Mystical Weave Emporium

by Daniel Deadmarsh

The Emporium is a small business run by the mages of the Union, and in particular Sulphir Redhand. The Emporium has been opened since Sakic Redgrave was guild-master. The spell shop is only open from sunrise to noon each day and is located next to the Wizard's Union Guild hall on Emerald Way.

There are no signs outside, and therefore the shop is not well known even to the locals. There are no windows the door is a large metal door with many signs of scratches and rust. There are many rumors about the small building. Some say it is haunted, others believe that it once was a small prison, children believe that ogres come out at night to eat little boys and girls who are still about.

However, a few people on the street know of the Weave Emporium and the type of services it offers. The city watch and militia are aware of it as well. A few of the local tavern keepers have heard of a spell shop on Emerald Way but none to many know of its' location.

There are no regular customers to the Emporium, only adventurers who hear rumor of the shops location. Those adventurers that have visited the shop would describe the store as dark and not too welcoming.

The store is fairly busy during the Festival of the Frozen Chisel having at least one customer per day. All other times the store is lucky to have one customer per week. Customers arrive sporadically therefore it is difficult to know when a spell is needed.

The store is made entirely of stone, with a solid wooden roof with clay shingles. There are no windows and only one metal door accessible from Emerald Way.

The building has one floor separated into two rooms. There is a large hardwood counter, with many arcane carvings of magical beasts and outerplanar creatures. The clientele waiting area is small and cluttered with many strange items and the full appearance of a warehouse.

Some of the items within the store include:

On the other side of the counter fastened to the wall, are many primitive weapons, jawbone swords, tiger paw claws, wooden clubs, dart guns, etc.

The doorway into the adjoining room is covered with a large thick navy blue drapery. The other room contains several large bookcases containing a variety of ink vials and writing pens (feathers, metallic sticks, wooden sticks, chickens' feet, etc.). The shelves also contain a large number of papers ranging from poor to high quality. There is two large writing tables with half melted candles on them and several tomes. Each table has a hard wooden chair. In the north east corner, is a large plush red velvet chair. This is where Sulphir often relaxes and day dreams. There is an open stairway that leads down into a torch-lit tunnel. The tunnel leads to the Wizard's Union guildhall's basement.

Spells and scrolls are available for purchase at the Emporium with the following price basis:

The Emporium receives many of its spells and supplies from The Wizard's Union. The Wizard's Union never provides wish spells to the public. Sulphir Redhand provides many of the spells himself, excepting those spells he cannot cast. In that event, he asks the customer to return the next day, and he will have another mage either prepare the spell or a scroll prepared for the customer.

Sulphir Redhand

Human Mage 9

Sulphir Redhand has been with the guild since Liianne Danel'Liune was the guild-master. He worked in the Weave Emporium scribing low level spells, and has remained its' steadfast supporter for years.

Sulphir lived in Westgate until the age of 15 when he became a wizard's apprentice. He joined a small band of adventurers. One their first adventure they encountered a group of orcs lead by a fairly large ogre. Sulphir was to help from the distance with his magic. His friends believing they had the advantage, entered into melee and were quickly slaughtered as a larger group of goblins rushed in from their flanks. Sulphir immediately fled and traveled to Sembia to practice his magic so that such an event would never happen again. He then settled down in Fellaren-Krae.

Sulphir particularly likes the quiet and solitude that the store offers. At the age of 39, he is a large burly man, with red hair and beard. He is kind and friendly, once a young boy walked into the store only to run out very quickly. Sulphir later found that lad and tutored him in the ways of magic, he is now a 4th Apex member, Daren Portsmith.

Sulphir generally believes that whenever he sells a spell or scroll he is offering something to someone. He is often inquisitive onto the nature of what the spell will be used for. If he discovers that the spell may be used for unlawful intentions he will not provide it to the customer.

He also loves to hear the tales of adventurers who are off to discover an ancient dungeon or who have returned from an ogre's lair. He can often be heard talking to the many stuffed creatures of the shop or to the two guardians - the mimic and stone golem.

It is commonly believed that Sulphir will be the next Inner Circle member, as he is liked and respected by many.

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