The Tunnel Spirit
by Daniel Deadmarsh

Story of the Tunnel Spirit

On Schooner Street runs below a bridge, or cross section of Sail Street near the Fellaren-Krae harbour. The resulting tunnel of Schooner Street, is large enough for 3 wagons to travel abreast and is 100' feet long.

Whenever a lit torch or lantern enters the centre area of the tunnel (roughly 50'), the people passing through can here the wailing of a little girl. It is a sorrowful wail of a girl in pain.

It is rumoured that if the lantern or torchbearer stands in the center of the tunnel, (on any given night), they and only they will see the image of a fiery apparition heading towards the bearer. The image is of a girl covered in flames. The apparition will have no visible legs. If the apparition passes through the torch/lantern bearer, they will be overwhelmed with a bone chilling coldness. Once the ghostly girl enters the center area of the tunnel she fades away.

Many of the area residents and dockhands speak of hearing the wail of the fiery tunnel spirit.



Over sixty decades ago, a little girl was seen running down Schooner Street covered in fire. She was headed to the harbour to put out the flames. She collapsed under the bridge, consumed by the fires, and died. The young girl was believed to be around 8 years of age. Her identity was never discovered.

All attempts to speak with the dead, healing and raising attempts had failed. There have been three official attempts to speak with the spirit, or banish it, and all have failed.


Related Story:

Over 30 years ago, a kindly priest attempted to smoother the ghostly fires of the girl with a blanker as he held a lantern in the centre of the tunnel. The result ended in disaster, as the ghost entered the blanket. The blanket burst into blue flames, which quickly consumed the priest. It left him a blackened withered husk within seconds. No one has attempted to put out the spirits fires since.



If the bearer does not move, and allows the apparition to pass through them they must roll versus will or be aged 1d4+1 years. The apparition is a reflection of the girls dyeing moments created by the magic that made the events occur and the girl's final struggle for life.

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