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And Dragons Shall Rule...

By Jamey Martin

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This is a glossing over of the many sorted events that have taken place in my FR campaign since it's beginning. It eventually grows to draw in a number of personalities from both previous and side campaigns, but here at the beginning we need concern ourselves with but a handful...


Tyros - a thief/fighter. Born on the streets of Calaunt, bred within the walls of Zhentil Keep, and presumed dead by the Zhentilar at the yarns start.

Corwin - a rogue. Born in Arabel and orphaned when his father was executed for treason after the short reign of Gondegal.

Hector - a diviner. Born in Wheloon to humble, but fortunate origins, aspiring to be a great hero-mage, like Elminster, but not without much admiration for the willful Lord Sarp Redbeard.

Harmoth - a fighter. Born in Immersea to large kindred of humble origins. Happy go lucky, and along for the ride.

Hrek - a fighter. Born in Daggerdale to a kindred torn apart by infighting and intrigue. Grim and bleak, with equal amounts of contempt for Zhents, Cormyreans, Dalesmen, and Daggerdalesmen.


'And Dragons Shall Rule...' Campaign Logs

Below is a timeline of the Cult of Tiamat and the origins of Sammaster, which accompany this series of Campaign logs:

The Cult of Tiamat Timeline

The Origins of Sammaster

Click on a log below to read, or start at the beginining and read of the ongoing events of the campaign. (Each Chapter links to the next and previous chapter).

Zargoth and the Hullack Forest (spring 1365 DR)

Krellthyss and the Farsea Marsh (summer 1365DR)

From Elversult to Unther (late 1365DR)
From Uruk to Ordulin (early 1366DR)

The Lost Library of Plinthius the Learned (late Winter 1366DR)

The Search for the Necronomicon (ealry 1366DR)
The House of Toil and Sweat (spring 1366DR)
Back to the Ruins of the Lost (summer\fall 1366DR)
Pool of Radiance: Attack on Myth Drannor (fall 1366DR)
Back to Myth Drannor (Late 1366DR)
The Curse of the Azure Bonds (1367DR)
Homecomings (late 1367DR)
The Chill of Evil (early 1368DR)
To Candlekeep and Beyond (spring 1368DR)
The Dark Druidess (summer 1368DR)
The Dungeon in the Desert (fall 1368DR)
Another Return to the Ruins of the Lost (1369DR)
Harmoth's Misfortune (1370R)
Home Sweet Home (spring 1371DR)
Zhentil Keep (late 1371DR\early 1372DR)
Reunions (spring 1372DR)
Them Damn Westies (summer 1372DR)
The Horrors of Hap (summer 1372DR)
The Rescue of Hector Sirus (summer 1372DR)
The Brothers of Doom and the Sunset Vale (spring 1369DR to present)
The Quest (summer 1369DR)
The Witching Wood (fall 1372DR)
Uvaeren's Legacy (fall 1372DR)
To the Ruinds of Uvaeren (to spring 1373DR)
The Legacy of Venom, part 1 (summer 1373DR)
The Legacy of Venom, part 2 (summer 1373DR)
Old Scores (summer 1373DR)

Fengle's Freehold and the Caves of Chaos (early fall, 1373 DR)

The Company of the Griffon (fall 1373DR)
The Dragon Graveyard (Late fall 1373DR)
More Old Scores (fall 1373DR)
The Quest Continues (early winter, 1373 DR)
In Search of Zarlandris (early winter, 1373 DR)
The Enemy of One's Enemy (early 1374DR)

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