Lord of Hell Fire

by Guy Patching

The Lord of Hell Fire is a member and self-styled leader of the Cult of Holy Fire. He is head of a fire cult but he is not the real leader. The person with all the power is his assistant, Spark. The Lord of Hell Fire can be found in the suburbs of the city on rare occasions, and generally where there is a concentration of fire.



The Lord of Hell Fire will immediately strike someone as odd. He wears a red, yellow and orange robes with the same colours for all of his clothes and even his eyes. His hair and skin appears to be a scorched black of some kind and will fall out as dust allot of the time.



The Lord of Hell Fire is a person that is unmoving in his approach, he does not change his mind yet he can often be persuaded to do things if he has not decided to do otherwise. He loves action and will never ever ever settle down even for a minute. He stops to sleep and then as soon as he gets up he is either preparing for action or he is doing things. He is often muttering to himself and does not like talking to people or receiving visitors although sometimes he can be reasonably welcoming so long as they are talking about fire or burning or offering him work in that department. He has predictably few allies.



He was a very successful merchant according to his own tales yet nobody truly knows where he is from, it is doubtful that he does either. He says that when he received a call from the God of Fire (whom he never speaks the name of, and will refuse to until he has burnt everywhere or it is burning, no small task) and that he burnt his shop (which sold expensive artwork) to the ground destroying a fortune. He has travelled around burning places and has spent years learning magic living off joining some mercenary groups and assisting them in their efforts, but always burning things. He set up a fire cult to try and "expand the flame".

AD&D Statistics

Race: Half-Elf Class: Mage\Cleric Level: 13/13 Aligment: CN
STR: 8
DEX: 7
CON: 9
INT: 16
WIS: 9
CHA: 7
HP: 22 AC: 10
Special Attacks:  Spells
Special Defences:   Spells
Prefered Weapon: Quarterstaff
Weapon Proficiencies:


Non-Weapon Proficiencies\Skills:

Brewing (alcohol burns!)


Scrolls of Remove Fire Protections (x10)

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