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Steel Dragons

By Walker Perkins

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Campaign Introduction

Eleint 1374 DR

Cormyr has entered a time of turmoil. The preceding years have brought disastrous events to the Forest Kingdom. Cormyr has recently suffered from Blight, Invasion, the deaths of both King Azoun and the Crown Princess, and a limited insurgency. Alusair holds the throne until the babe Azoun V grows old enough to rule. Sembia looks upon the land of the Purple Dragon with hungry eyes, then on 1 Hammer 1372 the City of Shade returned to Faerun... and things grew worse across the land. What follows is an excerpt from the Player's Guide to Faerûn:

...Alusair of Cormyr was entertaining the Shadovar emissaries and considering the benefits of a possible alliance between the Forest Kingdom and the City of Shade. But any possibility of such an alliance was destroyed by... proof that the Shadovar were using potent magic to melt the High Ice, with the intention of rendering Anauroch fertile. When it became clear that the Shades cared nothing about the years of flooding and starvation that this action would bring about in the rest of Faerun, the Steel Regent ordered the emissaries to leave Cormyr and began organizing an alliance to attack Shade directly. Cormyr's Royal Magician, Caladnei established a base camp in a defensible network of canyons below the city.

Aware that Cormyr was preparing for an assault on their city, the Shadovar gathered as many of their troops as they could spare and marched on Cormyr itself. The Cormyrans, thanks to the magical capability of the former Royal Magician Vangerdahast, were ready for the Shades and met them at Tilverton. during the ensuing battle, Vangerdahast released a potent magical weapon against the Shade army, hoping to gain an edge in the coming war. Unfortunately, the interaction of this weapon with the Shadow Weave magic of the Shade army released a spectacular surge of energy that utterly destroyed Tilverton.

Cormyr is still reeling from the loss of Tilverton and the aftershocks of King Azoun IV's recent death, and virtually every nation in the region is now facing a severe drought and an economic crisis. Given the Shadovar's tenacity, it seems lunlikely that this temporary peace can last much longer.

The situation is made more complicated still by recent events in the Dalelands. (refer to Dragon Magazine #354 for full details).

Mirtul, 1374

Kythorn, 1374

Eleasis, 1374


To deal with the new dangers of the world, the Steel Regent Alusair Obarskyr issued a secret directive to establish a task force uniquely capable to solve problems that Armies and War Wizards are unsuited to on 1 Hammer 1373. These units would stand outside of the normal command structure of the Purple Dragons under her direct control via her trusted servant given the code named Dragon's Shadow. The men and women selected for this duty would be the pinnacle of potency and loyalty, would be diverse enough in their skills to tackle any situation. They would be her secret weapon, her personal dragons...


Over the last year, Purple Dragons and War Wizards alike have become acquainted with the activities of the Steel Dragons. Their secrecy and favored status sometimes engender rivalry and bitterness, but none envy the missions that these elite few are charged with.

This Journal shall follow the adventures of one squad of Steel Dragons. Please feel free to comment or ask questions. I hope that you enjoy the reading.


The Steel Dragon Logs

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Session 1 Eleint 1 - 9, 1374
Session 2 Eleint 10 - 11, 1374
Session 3 Eleint 11 - 12, 1374
Session 4 Eleint 12 - 15, 1374


Click on the links below to view character details of those played in the campaign. (note that these character profiles are unedited).

Orson Yano, the Marred of Berdusk
Akora'ala Hlaviir
Stedd Huntsilver
Morn Dundragon
Dash Sunsteel

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