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The Chronicles of Grace Faylne

Kevin Vastavel & Cathy Naulaerts

This is the main page for The Chronicles of Grace Faylne. The author of this work is Kevin Vastavel & Cathy Naulaerts, please email them ("Bobbynock" on the forums) with any queries you have regarding The Chronicles of Grace Faylne. The material contained here is the property of the authors and is used with permission by Candlekeep. Candlekeep claim no rights of ownership to The Chronicles of Grace Faylne and associated material.

The Chronicles of Grace Faylne Logs

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Chapter 1 The Prophecy of Jergal
Chapter 2 If Trees Could Speak
Chapter 3 Journey to the Evermoors
Chapter 4 A Bugbear's Tomb
Appendix 1 Excerpt from Jergal's Prophecy


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