Kobe's Food Stand

by Daniel Deadmarsh

Kobe's Food Stand is a quick food service Located in the north-east corner of the market in Fellaran-Krae owned and run by Kobe Morimoto. Nicknamed "The Stand", the outdoor eatery is well known within Fellaren-Krae and with the frequent caravan goers. Anyone asking for a quick bite to eat is often sent to "The Stand".It is well known for it's reasonable prices and quick service.

It is also a known place were both sides of the law will seat in peace, as Kobe will not tolerate any roughhousing within his eatery. The Stand is seen as an excellent place to exchange information or to make shady deals, it is noisy, and exceptionally busy. Many of it's patrons believe that what happens in front of you is often overlooked.

Finding a table during daytime hours is always a difficult task. Keila Morson (the Stands only waitress) is always seen running about with a tray or two filled with steaming and empty dishes. Kobe serves all requests for take-out himself.

"The Stand" is a place were both sides of the law frequent for a quick bite to eat.

The Stand is roped off and has a canvas overhead, held up by several wooden poles located around and in the food stand area. The Stand has 7 tables all able to hold a maximum of 4 people, each table has four small stools. There is a wooden counter separating the clientele from the kitchen, the counter is where take-out customers order their meals as does Keila Morson for the dine-in customers. Kobe and Serona place all orders on the counter for the customers and Keila, and although it appears as a chaotic mess with people yelling out orders everyone gets what they requested and Kobe collects payment.

The stand also provides it's rice, and noodles inside a birch-bark container, for take-out customers.

Anyone can determine where the stand is by seeing the columns of steam flowing up into the sky. Kobe always has five types of large woks and pots on a stone fire pit. He prepares two large pigs and several ducks daily for the BBQ, there is little leftover at the end of the day. Occasional pillars of flame erupt from Kobe's woks as he prepares his specialty dishes. If he ever runs out of food, he simply runs over to the appropriate stalls to gather the necessary ingredients.

Supplies are brought in the stand stand from two sources: The Beatilon Family supplies the animal meats and rice, flour, vegetables, and Sanifor of Sanifor's Seven Stars Seafood Stand supplies the seafood.

Regular customers to The Stand include:


Name Occupation Level, Race, Class
Kobe Morimoto Cook \ Waiter \ Brewer Yuan-Ti 6-lvl Ranger \ 7-lvl Thief
Keila Morson Waitress 0-lvl Human
Serona Trigal Assistant Cook 0-lvl Half-elf


Bowl of noodles
2 cp
Steamed Cod
2 sp
Steamed Eel
2 sp
Fried Prawns
3 sp
Bowl of Rice
2 cp
Shark Fin Soup
2 gp
Sautéed Beef with tomato sauce
1 gp
Lemon ginger lobster with scallions
6 gp
Steamed Tripe
1 sp/lb
Boiled Chickens Feet
1 sp/lb
BBQ Pork
2 sp/lb
BBQ Duck
3 sp/lb
Steamed greens with oyster sauce
1 sp/lb
Roasted Squid tentacles in black bean sauce
1 gp/lb
Pork Soup (made with shrimp dumplings and pig ears)
1 gp/lb
Green Tea
1 sp/pot

Keila Morson

Keila is a strong character woman. She is exceptionally strong and dextrous as she travels about the Stands' patrons with her trays of food and hot tea.

She has wiry black hair, and is extremely tanned, largely due to her hours of work in an outdoor eatery. She has dark brown eyes, and wears two shark-teeth ear-rings. A gift from her deceased husband, Tuel Morson, who died at sea from an unfortunate fishing accident. She is mature, almost 40 years of age, and can handle most situations that happen to present themselves as a challenge. She is quick wit and sharp of tongue.

She accepts no advances from any man, often pouring hot tea on their lap and or given the gentlemen callers a hard-slap across the face. One man pushed her to the ground after such action. He later lost his hand to Kobe's kitchen clever. He was found a week later crushed to death.

She has a son, Tuelson Morson, who serves in Fellaren-Krae's watch guard, he often stops by the Stand for something to eat. Kobe always gives him a free bowl of rice with some steamed fish.

Serona Trigal

Serona is a jovial character. Often found singing, humming and munching in the cooking area of the Stand. She's lived all her life in Fellaren-Krae and has no intentions of travelling abroad.

Due to Kobe's cooking and her own culinary experiments, she has gained a fair amount of weight. By definition she is a large woman.

She has light-brown hair, that is cut short and deep-green eyes.

Kobe enjoys her company as she is a good cook, funny, and friendly. When people dine at the Stand for the first time they often remember the large half-elven woman sweating profusely in the cooking area, singing and yelling out orders from customers and Keila.

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