Sunken Sunrise Fest Hall

by Robert V. Droz

The Sunken Sunrise Fest Hall is located in the harbor next to a pier in Dock Ward in Fellaren-Krae. There is ample space on or next to the pier to tie up mounts, as well as space underwater for the seagoing variety, and the deck of the sunken ship "Sunrise" was places for small boats to lash themselves to. The deck of the Sunrise is dry most of the time, the lower levels of the craft are always wet. The cargo deck is at water level. The proprietors of the fest hall are as follows:

Name Occupation Race, Class, Level
Corell Bluetail Waitress Female Mermaid Rogue\4
Harell Sharkhunter Bartender Male Half-elf (Aquatic) Fighter\7
Sandy Coxsel Cook Female Human Rogue\8

The Sunrise was part of a fleet of five ships owned by a merchant company trying to increase trade to Fellaren-Krae. Important local families invested in the company. After a spate of storms one spring, the Sunrise was the only ship left and it needed repairs. The only other asset the company had was the dock space the merchant company folded. Time passed while the locals argued over the ship. The Sunrise eventually sank at the pier, settling down to the sandy bottom. As this area of the harbor was very shallow, it did not have far to go. The dock wardens insured lantern marking the location of the low-riding ship remained lit.

The Sunken Sunrise Fest Hall is 'squatting' at its current location. The ship and the dock are actually owned by a group of investors with an unclear title. The proprietors could make a decent case for homesteader's rights. The business inside is harmless enough. Supplies for the fest hall are bought from local shops and fishermen. It is frequently wild and bawdy at the Sunrise, at times this place can be rough. Use of real weapons is discouraged but fistfights are left alone. The patrons are generous to bards. There are dances almost every night. Ladies of the evening are known to frequent the place.

Sandy Coxsel discovered that the mostly abandoned ship made a decent hideout.Coral Bluetail was exploring the dock area one evening when she came upon Sandy bedding down for the evening. They stuck up a conversation and Coral promised to bring up some human artifacts she had noticed in exchange for more information about the city. The talks continued and Sandy taught Coral what she knew about being a Rogue.

Coral brought Harrell to the Sunrise after encountering him exploring in her area. Despite his mixed parentage, he had had little dealings with land dwellers. Sandy brought Lydia and Rydia to the Sunrise. She picked up the amateur pickpocket twins to save them from the watch.

The group got larger. Sandy even brought food for the fish. Rover discovered the free food and has been a semi-regular since. One night, with the watch paid off after a particularly successful week by Sandy and a lucky find by Coral and Harrell, they threw a party on the deck. It was wildly successful. Local sailors paid to join the festivities.

A fest hall was born that night. Now the party is more organized. Sandy, Lydia, and Rydia gave up thievery. This business was safer and more profitable. Coral and Harrell moved into the Sunrise with Sandy, they stay in the former hold cabin on the cargo level. Lydia and Rydia stay in a nearby boarding house. Faless stays in the same house as the twins. She was hired because business boomed. All the staff can swim.

The watch gets paid off regularly to ensure there is no trouble. The Sunrise itself has been repaired from the waterline up. Colorful streamers hang from the masts to advertise the location. Down below has been shored up; the ship is in no danger of sinking farther.

Unmarried sailors and fishers of Fellaren-Krae are frequent visitors to the Sunrise. As the first Fest Hall most traders see, it is a favorite of that type as well. Denizens of the sea near Fellaren-Krae frequent the place to do business with the land-bound.

Other notable, if infrequent customers: (DM's are encouraged to utilize only one of these at a time, determined by a random roll. Otherwise, stick with the cat.)


Name Occupation Race, Class, Level
Lydia Waitress Female Human Rogue\2
Rydia Waitress Female Human Rogue\2
Faless Waitress Female Half-elf Fighter\2


Item Cost Item Cost
Mug of Beer 1 cp Mug of Ale 5 cp
Mug of Cider 1 sp Mug of Wine 1 sp
Mug of Fine Wine 5 sp Mug of House Brew 1 sp
Fish (raw) 2 cp Meat (raw) 7 cp
Fish Meal (cooked) 2 sp Meat Meal (cooked) 4 sp
Mystery Stew 8 cp Shellfish Meal 6 sp
Room (wet, dry, or mixed) (per day) 3 sp Room (per week) 3 gp
Captain's Cabin (per day) 1 gp Captain's Cabin 10 gp

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