Hallowbrook Woodworking

by Lucian Barasu

In the center of the block of buildings between the streets of Serpent Street, Cobblestone Road and Rabbit Road, sits a stout, sturdy two story business made of Yellow flagstone and wood. The Business is Hallowbrook Woodworking. It is a square business front with a rectangular warehouse connected to it in the rear.  The warehouse itself has no windows but the square building on Serpent Street’s southern side has plenty. It is a warm inviting business front with a well used fireplace in the front.

The proprietor is a Lean half elf male that goes by the name, Chisenel Durningford. Chisenel is a laid back, almost too calm of a man. Turned hard by the hatred of his elven blood. Chisenel has found it hard to find a home for him and his business. Some say this resentment of his half blood fed the reason he went into woodworking and mainly, Tree chopping business. Chisenel smiles even when angered, and has had years practicing hiding any pains thrown upon him for his heritage. Always one to give the odd copper to the poor, or give the spare change to his customers with a few copper too much, Chisenel has found a niche here in Fellaren Krae and is doing well for himself and his family.

Chisenel lives with his wife, Llandrianne who is also half elf. Llandri oft times works the counter at the Woodworking shop when Chisenel is out at the cutting sites. Her golden hair with red streaks and her forest green eyes puts even the angriest of customers in a better mood. She prides herself on her Oyster crackers and her mint cake, which is always displayed for free at the counter of Hallowbrook.

Hallowbrook Woodworking has a few permanent employees. Three half Orcs are in constant employ of Chisenel. Uroc, Jergut and Mudgee All work loyally and tirelessly for Chisenel and never question his commands or requests. All sleep at the Woodworking warehouse and are oft found working late nights when the doors are locked. Several humans and a few Halflings have been spotted working around or for the Woodworking shop. Many a broke adventurer can get jobs there during the day, hauling timber, or lifting logs into the cutters. Chisenel usually pays 2 gold a day for manual labor.

There is the main floor, divided into two sections, The office, with a separate private room for Chisenel, and the warehouse. There is an upstairs with three small rooms for his three half orc employees. But there is also a hidden basement…

Hallowbrook Woodworking has a darker side and in terms of shade it doesn’t get much darker. Chisenel is a slaver, and a very lucrative one. Being a priest of Khul'Shaan, the god of corruption and suffering, Chisenel is left alone from the Cult of the Dark Mist, mainly because of his high standing within the church and also, a portion of his money goes back to help build their swamp located church. Everywhere Chisenel goes, he has at least two of his three half orc bodyguards with him. Within the warehouse portion of the main floor, on the West wall are two hidden secret doors. One is a small room, used to hide fugitives or those wanted by the guards. The other door opens to a storeroom and a set of stone stairs that leads to the basement.

The basement is where the darkness lies for Hallowbrook. There is a small section of the basement used as excess woodworking storage. Boxes, crates, barrels, kegs and stools all line the walls and cubbies. But a second secret door opens to the slave pens built in secret under the warehouse. Seven barred cages are built sturdily into the walls. A set of chains hang from the center post for anyone unfit to be caged with others. The smell of death and sweat permeate this room and it has the heavy feeling of death hanging low in the entire basement. Back in the “Legal” section of the basement is a small floor grate, used for drainage, but leads into the sewers and the water system beneath Fellaren Krae. Rumor has it there is a dwarven hewn tunnel that leads from the Hallowbrook Woodworking basement directly to the Cult of the Dark Mist’s swampland church.

Chisenel captures slaves or those poor and unfortunate enough to try to work for Chisenel for a short amount of time. This is why Chisenel always has work available for unwary adventurers. Chisenel takes his slaves and usually sneaks them down to the docks, or buries them in cleverly disguised boxes in the center of a pile of wooden trees on wagon caravans. He ships his cargo out and sends a fourth half orc named Dugby with his Halfling Mage\Rogue of a partner. Dreedlelock Heavyboots. Dreedledock owns a ship that is paid for by Chisenel, and maintained by the half orcs. The ship is a fifteen manned drakkar, run by human sailors loyal to Dreedlelock. Dugby is sent with the Halfling to make sure Chisenel is not swindled out of his share. The slaves are either taken West and south ,to Calimshan or across the Sea to The Shining South.

Chisenel has an affinity for hording treasure from far off places, and usually pays high for items brought to him to buy. He is often times seen on the Dark Market perusing for items of exotic flavor. Most of the boxes in the basement storage hold items of treasure and value. Maybe not immediate street value, but if you try hard enough, you’ll find a buyer for the item with deep pockets.


Name Occupation Level, Race, Class
Chisenel Durningford Owner Half-elf Fighter 9\Rogue 5
Lliandrianne Durningford Owner's Wife Half-elf Fighter 2\Rogue 1
Deedleock  Heavyboot Partner Halfling Mage 8\Rogue 2
Uroc Guard Half-orc Fighter 7
Jergut Guard Half-orc Fighter 7
Mudgee Guard Half-orc Fighter 7
Dugby Guard Half-orc Fighter 6\Mage 1

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