Campaign Logs

Mistledale Campaign

By Jared Rascher

This is the main page for the Mistledale Campaign. The author of this work is Jared Rascher, please email him with any queries you have regarding the Mistledale Campaign . The material contained here is the property of the author and is used with permission by Candlekeep. Candlekeep claim no rights of ownership to the Mistledale Campaign and associated material.

The Mistledale Campaign Logs

Click on a log below to read, or start at the beginning and read of the ongoing events of the campaign. (Each chapter links to the next and previous chapter).

1370DR Intro
1371DR Intro
Elient 30th 1371DR
Highharvestide 1371DR
Marpenoth 1st - 20th DR
Marpenoth 21st - Uktar 25th 1371DR
Uktar 26th - 30th 1371DR
The Feast of the Moon 1371DR
Nightal 1371DR
Spring 220DR
hammer 1372DR
Midwinter 1372DR
Alturiak 1st - 29th 1372DR
Alturiak 30th - Ches 3rd 1372DR
Ches 4th - 30th 1372DR
Tarsakh 1st - Kythorn 19th 1372DR
Kythorn 20th - 26th 1372DR
Kythorn 27th - Flamerule 2nd 1372DR
Flamerule 3rd - 29th 1372DR
Flamerule 30th - Eleasis 3rd 1372DR
Eleasis 4th - 9th 1372DR
Eleasis 10th - Eleint 7th 1372DR
Eleint 8th - 27th 1372DR
Eleint 9th - Highharvestide 1372DR
Marpenoth 1st - 9th 1372DR
Marpenoth 10th - Uktar 8th 1372DR
Uktar 9th - 30th 1372DR
The Feast of the Moon 1372DR
Nightal 1st 1372DR - Tarsakh 18th 1373DR
Tarsakh 19th - 29th 1373DR
Summer 1374DR (Epilogue)
Interlude: Nightal 1371DR
Interlude: Ches 1372DR
Late Spring 1374DR - Early Summer 1375DR
Interlude: Spring 1375DR
Mirtul 1375DR
Kythorn 1375DR

Additional Downloads and Material

Click on the links below for additional supplements and material for the campaign.

Meriden's House, Ashabenford
Xvim's Mother (PDF)

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