The Traveling Minstrel

"The knock at the door of the elven minstrel's humble abode startled him.   As he pulled on his right worn leather boot and fastened the button on the sleeve of his colorful tunic, he bid the visitor 'enter'.  A slim lad, only of about twelve winters, entered the room.  He was dressed plainly but smart and held a rolled scroll out to the minstrel.  'From the great library, for your travels, sire'.   The minstrel took the scroll and flipped the boy a silver coin, bringing the lad a wide smile and running back along the corridor, no doubt to spend the coin on some simple luxury.  Indeed the scroll was penned by the scribes of Candlekeep and the minstrel knew his journey to be long, visiting the many reaches of Faerun, bringing news for all.   Picking up his battered but beautiful lyre, the minstrel set out on the long road ahead..."

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