The Lost Smithy
by Daniel Deadmarsh

Every night at midnight, the wall guards along the eastern portion of the walls can hear the sound of a blacksmith's hammer. It lasts for several minutes, and then fades away. Often the guards will simply listen and say "It's old Joul again."


Related Story:

When Fellaren-Krae began construction of the cities fortified walls, the engineers either burned buildings in the way or in some rare cases built the walls around the buildings. In one case of burning the outcome was disastrous.

When it came time to build the eastern wall, a small blacksmith worked in his shop. He was a n elderly man who refused to hang up his hammer and tongs. He could no longer handle to heavy work, and primarily dealt with the making and setting of horseshoes.

The blacksmith, Joul Coalshine, refused the meager payment given to him by the city's ruling council. When time came, the city watch and construction engineers refused to build around the smithy's shop, and decided to burn it. The soldiers, pulled Joul from his shop, and set the wood and stone building on fire. Joul crumpled in tears as the blaze consumed his home.

As the walls construction continued, Joul returned to where his old shop once stood, and sat amongst the stones of the growing wall. He died that night.

The following day, when the workers found Joul's body, the head engineer felt pity for Joul and entombed his remains along with those of his smithshop into the city's wall.

As time went one, the location of Joul Coalshine's tomb has been forgotten.

The blacksmith's hammer is most distinct near the second tower north from the eastern gate.

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