Salzar's Emporium

by Sean Francos

The Owner

Salzar's Emporium is owned by Salzar Narathem (Expert Lvl.2, CN, hp 10), daughter of Rogere Narathem and Mishile Narathem. Salzar is very inquisitive and will often question adventurers of their travels, she collects maps and exotic and strange items. She will lie though, to further her business and her knowledge of the world.


The Store

Salzar’s Emporium is a 1-storey, grey-bricked building. In its windows is average, slightly impure glass. Its roof is flat and made of wood and has an iron fence around the edge of it with the only gap being in front of the ladder from the floor to the roof which is round the back. The front door is fashioned of sturdy oak and has a copper knocker depicting a lion’s head.

The store is quite a well off establishment. When you enter you come into a medium sized room with a solid oak counter at the far side, a rich red carpet and several cabinets containing many strange and exotic trinkets. The items in the cabinets are not for sale, they are part of Salzar’s personal collection. The actual wares for sale are kept in the storeroom. Several lanterns hanging from the ceiling light the room.

Behind the counter is a comfy, wooden, padded chair and a locked door to Salzar’s room. In Salzar’s room you will find a green, large wooden bed, a chest of drawers and a large, oak, locked cabinet where Salzar’s valuables are kept. Also in this room is a large sturdy trunk and a chamberpot as well as 3 doors. One of the doors leads to the small, bare-boards storeroom where the wares are kept and one of the others leads to a small room with a fireplace, exotic rug and a settee. In this room there is a door that leads to the bathing room, in the bathing room is a fireplace and a small pool. The final door in Salzar’s room leads you to a small kitchen with astove and cabinet in which the foods are kept.

The emblem of Salzar’s Emporium is an hourglass over a golden sun. The only sign is a wooden plaque above the door featuring the emblem and the name in yellow, italic capitals.

The Staff

The only staff employed by Salzar is a single guard named Goref (Warrior Lvl.3, LN, hp 20). He lives close to the store and is paid 5sp each week on a Xyul.




2 gp
Battle Talisman*
10 gp


1 sp

Bell (copper)

1 sp


5 sp

Chalk (1 piece)

1 cp

Clay Jug

3 cp
3 cp

Flint and Steel

1 gp

Good Luck Charm*

5 gp


4 gp
25 gp
Iron Pot
5 sp
Lantern (common)
1 sp
Lantern (hooded)
7 gp
Map\Scroll Case
1 gp
Oil (1 pint flask)
Pouch (belt)
1 gp
Rations, Trail (per day)
5 sp
Rope (hemp)
1 gp
1 sp
Sealing Wax
1 gp
Signet Ring
5 sp
5 cp
1 gp
2 cp
8 sp

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