The Ivy Street Apparition
by Daniel Deadmarsh

Story of the Ivy Ghost

On the night of the full moon, a translucent figure is seen running down the entrance of Ivy street. The figure can be heard gasping for air. As it reaches the end of the street, it stops and turns back only to fall as if struck from behind. When the spirit falls anyone in the area can hear a metallic sound bouncing off the cobble stone street, and a splash. As though the item fell into a nearby sewer grate. Than a loud resonating cry of "No!" can be heard. The spirit is ruffled about on the ground as though fighting off an unseen assailant. The struggle ends with a wet-sounding crush as the spirits skull is crushed. The spirit fades away as it's life blood seeps into the cracks of the cobblestone road.

On very rare occasions, the flowing blood has formed letters, in truth they are initials. They are the initials of those in the area (that are watching the spirit) who will come to a horrible violent death within the next tenday.

The man that was killed on Ivy Street was Clarus Montebello. He was an affluent merchant in Fellaren-Krae's early days. He often traded in exotic and rare art artifacts. The item that reportedly fell in the city sewers has never been found. No one knows why Clarus was killed or who did it.


Related Rumours:

It is believed that a magical treasure lies under Ivy Street, a treasure that binds the spirit to the street.

It is believed that the item Clarus was holding was a cursed artifact that brought about demons that only the yielder can see. Demons that Clarus could not control, and therefore they saw him as weak and as unworthy to control them.

It is also rumored that the lost item, was a locate containing an enchanted gem of his beloved, Nielanga Royse. The Royse Family was a well-established merchant family at the time. They had recently placed a request with the city's Council to gain noble status.

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