The Theoretus Family Fountain
by Daniel Deadmarsh

Traditionally the Theoretus Family was strong in the ways of elemental and illusionary magic. When the patriarch, Alsor Theoretus, of the family ruled the household, over four generations ago, every member of the family practiced in the mystical arts.

One of Alsor's younger nephews, Likul, was casting a spell in the front entry way for a friend of his, Else Royse, another noble. Likul summoned a water elemental from the waters of the fountain located in the front of the main entrance. Else was enthralled at what her friend had done and Likul being the ever pragmatic youth, attempted to kiss Else. Likul was refused and ordered the elemental to drown Else.

The youth who were watching ran with haste to the local watch. When the watch arrived armed with a wizard. Alsor, Likul and Else all met them at the door. The watch left the mansion and noted to the young boys that they should never go near the Theoretus Fountain.


What really happened:

Else and Likul ever the jovial pranksters in their youth, had worked out an elaborate scheme to scare off the boys that were harassing Else and Likur. Likul cast an elaborate illusion to scare them off. Today, rumours abound of the Theoretus Fountain Guardian. Young children stay away from the Theoretus grounds, as do potential rogues.

The fountain is a beautiful marble carving of several water nymphs pouring pitchers of water into the basin below. There is no magical guardian or wards on the fountain.

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