Kaishalinne Firevine
Leader of the Mages Guild

by Kimberly Warthman

Kaishalinne Firevine is the leader of The Mages Guild of Fellaren-Krae (currently being developed).  Kaishalinne is a high-level alu-fiend mage!. During the daysKaishalinne Firevine and late at night she can be found in the guildhall, usually in her private quarters or lab. In the evenings she enjoys spending time with her friends in the Mixed Potion Tavern, next door to the guildhall.


Kaishalinne is incredibly beautiful. She appears to be a human woman of approximately 25 years and stands at 5'7". She is brunette with large brown eyes and dark skin. She dresses mostly in black and always wears a Mystran holy medallion.


Anyone in Fellaren-Krae can tell you that Kaishalinne Firevine is a beautiful and amiable woman. She is charming and gracious. When the need arises she can be a tireless defender of her friends, her city and her guild. Very few of her friends and fellow guild members know of her true nature, they believe her to be human. She has a tempestuous temper and a fierce sense of justice. (or “holding grudges” as a few who have fallen victim would call it) Her neutral alignment tends toward good most of the time, but she does not hesitate to do “what needs to be done” when those she cares about are threatened.

She is friendly to just about everyone she meets, but her closest friends are Daelen Skyknight, Adrin Tunsten, Olan Coarsebeard, and Dandee Summerwine.


Kaishalinne’s father was Sabret Firevine, a paladin of Mystra who journeyed to the Abyss in search of a legendary artifact. He was captured by tanar’ri and after years of torture, gave in to the temptations of a succubus. He immediately repented and renewed his efforts to escape. Eventually he succeeded after months of unspeakable tortures. He never again fell to the demons’ wishes, but once had been enough. There was a child. The succubus often tried to use their daughter to torture him. “How could a holy paladin have fallen so low as to sire a child by a demon?” His heart was troubled, but the demon’s plot to corrupt him backfired. After his escape he did not forget the child and vowed to rescue her from the Abyss. He returned from the Prime Material Plane after atoning for his weakness, bringing with him a troupe of his closest friends, experienced adventurers. They infiltrated the tanar’ri stronghold and stole out with the infant girl. Sadly, Sabret Firevine did not survive the raid. He gave his life to save his daughter. She was raised by one of the adventurers, a devout follower of Mystra, and her father’s closest friend. Kaishalinne grew up with a fierce temper, and strong opinions about her own superiority, her mother’s blood was too strong to fully overcome, but her personality was far from what it would have been had she been left with the demons. She is competent and powerful, and has shown herself a natural leader.

AD&D Statistics

Race: Alu-fiend Class: Mage Level: 20 Aligment: N
STR: 13
DEX: 17
CON: 15
INT: 18
WIS: 18
CHA: 20
HP: 32 AC: 5
Special Attacks:   None
Special Defences: Magical or iron weapons to hit.
75% bonus vs. surprise
Other Abilities:

Darkness 15’ radius, infravision 240’, teleport without error, gate in tanar’ri, half damage from cold, half damage from magical fire, not damaged by non-magical fire, half damage from gas (poisonous, etc.), not damaged by poisons, innate intuition that warns of danger 75% of the time, charm person, dimension door (once per day), ESP, shape change (to a humanoid shape of size and weight near her own), suggestion, telepathic communication despite language barriers, can restore lost hit points at the expense of opponents (melee attack 1d8, divided in half, round up), affected only by cold-wrought iron or magical weapons, 30% magic resistance

Prefered Weapon:   Staff  (secondary: poison dagger)
Weapon Proficiencies:
Non-Weapon Proficiencies\Skills:
Herbalism (poisons)
Riding- land based
Artistic ability
Ancient history

Ancient Languages (Netheril)
Spoken: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Goblin
Read/write: Common, Elven, Dwarven

Staff (+3 to hit, +2 damage (+5 v. tanar’ri), protection from evil 10’ radius, lightning bolt
Mystran Holy Medallion
Dagger +1 (poison type E death/20)

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