Creature: Funnel Spider
by Daniel Deadmarsh

The Fellaren-Krae Funnel Spider

Climate/Terrain: Temperate/Moist Areas
Frequency: Common only in Southeast-Sembia
Organization: Solitary or Swarm
Activity Cycles: Any
Diet: Omnivore
Intelligence: Non (0)
Treasure: Nil
Alignment: Neutral

No. Appearing: 1 adult or 12-24 offspring
Armor Class: 7
Movement: 6, Climb 6, Web 15
Hit Dice: 1+1
THAC0: 19
No. of Attacks: 1-2
Damage/Attack: 1 bite
Special Attacks: Poison
Special Defenses: Nil
Magic Resistance: Nil
Size: Small (16" diameter)
Morale: Elite (13)
XP Value: 175

The Fellaren-Krae Funnel Spider is roughly 16 inches in diameter. They make their usual habitat in cool, dark moist places, litter, ferns, logs, attics, sewers, swamp-like areas and ground burrows on open fields. These spiders are exceptionally aggressive and deadly to many, it is slow moving and does not jump but lunges when aggravated.


The spider creates a burrow where it hopes to catch prey. Unwitting people and animals may trip in the hole, or get biting as their foot, hoof, paw, were the spider bites the victim. And waits safely in it's lair watching its' intended victim to fall down and die. The spider instead of making a burrow has been known to lair in the gaps between large rocks and boulders.

The spider is found primarily in the Southeast region of Sembia.

The female spider is larger (by about 2") than the male spider and has many hairs on its' abdomen, were the male spider has a smooth abdomen. Both male and female spiders are poisonous. The spiders mate once in a lifetime, after two years of life (adulthood). Both male and female spiders have large fangs for biting, these fangs are larger than most other spiders of this size.

The male spider will create a burrow, with a funnel web inside, and sit at the entrance with it's fore-limbs lifted into the air and emit a loud hissing sound to attract a suitable mate. Once the pair have mated the female will kill and consume the male spider. The female will lay it's eggs in the fall (after carrying the egg sack for over two months), inside it's funnel or burrow. The female dies during the winter months, in the spring the egg-sack hatches and the babies feed off of the mother's body. A normal egg-sack holds between 150-200 young spiders. Due to the aggressive nature of the spider the offspring quickly turn on each other and devour it's slower and weaker siblings. On average, 12-24 spiders will escape the feeding-frenzy. The survivors set out to make their own lair.


The bite of the spider is poisonous. The poison liquefies the internal organs, this allows the spider to digest more of its' prey. The poison is highly reactive and very deadly for humans, gnomes, elves and halflings. The female funnel spider is also immune to it's own poison. The male spider is not. Humans and elves must make their saving throw vs poison or die in 4d4+4 (+constitution bonus) rounds. The poison affects children, gnomes and halflings much quicker. They must make a saving throw or die in 2d4+2 (+ constitution bonus) rounds. Dwarves are completely immune to the spider's poison.

Even if the save is successful the victim, suffers a loss of any strength and constitution bonuses for the same amount of rounds (as indicated above), and the same characteristics are halved, due to vomiting, sweating and hypertension. Another save (a check versus wisdom) is required to maintain control and to perform follow-up actions. A failed check results in the inability to perform complete actions for 2 rounds.

The spider creates a web in the shape of a funnel, any creature or person attempting to break free must roll against their strength. Any trapped in the web, can be attacked with a +4 bonus. Dexterity no longer apply to the entangled characters Armor Class. The spider can shoot a string of web up to 30' away.

The spider is immune to mind influencing affects, due to it's low intelligence.


The spider preys on livestock (i.e., sheep and pigs) and forest animals (i.e, birds, rabbits and groundhogs). Farmer's may loose a number of livestock to these aggressive spiders annually. Any field that is known have having an infestation of these spiders is burned.

Fortunately for the inhabitants of the area, there exists an anti-venom that has been created in the Fellaren-Krae area, by a mage named Ghuli Redcap. The anti-venom, is easily accessible, sold for a modest price in many shops in the city of Fellaren-Krae. Gnomes and Halflings of the area, often carry a small vial that is easily accessible, when travelling the region's forests, or fields.

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