Iam and Sons Appraisers and Metalworkers

by Rob Current

The Owner

Iam Brightblade (Dwarf Fighter lvl3) is the owner of Iam and Sons, and runs the business with his two sons Verkull and Derkam (Dwarf Thief 3)..


The Business

Iam and Sons is an appraising and metalworking business. The premises are located on the western side of White Horse Ford and is the last business in town on the way to Enrae's Crossing.

The quality of the craftsmanship is very good, and the pieces have excellent detail work. The time it takes to get the work is sometimes frustrating for customers, as it takes twice as long as the smith in Enrae's Crossing.

Iam orders his ore from Felleran-Krae.

Most of the work is done by Derkam. He has a love of metalwork. He takes hit time and crafts each piece to be the best he can make. (Skill Focus Metalworking Craft metal working +9) Derkam makes mostly decorative wrought iron work for sale up in Felleran-Krae, but he also will work in precious metals like silver and gold. Mostly only small pieces as decoration, or jewelry at the instruction of his father.

Iam oversees the work and is an excellent businessman. He has an eye for the quality of goods, especially gems and jewelry.

Verkull supplies funds by occasionally adventuring or working for one of the trading companies as an extra or replacement guard. Only when he has nothing better to do does he try his hand at any of the work in the shop. Mostly he makes the basics, nails, hinges, and horse shoes.


The Staff

Iam employs his two sons, Verkull and Derkam at the business.



Decorative Wrought Iron

2 x standard
Decorative Silver
3 x standard

Decorative Gold

3 x standard

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