The Owl's Rest
The Home of the Compass and Sextant

by Daniel Deadmarsh

The Owl's Rest and The Home of the Compass and Sextant are two businesses located next to each other near the market in Fellaren-Krae. Both businesses are linked and are owned by Albryn Jykul (human cleric 8). Eton Bannis (human cleric 2) is employed as a clerk and scribe for the business.

The Owl's Rest trades in the purchase and sale of books and written text, book binding and book and ink materials. Scribing services are also available.

The Home of the Compass and Sextant deals in the sale and purchase of maps.

The business operates within legal standards of Fellaren-Krae. No one has ever complained about the prices of books, maps, services or materials.

All inks are made in the shop's basement, and all inks include fluids (stomach acid/blood/saliva/etc) from the creatures mentioned. Inks are supplied in small 3 once vials. If the clientele is looking for another type of ink, there is a 60% that the ink available less the creatures difficulty rating (if from a creature). All inks created from plants have a 75% chance of being available and cost 1 gp/vial.

Maps are always coming into the store from explorers, sometimes, Albryn will get the occasional map or portion of the Underdark or of a dungeon or ruined building. Albryan pays a small price for such maps as he can never attest to the legitimacy of the maps. He then turns around and attempts to sell the maps for ten times his purchase price.

The stores have a great reputation for providing the 'right' ingredients required for mages to make scrolls or spellbooks. It is well known among the mages of Fellaren-Krae that if you need a specific ink type you may find it here.The stores are largely quiet, as the clientele occasionally need supplies, and aren't there on regular basis. Albryn is known as a quiet helpful man, and Eton as a young hard-working lad.



The suppliers to the stores include anyone willing to trade and sell books and old parchments, cartographers and explorers and the Lazopyn Taxidermy (supplier of bloods and ochre for ink making)



Regular clientele to the stores include mages (for book materials and inks), book collectors (for books), explorers (for maps) and Seafarers (also for maps).


The Business

In the workshop there is an ink preparation area and several shelves of ancient tomes and old diaries that Albryn collects.

Albryn often searches the diaries in hopes of finding lost information about regions, treasures or people. He often hires an adventuring party to explore what he discovers in the old tomes. Sometimes, depending on the potential gains, he will ask other merchants or business owners to co-sponsor the adventuring party. Albryn often sells any gains to nobles and merchants alike, keeping maps and books for sale within his store.

Only Albryn and Eton are aware of his vast collection of diaries and tomes that he keeps in his basement.

The basement is a stone basement build by dwarves and is protected from humidity, water leaks and bookworms from a series of magical glyphs that line the walls along the ceiling.

The stores are connecting with a large open archway, in the adjoining walls. The door to the Owl's Rest is locked, and piles of books are in front of the door. Access to either store is granted through the front door of the Compass and Sextant shop.

There are a total of 15 stuffed owls within the portion that is the Owl's Rest. Inside the Compas and Sextant, portrayed on the wall is the first known map of Fellaren-Krae, hanging on another wall are the skeletal remains (jaws only) of various sized sharks. On one of the map counters there is a bowl of water. Next to the bowl is a wooden statue of a seafaring man, it's left arm is extended over the bowl. In his hand he is holding a string that descends down to the water, attached to the string over the water is a small magnet. The magnet always points North, unless a metal object comes within close range.



Normal Black Ink

1 sp / vial
Uncommon Inks

Squid Ink

1 gp / vial

Goblin Ink

1 gp / vial

Spider Ink

1 gp / vial

Owlbear Ink

100 gp / vial

Seawater and Algae Ink

4 gp / vial
Rare Inks

Kraken Ink

10,000 gp / vial

Black Dragon Ink

10,000 gp / vial

Fire Giant Ink

5,000 gp / vial
5 sp / pack
Writing Brushes
3 sp each
Leather Book Cover
2 gp / book
Binding Services
2 gp / 20 pages

Albryn Jykul

Human Cleric 8

Living all his life in Fellaren-Krae Albryn, became a priest to Oghma in a monastery in Northeastern Cormyr. Albryn began his tutelage at the monastery at an early age, 18, he then spent the better part of his life there. At the age of 38, he returned home to settle the affairs of the death of his father. Shortly after his return, his mother past away, from a broken-heart, for the lost of her husband. Albryn, then went through the affairs of his parents. While going through their house he discovered a treasure throve of books in the attic. Albryn knew of his mother's passion for reading but could not comprehend the great lengths she went out to acquire ancient tomes and old diaries of adventurers, nobles, merchants and caravan masters and more. Albryn began going through the tomes, slowly and enthusiastically, as they all described lives of real people and their daily routines, or of ancient places and long forgotten events.

Albryn decided to remain in Fellaren-Krae and closed his father's bakery downstairs and set to explore the Sembian countryside, only to learn more of it's lore and history. He would always return home, with a new tome or more, some magical and some not. After 4 years of learning about Sembia, he set out to learn and gather information on Cormyr, the Dalelands and ancient Cormanthyr. Albryn spent many days and nights travelling the road side, studying such things as the type of bark on trees and the creatures that lived in the forests. Albryn also spent 1 year in Shawdowdale speaking with Elminster and spending most of his time, filtering through El's great library. All the while taking notes and writing his own diaries.

Albryn returned to his now boarded up home in Fellaren-Krae with a wagon full of tomes and purchased diaries and other written works. He converted his child home and the building next to it into a store for books and a shop for maps. He hired a young boy, Eton Bannis, the son of one his childhood friends to help with the conversion. At the age of 51, Albryn Jykul, opened his stores of knowledge. The stores have been opened now for over 4 years and have sponsored a dozen expeditions into the wilderness to gather treasure, ancient art, lore and knowledge.

Albryn is enthralled with the knowledge he has gathered over the years and the vast amount of books his mother 'hoarded'. Albryn often sponsors expeditions to find new knowledge and written materials or mapping expeditions. Albryn is considered the most knowledgeable human of Sembia, Sembian lore and history, Fellaren-Krae, Fellaren-Krae history and lore in the city. He has pieces of knowledge about all of Faerun within his small shop. Most of it gathered from diaries and therefore only as reliable as the writer's interpretation! He knows much about Cormyr and Cormanthyr as well.

Albryn is an old man, however, due to the large amount of road travel, he looks much older than he is. He is in excellent physical health. He has gray hair and sky blue eyes. He shaves as he sees fit, some days he will have beard stubble or be completely clean shaven. He continues to pray to Oghma and still wears the symbol and traditional garb of the clergy. As he has not forsaken Oghma's Church.

Albryn has many friends in Fellaren-Krae ranging from the many mages and clerics of Fellaren-Krae to, the members of the Spellfilcher's Guild, to Mortel Holaf of the Council, and Poyntilo Montebello, the owner of an art gallery.

Albryn also tutors some of the noble families children, specifically, the Royse and Leuws families, he also tutors the children of the Stuwarde and Lantofuzl merchant families.

Albryn is either busy tutoring, working in his shop, recruiting adventurers for expeditions into what he calls "forgotten realms" (as pulled from his books), and/or relaxing to a cup of tea at any of the local taverns. He particular prefers the comforts of the Little Dryad Tavern, and the conversations with Tomul'mas Kaleddon, one of the tavern's owners.

Eton Bannis

Human Cleric 2

Eton Bannis is a young man, who lived near the store, he now lives upstairs in one it's two bed chambers.

Eton is slightly overweight, largely due to his physical inactivity. He has short curly-brown hair and dark brown eyes. He wears plan-tanned clothing and his hands are always stained with ink, as he performs the vast majority of scribing.

Eton has dedicated his life to learning lore and writing and hopes one day to travel to Candlekeep, to see it's vast libraries. He is a priest of Oghma. He is the son of one of Albryn's childhood friends.

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