The Burning Ghost
by Daniel Deadmarsh

The Burning Ghost is a small tavern owned by the Wizard's Union. This is not common knowledge. The previous owner was in financial ruin when the Wizard's Union stepped in and purchased the inn. They didn't make many improvements other than ask the Bard's Guild to send the occasional performer the tavern's way. They also sold half the tavern to the neighboring building owner, they also shortened the menu a great deal and limited the drink list.

That previous owner past away, and Ryan Highstool, an old regular customer, became the manager of the tavern.

The small tavern is located near the overpass that is the haunting grounds for the Burning Spirit. It is roughly six buildings up on Schooner Street.

The Burning Ghost is reputed for it's cheap food and ale, and limited accommodations. The tavern has only 3 tables, each with three chairs, a counter and stools that run along it's length and a fire burning behind counter. Over the fire is a large cooking pot, which contains a nice hot mushroom and beef stew.

The tavern can hold 20 people comfortably, however since the changes the tavern packs in over 30 people per evening, and on nights when a bard is present over 50 people come to hear the bardic hymns.

The tavern is well known amongst the thieving guilds as a shoulder to shoulder place where pickpockets may practice their art-form. It's also a place where many squabbles erupt, possibly due to the closeness of many patrons, but are quickly taken outside by either the squabblers or Ryan.

The Burning Ghost is commonly known among the regular ship captains that frequent Fellaren-Krae as a place were they may hire on a few additional deckhands or were the harbormaster can pick up help in the dock yards. The Burning Ghost is also known as an adventurers hiring hall.

The regular customers of the Burning Ghost are the dock hands, harbormaster, and sea-hands of the many ships that frequent the harbor.

Ryan receives his ale from the Stewarde family and purchases the stew ingredients daily in the market before opening up the tavern.


Item Price
Dragon's Breath (Golden Ale) 1 sp
Spider's Bite (Dark Ale) 5 cp
Fallen Stars Brew (Medium Ale) 2 cp
Bowl or mushroom and beef stew 5 cp

Brief Owners History

Ryan Highstool grew up in Fellaren-Krae, never really amounting to much. He use to be a regular patron of the Burning Ghost, and has heard all the fabled stories about the ghost. Having actually heard and seeing the floating tunnel spirit of the nearby overpass, he knows that there are far more exaggerated stories than true ones.

Ryan would work on the days he needed money, either on the docks loading and unloading cargo ships. Or as a deckhand on occasion, never really staying away from Fellaren-Krae for long.

His friend Nyques Brewlittle, previous owner of the Burning Ghost, retired, and asked if he could manage the tavern for the Wizard's Union.

At the age of 42, Ryan took over. Ryan is known for being a quiet listener and loves to throw in his two copper coins worth of wisdom. He does not work at the docks, as it's a dangerous place to work. But does reminisce about his time there. Ryan has operated the tavern now for 5 years and has become well known as a king man who tolerates no problems. Whenever a fight breaks out in his tavern, Ryan well bark out to the combatants to end the squabble outside or he'll serving the loser in his pot of stew in the morn! If the combatants carry, Ryan will up and all out the troublemakers and throw them out of the tavern. Ryan can accomplish this easily standing at 6'6" and having the mass to go with it, although some it has become more relaxed as of late.

In Ryan's old age, he is becoming aware that he may need to hire a young, strong lad to help direct squabbles outside.

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