The Angry Gnome Inn
by Adam Dabdoub

The Angry Gnome Inn is a tavern near the market area of Fellaren-Krae. The inn is run by Jesse Burwick (human fighter 7), a retired human fighter.

The Inn has the kind of reputation expected by most taverns, obviously a fewshady deals occur from time to time, but these go largely go unnoticed by the customers and the proprietor. However, the Angry Gnome Inn is known for its warm, friendly environment and its good drinks! Merlinda (0-lvl human) works as a barmaid at the inn.

The inn is frequented by adventurers and mainly peasants on their way home from a days work. Occasionally, guards stop by at the inn for a quick drink when off duty.

Most of the supplies to the inn are from local merchants although Jesse has been know to sell imported beverages from other visiting suppliers.

Jesse's charismatic style of running the place combined with great food and drink cause the inn to be very successful. The reason for the inn's name is that when Jesse retired from his old adventuring party as a warrior, his gnomish companion was furious. Despite his friend's protest, he quit the hazardous job and started the inn 4 years ago, naming the inn after his friend. Though the loneliness and harsh competition made his job rough at first, he gradually worked his way to the inn he runs now. To this day he remembers his adventuring companions by making friends of travelers. He has not yet heard from his old party.

A variety of drinks and foodstuffs are available at the inn, nothing too exotic. (See PHB for details and pricing)

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