The Boar and Rabbit Tavern

by Lucian Barasu

Sitting on the corner of Gray Boar street and Rabbit Road, in the Gold Ward (southeast centre of town), there is a dilapidated and hastily repaired three-story building. The faded sign of the Boar and Rabbit tavern hang from rusted chains over the main double door entrance.  Nud usually stands outside but from time to time heads inside to check on the patrons. Hattie Braidbeard usually greets everyone entering her husband’ tavern before they sit, which lightens the mood in this dark and shadowy tavern. This is the most popular hangout of the downtrodden or poor. The honest ones that work hard for little come here to escape the harshness of their lives. The rogues and Assassins know to stay out of the Boar and Rabbit,  due to it being Run by a full party of retired adventurers.

Juxton Braidbeard is a shield dwarf who ran a specialized melee group of adventurers. They had mediocre  success and fame, and decided to retire with their average sum of treasure. Buying the building was Hattie’s idea and The tavern grew from them all sitting in the main room alone with the doors open, wondering what to do with the building. Poor people started coming in and asking for change or a spare ale, and the Boar and Rabbit tavern was born.

The food is good, the ale is great, the wine is watered down. The rooms are Spartan but comfy. If you happen to use Room 8 on the top floor (usually for elves or halflings due to the low ceiling), there is a window that leads out to the roof, which can be used to climb down in private. Most of the staff lives in the back on the first floor, so there is no backdoor to speak of.

Hattie can use her clerical powers for healing minor injuries, but her time as a waitress has left her little time for prayers. Sometimes the higher end spells she asks for go unheard.

If you see a small strange animal, a monkey with a long curling tail, do not attack or chase it. It’s owner is the cook, Nemtal Ficklefingers whois a rogue well versed in poisoning the food so one cannot taste it until it is to late. It is said he was enslaved as cook deep to the south, near the edges of the Chult. His cooking skills are unmatched in the ward.


Regular Customers

Boris Hawkmane - m hum\Rng\7
Capt Jonas Flurrin - m\hum\war3-rog7 Captain of “the Sapphirre” (pirate)
Lucinda Jacinth - fem helf\rog\6
Mundrall Flintaxe - m dw\war\7



Ironbarrel Brothers (ale and mead)
Capt Jonas Flurrin (Fish and turtles)
Duggin McRumbold (misc. goods)


Selgaunt Ale
1 sp
Ironbarrel Ale
2 sp
2 sp
Grouse Platter
2 sp
Meat Platter
4 sp
Turtle Soup in the shell
1 sp
Bread Bowl
1 sp
Fish Plate
1 sp
Honey Mead
2 sp
Small Room (per night)
1 sp
Medium Room, 2 Beds (per night)
2 sp
Large Room, 4 Beds (per night)
1 gp
Small Room with meals (per week)
1 gp
Medium Room with meals (per week)
2 gp 1 sp
Large Room with meals (per week)
4 gp



Name Occupation Level, Race, Class
Juxton Braidbeard Owner 8-lvl Male Dwarf Warrior
Morris Resown (reesown) Manager\Barkeep 7-lvl Male Human Warrior
Hattie Braidbeard Waitress 5-lvl Female Dwarf Cleric
Nemtal Ficklefingers Cook 6-lvl Male Human Rogue
Nud Toman Doorman 4-lvl Male Human Warrior

Location Map of The Boar and Rabbit

Floorplan of The Boar and Rabbit

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