord Elaith Craulnober introduce himself to the half-blood daughter of his erstwhile lover, Amnestria, and what was the significance of his gesture?
He introduced himself by saying, "Amnestria!, Quefirre soora kan izzt?". The significance would be that he thought she was her mother, who was once upon a time, Elaith's lover Amnestria.
And he shared the elverquisst ritual with her - representing that he was greeting her as a fellow elf, rather than excluding her from Tel'Quessir culture as a half-blood.
Source : Elfshadow
The Red Walker - 07 Septembre

61 : This "Daughter of Samular"(name her) Has a Shop(What is it's name?), and what street is it on?
Samular's daughter is Bronwin. Her shop is The Curious Past, and it's located in the Street of Silver in Waterdeep.
Source : Dragon #251 and the street piece of information in Thornbold
Fillow - 09 Septembre

(George Krashos) 62 : Where is the mansion of the self-styled "Gnome King" Karlus "Goldgoblet" Dlinshoulder located?
the cavern the mansion fronts is on Mount Araddyn, just north of Mount Sar along the Coast Road.
Source : article "Olothontor, The Minstrel Wyrm" in Dragon #251
Christopher_Rowe - 09 Sep

63 : There were genasi municipalities in Faerûn even before Akanûl came crashing down and the Second Era of Skyfire. One was led by a druid in the service of Grumbar. What was this place called, where was it located, and who was its leader?
The location is Earth's End which can be found in the Underdark (specifically the lower levels of Great Bhaerynden). The leader is Speleosa Turska Underwalk.
Source : Underdark, p.147
George Krashos - 14 Sep

64- Which realm was first settled by individuals seeking to harvest its stands of huge, high quality iliyr-wood timber which was much prized in shipbuilding?
Source : page 74 of the cyclopedia of the realms in the grey box
The Sage - 14 Sep

65- What is the Grinding Gulf?
"Beyond the Fox ridge, in the region of Shadowdale, is a great cavern known as the Grinding Gulf, where flying boulders
cascade in magical (and destructive) dances. Elminster and Florin Falconhand, who have examined this part of the cave, determined that it did not present an immediate threat, and as such did not press past the Grinding Gulf."
Source : FRCS2, Shadowdale, p.15
Fillow - 17 Sep

66- This sovereign, who was old when he passed away, was given, for his unfailing service to the memories of his forebears, a divine name meaning "Dog" in the local language . What sovereign was he?
the sixth Emperor of Shoul Lung dies of old age in year 1293 DR and is given the deific name ch'uan (dog) for his faithful service to the memories of his forebears. His son becomes the seventh Emperor Chin.
Source : Grand History of the Realms
The Red Walker - 19 Sep

67- During the TOT, we know Bane absorbed the essence of all the Bhaal worshipping Assassins in Faerun. But it turns out there was one who was too strong willed to be absorbed.
What was his name? What ultimately was his fate? And for a bonus: What "title" did he have?

"During the Time of Troubles, Bane absorbed the essence of all of the Bhaal-worshipping assassins in the world during his fight with Torm, greatly weakening Bhaal. The most despicable of the assassins, a strong-willed murderer by the name of Marchosias, King of Killers, would not be so easily subsumed."
Source : Tome of Magic &
Christopher_Rowe - 22 Sep

68- This person may be said to have been the boldest chef in history of the Realms. An itinerant adventurer and cook-for-hire (but only for a tenday or so), this character sought a rather unusual ingredient, one needed for the recipes in a rather unusual--and unusually ancient--cookbook.
Of whom do I speak, and what do they seek?

Brac Bristletoes, who is seeking a group of hardy adventurers to help him gather the signature ingredient in the ancient tome, The Fine Art of Cooking and Seasoning Red Dragon.
Source : FR16, the Shining South
Capnvan - 26 Sep

69- Where is the Bloodrun?
The Bloodrun is over the Dragon Beach, the harbor of Luskan, in the North
Source : The North - Cities, on page 24
Fillow - 26 Sep

70- Symbolized with a stylized map on a scroll, this organization was formed to provide travelers with reputable, skilled guides for hire to visit a sombre region of the Realms.
What organization am I talking about ?

The Guild of Underdark Guides
Source : first Web Enhancement for Underdark, "Organizations of the Underdark".
Wooly Rupert - 01 oct

71- This thief, formerly of Amn, has an infectious smile and laughter, and is well-known for her habit of finding great delight in life. Name her.
Sheenra "Shining Eyes" Duth.
Source : Code of the Harpers, p.62
Fillow - 03 oct

72- Everybody knows that the only way in and out of Cynosure is through portals. But it exists a manner to penetrate the Cynosure without any specific power nor divine intervention.
What is the way to do it and where does one have to go to do it ?

the former Temple of the Overgod Ao, erected in Waterdeep by the cult of Ao after the Time of Troubles and now used as a rental hall by the Lords of Waterdeep
Source : Faiths & Avatars, p30; City of Splendors, p60-61].
Monknwildcat - 07 oct

73- This scion of one of Faerûn's most notorious families married into a neighboring ruling family and was wrongly villainized for the resulting nigh destruction of that dynasty.
Arhymeria Shoon
Source : Lands of Intrigue, p28
Ifthir - 14 oct

74- This well-known wizard, born in Waterdeep in the Year of the Lynx (1189 DR), was exiled from the City of Splendors in the Year of the Lone Candle (1238 DR).
Priamon "Frostrune" Rakesk
Source : Lands of intrigue,
The Red Walker - 14 oct

75- Who struck a deal with the Blackstaff to deal with Frostrune rather than "taking care of him" themself?
Sapphiraktar the Blue
Source : Blackstaff, the novel.
Na-Gang - 20 oct

76- Who is "the closest thing to a sage specializing in the doings of humans" on Evermeet?
Ohmbryn Ealaeyadar of Taltempla.
Source : Seven Sisters, p.26
George Krashos - 23 oct

77- What was given as a gift to a traveler that visited Shamblegate?
Mierest's Starlit Sphere. this item is "Said to be a gift from the purple-cloaked archmage to a traveler who visited Shamblegate".
Source : Page 45 of FR4 The Magister
Wooly Rupert - 25 oct

78- This inn is the site of at least 20 unicorn sightings a year. None know the nature of the unicorn, but it has more than once lead pursuers to great wealth. Name the inn.
Phontyr's Unicorn in Elturel.
Source : Volo's Guide to the Sword Coast, p101
Na-Gang - 28 oct

79 - Who is the scarlet sorceror
Druzir Achmed yn Nuram el Darkiir yi Almraiven ! aka el Chaddalk or as the scarlet sorcerer Harun yn Riikaln, the leader of the Many Long Arms.
source : Empires of the Shining Sea ; p. 173
Fillow - 1-Nov

80 - What do the Barbarians of the Ride refer to themselves as?
Warriors of the Ride are called the "Eraka" in their own tongue.
source : Warriors and Priests of the Realm ; p. 27
Wooly Rupert - 4-Nov

81 - This rare white substance of the Underdark, sometimes used to plate or seal doors, takes its name from it's long-ago discoverer.
source : Magic of Faerûn, Dwarves Deep & Volo's Guide to All Things Magical, ; p. ,,,
The Red Walker - 4-Nov

82 - There is a lead character who has been in a least two novels/short stories and carries a weapon made of Hizagkuur. Name the character and their weapon. And for fun throw in the author's name as well!
Fox-at-Twilight, and her rapier Neveren's Betrayal? The author is Erik Scott de Bie
source : ,,, ; p. ,,,
Ifthir - 4-Nov

83 - What is another name for the City of Toiling Monks?
Uzurr in Lapaliiya
source : Serpent Kingdoms ; p. 102
Na-Gang - 8-Nov

84 - Where do the Myir live?
An offshoot of the Nar people, living in Nathoud
source : ,,, ; p. ,,,
Markustay - 8-Nov

85 - Which group is known for it's use of Destination Wagons, and who is accredited with the idea?
The Trueshields use these destination wagons and the Master Merchant, Dzentraven Thiomtul, is credited with the idea
source : Old Grey box, Cyc of the Realms ; p. 62
Fillow - 11-Nov

86 - This prominent female spellcaster collects small carvings of snails, toads, and frogs. She is known to have in her collection snails and frogs that were carved from gemstones in Myth Drannor, orbiting within a small spell cloud. Name her
Laeral Silverhand
source : Seven Sisters ; p. 29
George Krashos - 12-Nov

87 - Name the wife of King Alemander III of Tethyr
Queen Lhayronna
source : Lands of Intrigue-Book One: Tethyr ; p. 45
Garen Thal -

88 - This Cormyrian noblewoman has been dead for more than 200 years. However, when a wardrobe of her gowns was found, they became an "instant fashion rage" at court. Name her.
Lady Rhyndaera Dawninghunt
source : Volo's Guide to Cormyr ; p. 226
Markustay - 16-Nov

89 - What land did Tephira hail from, and what item of note did she create?
from Solon, and crafted the Wyrmbane Helm.
source : Dragon Magic ; p. 104
Wooly Rupert - 23-Nov

90 - This lich, formerly a mage of Starmantle, uprooted and levitated his entire tower to a new location. Name him.
Vamar the Cold
source : Sea of Fallen Stars ; p. 159
George Krashos - 25-Nov

91 - What was the name of the only princess of Ruathym ever to be mentioned in published realmslore?
Princess Saerthae
source : Dragon #169 ; p. ,,,
The Red Walker - 25-Nov

92 - Who created the red dracolich Gotha and who destroys him?
Gotha the Dracolich was created by the god Talos. Gotha met his demise in the year 1365 DR by Alicia Kendrick
source : Cult of the dragon ; p. 53
Scererar - 27-Nov

93 - Who/what is the guardian of the Calimemnon Crystal?
Pharos, the baelnorn
source : Lost Empires of Faerun ; p. ,,,
Ifthir - 28-Nov

94 - Who is the Master Mage of Shussel?
source : Dragon #202 & Serpent Kingdoms ; p. 114
Fillow - 30-Nov

95 - This former Zhentilar officer purchased an inn in the garrison and, with the help of a sergeant, led a 100-people band of like-minded soldiers, and their families to the Silver Marches in order to retire. Who is this officer ?
Trevis Uhl, one of two Zhent Leaders that settled in Newfort
source : Silver Marches ; p. 81
Markustay - 02-dec

96 - These creatures are "heavy, well muslced herd animals resembling large yaks" - name them
source : Giantcraft ; p. 124
Wooly Rupert - 07-dec

97 - Who is the father of Emmeros Silmerhelve?
source : article online: [url=]Nymmurh, "The Wyrm Who Watches"[/url] or Dragon #250 ; p. 80
Tabardad - 08-dec

98 - Which spell has this description? All living creatures within the area (to a maximum of 80 HD) wither and die, their flesh falling to dust in seconds. The next round, these creatures rise as skeletons. You can control 1 HD of undead per caster level; any undead beyond this number are uncontrolled.
epic spell "Horrible army of the dead"
source : Player's guide to Faerun 3.5 ; p. ,,,
Kilvan - 08-dec

99 - Naergoth Bladelord is a warlord of one of Faerun’s major evil organization. He has been given command of an important task. He doesn’t care much for this assignment because the organization doesn’t give him enough resources to be effective. Unknown to him, help is on the way. What is this task and what kind of help has been sent?
Naergoth Bladelord is responsible for constructing a fortress to guard the Well of Dragons. Unbeknownst to him, the Wearers of Purple have sent the red dragon Arsekaslyx to aid him in building it and fending off attacks.
source : Lords of Darkness (3rd Ed.) ; p. 25
Aysen - 12-dec

100 - The Moonsharran captain Carreigh Macumail once attended a feast where, because of what he did at the feast, later brought tears to the guest of honor's eyes. What did Captain Macumail do to elicit such a reaction?
He played and sang a moving rendition of the "Ballad of Jarsali and the Treant"
source : Elves of Evermeet ; p. 18
George Krashos - 12-dec

"Today is a good day to smile",
Fillow Big'n'Book Mahlemiut 'Lead-dog', Son of Garl, Wanderer of the Masked Leaf and Namer of Oghma.

- Fight in the arena and have fun ! :
- Feel free to take part to these projects : Post-Spellplague bibliography ; 4E index project ; Taverns and inns of the Realms ; Dogs of the Realms ; Descriptions of places in the novels ; forums, RPG, FR Abbreviations and Acronyms
- Come and have a look at the already asked questions from the Forgotten Realms Trivia Challenge

I am a French FR fan, so please forgive my lapses in English language and do not hesitate to correct me. Thanks a lot.
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Master of Realmslore

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101 - Who is the half-orc whose tact allowed him to establish a fine relationship with the dwarves at Ironspur?
Weird Wingham
source : Bloodstone Lands ; p. 60
Markustay - 20-dec

102 - 'Nemesis' is the nickname of one of the characters in the popular TV show Heroes this season - what god has a set of speciality priests thusly named?
source : Warriors and Priests of the Realms ; p. …
Alisttair - 24-dec

103 - The Nomad of Scars is a NPC name that has only appeared in one Realms book (that I know of). What book do you find it in?
Fall of Myth Drannor
source : Fall of Myth Drannor ; p. …
Christopher Rowe - 3-Jan

104 - After "the Vanishing" depopulated Shussel, one of its empty districts gave temporary shelter to this barbarian and her companions when they left the Methwood hunting dangerous game. Who is she, and what is her chosen prey?
Talindra Amalith (CN female wild elf Bbn14), and her chosen prey is any human who might penetrate the borders of the Methwood.
source : Lords of Darkness (3rd Ed.) ; p. 131
Ifthir - 13-Jan

105 - Who is Eldrus Wands - other than being the slayer of Eleedra and someone who found a spelljamming ship wrecked in the Wood of Sharp Teeth?
He was the Magister from 409-516
source : Secrets of the Magister ; p. …
ranger_of_the_unicorn_run - 15-Jan

106 - Who Penned the Nether Scrolls?
The Ba'etith
source : Grand History of the Realms ; p. …
Ifthir - 16-Jan

107 - Who created Sakkors' mythallar?
Xoland the Maker
source : Shadowbred ; p. 19
Thangorn - 19-Jan

108 - Pre-Spellplague, what phenomenon indicated the favour of The Laughing Princess and where could one acquire such favour?
From time to time, random folk crossing the ford [the Glaemril Ford in Deepingdale] are cured of all diseases and hurts — and a random wizard spell comes into their minds for them to cast later without incantation or material components! This usually befalls nonwizards, and some of them are momentarily beset by yet a third property of the ford: They levitate straight up into the air for a few breaths!"
source : Volo's Guide to the Dalelands ; p. 102
capnvan - 19-Jan

109 - Who is Roge Danon?
A vengeance knight serving the Knights of the Shield
source : Champions of Ruin ; p. 71
Faraer - 21-Jan

110 - Name a selfish or malign wizard whose Art is spoken of in the same breath as a Simbul, Larloch or Szass Tam, but who has only a single brief mention in the lore and isn't well-known among Realms fans
The Keeper of Thaal (NE male human demilich Wiz31, Underdark Sourcebook) ; Eltehaun of Calimport, Sorceror Supreme (Dragon #228) ; Danchilaer the Mad Mage (Human Wiz21/Sor6/Arch5, The Border Kingdoms) ; Ygnaroth the Necroseer (phaerimm M25 - Drizzt's Guide to the Underdark) ; Lusaka Gur of Thay (The Simbul's Gift) ; Tharammas of Thay (Elminster in Hell) ; Amaranthala, Dark Lady of the Nornaeir (Best of the Realms Bk II - "Living Forever") ; High Arcanist Nega (Depths of Madness) ; Brathchacelent, Cathalegaunt and Tarane of Shade (3 archwizards of Netheril, summoned when their names are spoken ("When Shadows Come Seeking A Throne" - Realms of Shadow))
source : ... ; p. …
Aysen - 22-Jan

111 - Who reportedly hid the treasury of Hlondeth in the sewers and took the rest with her on her return trip below the earth?
Shilaris Shemwith, the drow leader of kobolds who attacked the city in 527DR. And the treasury has never been found anymore
source : Vilhon Reach ; p. …
Fillow - 31-Jan

112 - (Wooly Rupert) Who said, when referring to Oerth's Bigby and his various hand spells, "The old goat comes up with one good gimmick, and beats it to death with a rock."?
Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun
source : Forgotten Realms Adventures ; p. 61
Kajehase - 2-Feb

113 - If you're on Murfroun Street and walk from it on to the Wagonrun and continues from there on to the High Ride, which Realms-city are you in?
Mayor Of Crimmor
source : Dragon 334 ; p. …
The Red Walker - 6-Feb

114 - Who wields the longsword Checkmate? And who are they most associated with?
Red Knight
source : ; p. …
Brimstone - 9-Feb

115 - What Tome was stolen from Aborana Startoucher in the month of Kythorn 1370DR?
the Tome of Twelve Seals
source : ; p. …
Ifthir - 11-Feb

116 - Upon which item are all royal marriage vows made in Cormyr?
source : Volos' Guide to Cormyr ; p. 11
Thangorn - 11-Feb

117 - I was the first wizard and shaper to create Shapers' spells. Who am I?
Arun Maerdrym
source : ; p. …
Portella - 16-Feb

118 - Sembians thought of me as doom and in truth that was what I delivered. Who am I?
Marlel, the Dark Blade of Doom. He was hired by the cult to capture Shandril Shessair.
source : novel Hand of Fire ; p. 11
Aysen - 26-Feb

119 - In the Realms our group is few in number, and we keep to ourselves with only the wind and waves to keep us company. For the glory of our god, we labor to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Though it benefits others, it has seeded conflict among us. Where once we were united, today we stand riven in strife. For you see, the prophecy would bring salvation and doom. Who are we, where do we dwell, and briefly describe our labor and conflicts.
The Great Ice Spire of the Ice Sea (Yal Tengri), Gnome cultists of Gond ; they are tasked to Build the Great Ice Spire to fulfill an Imaskari prophecy. The conflict happened because of a different interpretation of the prophecy says finishing the Spire will doom the island.
source : the Horde ; p. 53
Markustay - 5-Mar

120 - Who else is "Eladar the Dark" known as?
source : Elminster: The Making of a Mage ; p. …
Gang Falconhand - 5-Mar

121 - Who was the wizard who appeared in the centre of Arrabar in 1346DR accompanied by two beholders, and blasted most of that city to ruins before being destroyed by tanar'ri summoned by desperate local mages?
Jaulothan Marlyx. He had the Black Book of Beshaba during this event but it disappeared within the incident.
source : Prayers from the faithful ; p. 13
Fillow - 8-Mar

122 - (Scererar)This city suddenly collapsed on itself, killing over 7,500 people in less than 10 minutes time
source : the Moonsea ; p. 45
capnvan - 12-Mar

123 - When was the "fifth and final Passing", and what were its results?
The Year of the Unstrung Harp (1371 DR) and it resulted in their being a permanant portal between the Sea of Fallen Stars and the Sea of Corynactis
source : Grand History of the Realms ; p. 151
George Krashos - 14-Mar

124 - Galzeth "Blackcloak" Orlynd of Blackcloak's Fine Pottery in Priapurl is a member of which organisation?
He was a Harper
source : Code of the Harpers ; p. 71
Christopher Rowe - 14-Mar

125 - This "sixth son of minor nobility from the North" spent decades adventuring in Cormyr and the Dalelands, seeing his last major action in the tumult leading up to and following the death of Azoun IV. What was his name, and where did you find it?
Gurrand Rannar
source : Into the Dragon's Lair ; p. …
Fillow - 15-Mar

"Today is a good day to smile",
Fillow Big'n'Book Mahlemiut 'Lead-dog', Son of Garl, Wanderer of the Masked Leaf and Namer of Oghma.

- Fight in the arena and have fun ! :
- Feel free to take part to these projects : Post-Spellplague bibliography ; 4E index project ; Taverns and inns of the Realms ; Dogs of the Realms ; Descriptions of places in the novels ; forums, RPG, FR Abbreviations and Acronyms
- Come and have a look at the already asked questions from the Forgotten Realms Trivia Challenge

I am a French FR fan, so please forgive my lapses in English language and do not hesitate to correct me. Thanks a lot.

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Master of Realmslore

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126 - (Wooly Rupert) This "cheerfully rowdy dance hall" is known for its exotic dancers, which include a female tabaxi and a female centaur, and for a back room, where male dancers -- including satyrs -- dance for the enjoyment of women. Name this tavern.
the Velvet Mail in Mistledale
source : Volo's Guide to the Dalelands ; p. 185
althen artren - 16-Mar

127 - There is at least one confirmed ingrediant in Forgotten Realms lore on the creation of a Weave mythrallar. what is it?
Long strands of the weave itself
source : Realms of Shadow ; p. 30
Ifthir - 23-Mar

128 - What book is the below from? "Mages are superior to other morals for they alone have felt, raw and unfettered by the guiding hands of deities, the power that moves and gives life to all things. It is right that wizards rule."
Tome of the Dragon
source : ; p. …
Portella - 25-Mar

129 - In ancient Mystryl legends drawn up in times long past, the spine of the world, the great glacier and vilhon reach had and still have something in common that is only know to few historians and archmages. However there is another place the moonshaes which is part of the same legends that only the high mages of evermeet would know or even be able to recall.
the time gates
source : The Winds of Netheril in Netheril: Empire of Magic ; p. 14
Christopher Rowe - 28-Mar

130 - This assassin did not cause the death of a member of the court of Lord Nasher, but it was his expertise that identified the cause of death. He realized that a tome the courtier had just handled was trapped with a needle coated with a deadly insinuative poison. Who is he, and where did you hear of him?
The assassin Nathode
source : Dragon #62 ; p. …
Portella - 30-Mar

131 - (Christopher Rowe) Where does the trader Berrek Wyvernmere make his home?
source : Dragon #372 ; p. …
Fillow - 5-Apr

132 - (Scererar) _____________, a Gnome Elf-friend, snuck a glance at this_____________ and is rewarded with a deep understanding of how to cast illusion spells
Rilmohx Sha'Quessir and the nether scrolls- it's the IG explanation for the Gnomes' facility with illusion
source : ; p. …
knight of the gate - 6-Apr

133 - The Caravan War was fought between which two 'groups'?
Owlbears and Netherease
source : The Winds of Nethril ; p. 8
Markustay - 8-Apr

134 - What was the name of the small settlement in which a wizard's tower changed hands twice in just a few years, and during the second battle over the tower, a portion of it was destroyed... yet the stones were frozen in mid-air (in mid-fall!) and remained so
source : Secrets of the Magister ; p. 52
George Krashos - 12-Apr

135 - The Council of the Mighty in long-ago Guldethym tested who and what was she?
Alaertha, and she was an incantatrix
source : ; p. …
Penknight - 12-Apr

136 - Which creature is only a shade of spell-slingers?
source : ; p. …
Wooly Rupert - 14-Apr

137 - In 1373, a prophecy was fulfilled, and an aspect of Talos attacked attacked Calimport. Who triggered this prophecy, leading to Talos's rampage?
the dragon Iryklathagra
source : Dragons of Faerûn ; p. 22
Tyr - 21-Apr

138 - Which Netherese arcanist currently survives in the modern realms as an undead elder brain?
source : ; p. …
Markustay - 21-Apr

139 - Who "was once famous from the Sea of Fallen Stars to the Swordcoast for her bell-like singing voice"?
Cylria Dragonbreast, ruler of Berdusk
source : Code of the Harpers ; p. 44
Kajehase - 25-Apr

140 - Who is the, so far, only named "talent scout" for the Moonstone Mask?
Jhavaerra Erbrand
source : Wyrms of the North ; p. …
Tyr - 29-Apr

141 - What was the temptation of Elminster?
The temptation of power, replacing Azuth as a deity
source : Temptation of Elminster ; p. …
Gang Falconhand - 7-May

142 - Who is believed to have once been taught by the human wizard known as the Sraedar?
Malaug, founder of the Malaugrym
source : Dragon #286 ; p. 73
capnvan - 17-May

143 - What were the betrothal gifts exchanged by Selfaril Uoumdolphin and Dmitra Flass?
"The young, bald-headed Tharchioness has sent a golden earring soaked in her perfume to Selfaril, and he has sent her in return a cloak of snow-white Yeti fur."
source : Dreams of the Red Wizards ; p. 31
Markustay - 17-May

144 - Who is/was The Watcher?
It was/is Dornal Silverhand. He was put into quite a bit of 'distress' over what happened to his wife and children, and lead a lonely and bitter existance for many years. After his death, Mystra 'rewarded' him (because he asked her forgiveness) by turning him into a unique type of Shadowstaff, called The Watcher.
source : ; p. …
The Sage - 21-May

145 - Where is the Grove of Meditation and what makes it so special?

The Grove of Meditation is a stately circle of pine trees that have proven of great help to elven magic-users.
source : FR2 Moonshae ; p. …
Edappel - 27-May

146 - Which war/battle is this?
The queen of one of the sides ruled for seven years. She died at the end of the war.
The winners, with their leader that turned to be the First King, created one of the most famous "good region" of Faerûn.

the Battle of Ingdal’s Arm
source : Grand History of the Realms ; p.117
Fillow - 27-May

147 - Before they came into conflict with Nar tribes, how did the inhabitants of Lethyr stop the southward expansion of Great Glacier ?
Elves of Tethyr used High Magic
source : Grand History of the Realms ; p. ...
Christopher_rowe - 28-May

148 - What are the last known whereabouts of the Tethyrian wizard noble, Evonne Linden?
the 4th day of Flamerule, the Year of the Ageless One (1479 DR), at Kinnard Keep, in the kingdom of Tethyr
source : The Fanged Crown ; p. Chapter XXVII
none - 12-Jun

149 - Who are the makers of the Kerrenderit Arrows, and what unexpected material is used in their making?
Fashioned by the arctic dwarves, these +1 arrows are made from ice crystals from the Great Glacier.
source : Races of Faerûn ; p. 172
Wooly rupert - 12-Jun

150 - The Plinth, Waterdeep's temple for the worship of all deities, was once a mage's tower and chapel of Selûne. Name that mage.
The half-elven cleric/mage Lunaven Moonstar
source : Powers & Pantheons ; p. 154
Fillow - 13-Jun

"Today is a good day to smile",
Fillow Big'n'Book Mahlemiut 'Lead-dog', Son of Garl, Wanderer of the Masked Leaf and Namer of Oghma.

- Fight in the arena and have fun ! :
- Feel free to take part to these projects : Post-Spellplague bibliography ; 4E index project ; Taverns and inns of the Realms ; Dogs of the Realms ; Descriptions of places in the novels ; forums, RPG, FR Abbreviations and Acronyms
- Come and have a look at the already asked questions from the Forgotten Realms Trivia Challenge

I am a French FR fan, so please forgive my lapses in English language and do not hesitate to correct me. Thanks a lot.

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Master of Realmslore

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151 - Within the tenth,
I was the second one of the three but not the second of the six.
But not for ever.
Indeed, when the tenth was not it any more,
The second, I was not any more, but the first one.
And it is partially because of that that later, I became no one any more until I become nothing more.
Who am I ?

Dinin Do'Urden
source : ; p. …
Aysen - 15-Jun

152 - What daring individual, known to visit Waterdeep a time or two, unwittingly holds captive the Archmage of fallen Unticzer?
Anthilar the lich archmage of Untisczer was encased in a lich's coffin and shipped north by Myrkulytes in 1056. It passed through many hands before ending in Tostyn Alaerthmaugh's hoard, a young adult mercury dragon lairing in Everlake, and where it lies to this day, still unopened.
source : Serpent Kingdom ; p. 126
Kilvan - 17-Jun

153 - This man started a network of undercover contacts in all major cities of Faerûn who double as information-gatherers and spreaders of rumors called “Local Shadows”. Who is he?
Lord Master Most Hidden Jalaunther Ithbreeiur, from Telflamm
source : Faiths and avatars ; p. …
Edappel - 18-Jun

154 - What's the name of the race that destroyed two important empires of Faerûn? (in a lapse of more than 30 thousand years)
The Phaerimm
source : Great History of the Realms ; p. 47
Arivia - 18-Jun

155 - Name Rathur and Ulla Thentraver's son
Rathan Thentraver, a cleric of Tymora
source : FRCS 1 ; p. 29
Kilvan - 18-Jun

156 - Where can one of the greatest stores of psionic knowledge in all Faerun be found (beyond the reach of mind flayers)?
The Hall of the Kaliesh'erai in Evereska
source : Player's Guide to Faerûn ; p. 72
The Simbul - 19-Jun

157 - Throughout her reign as the Witch-Queen of Aglarond, many mages studied the Art as apprentices of the Simbul, or had their knowledge of it greatly enhanced by her teachings or their relationships with her. Some were taught directly by her; others by her apprentices or through the line of "magical descendants" who carried on her teachings after her apparent death; and others she had taken as consorts who later perished despite the sharing of their Art.
What are the names of at least nine such individual mages, whom are specifically named in the lore?

Phaeldara, The Masked One,Thorneira Thalance,Evenyl Nathtalond, Brenna Graycloak,Alamanther, Ohland Grethgar,One of the Manshoon clones, Isyio of Tezzir, Donya Silver are some of all the possible answers.
source : many (see the page 56 of the topic) ; p. …
Fillow & George Krashos - 24-Jun

158 - In the novel "Spellfire" there is a certain villian who was a powerful mage of the Cult of the Dragon. By what name was she known by, what was her REAL name and to whom was she a former apprentice?
the Shadowsil, Symgharyl Maruel, instructed by Elminster
source : Spellfire novel ; p. …
Fillow - 26-Jun

159 - What is the name of the adventuring band who are suspected of possessing an Orcward Stone and where are they based?
The Black Shadow Band, Tethyamar Mountains
source : FR13 Anauroch ; p. 81
The Sage - 27-Jun

"Today is a good day to smile",
Fillow Big'n'Book Mahlemiut 'Lead-dog', Son of Garl, Wanderer of the Masked Leaf and Namer of Oghma.

- Fight in the arena and have fun ! :
- Feel free to take part to these projects : Post-Spellplague bibliography ; 4E index project ; Taverns and inns of the Realms ; Dogs of the Realms ; Descriptions of places in the novels ; forums, RPG, FR Abbreviations and Acronyms
- Come and have a look at the already asked questions from the Forgotten Realms Trivia Challenge

I am a French FR fan, so please forgive my lapses in English language and do not hesitate to correct me. Thanks a lot.

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Master of Realmslore

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Please, do not post in this thread.
I'd like to keep it for the Q&A of the quizz only.
Thanks a lot.

"Today is a good day to smile",
Fillow Big'n'Book Mahlemiut 'Lead-dog', Son of Garl, Wanderer of the Masked Leaf and Namer of Oghma.

- Fight in the arena and have fun ! :
- Feel free to take part to these projects : Post-Spellplague bibliography ; 4E index project ; Taverns and inns of the Realms ; Dogs of the Realms ; Descriptions of places in the novels ; forums, RPG, FR Abbreviations and Acronyms
- Come and have a look at the already asked questions from the Forgotten Realms Trivia Challenge

I am a French FR fan, so please forgive my lapses in English language and do not hesitate to correct me. Thanks a lot.
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