Campaign Logs

A Year for Shadows

By Beth Oldman

The text content of the following pages containing the journals of A year for Shadows are the property of the author, Beth Oldman and are used with permission by Candlekeep.

About the Campaign

The story begins on the 30th of Nightal, 1357 DR, in Arabel. Players are encouraged to submit their characters, as long as they follow the guidelines presented on the campaign Web page. Lurkers are, of course, always welcome. Contact for questions or details.

Campaign Characters

The following rosters show current characters in the A Year for Shadows campaign:

Current PC's

Aina Kember Human fighter from Arabel
Arthos Kaldarion Human rogue from Selgaunt
Balthazar Lazarus Human fighter from Selgaunt.
Johan Wintermist Human monk from eastern Cormyr
Maeus Human bard from Arabel.
Ozander Yisbourne Human wizard from Arabel
Tynan Silvermoor Human fighter from Arabel
Vetch Human fighter from the Dragon Coast.

A Year for Shadows Campaign Logs

Click on a log below to read, or start at the beginining and read of the ongoing events of the campaign. (Each Chapter links to the next and previous chapter).

Chapter 1 - At the Sign of the Smoky Skull

This campaign is still ongoing and updates to this page will appear as and when they are forwarded to us by the DM.  Keep an eye on the What's New section for updates, or sign up with the Traveling Minstrel to be notified by email.

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