Cats Eye Curiosity Shoppe
by Robert V. Droz

The Cats Eye Curiosity Shoppe deals in the buying and selling of minor miscellaneous magical items. The proprietor, Vonroth can also provide a little sage advice. The store deals primarily with adventurers and the wealthy, buying and selling magical convenience items. Vonroth will occasionally attend estate auctions.

As mentioned before, the proprietor of the shop is Vonroth (hm W6).  Vonroth has a lone companion in the shop who acts as a Watch Critter called Mr.Cat, who is, believe it or not, a cat!

The store has a good reputation, as much for Vonroth's sage knowledge as his wide selection and Vonroth will not knowingly deal in stolen goods, but has been known to be late in alerting authorities if he accidentally purchased a unique minor magic item.

The sign for this shop shows a silhouette of a cat with a paw on a box, one sparkling green open to look over passers-by. The first thing you notice upon entering this shop is a shrine to Bast, the cat-headed goddess now known as Sharess. The idol in it is of an older type, showing the cat’s head wearing golden hoop earrings. The shop itself is very narrow, as if it was built into an alley. The floor is uneven, and it is easy for the unwary to trip. The ceiling at the front of the store is high enough for two stories. Ladders reach up to the highest walkways and shelves. The walkways between the shelves are about five feet wide, and many shelves have netting on them to keep items hidden from view.

The next thing that draws your eye as you look over the cluttered shelves and narrow aisles is a big grey long-furred domestic cat. The cat has a one blue and one green eye, and wears a collar. ‘Mr. Cat’ will meow loudly when someone enters the store, drawing Vonroth downstairs to do business.p>

Vonroth does not deal in most weapons, armor, potions, or rings. His speciality and life’s work is minor miscellaneous magic items. He has items for sale that duplicate the effect of nearly every known cantrip in addition to the items listed above. He is also willing to purchase like items.

In a second story room in back of the business he spends most of his day and many nights, categorising each item and its properties for posterity. As a sage, he commands a high fee as being one of the leading experts in such a narrow field.

Mr. Cat owns a magic item; his collar has been enchanted with the cantrip effect Exterminate. It is rumoured that he is a servant of Bast (Sharess) but he has refused to confirm this. Light-fingered thieves have been known to have social problems after stealing from this particular shop, and tend to leave the place alone.

A selection of items for sale in at the Cat's Eye Curiosity Shoppe are as follows:

Flea Repellent Collar

(Keeps away small insects when worn around neck)

125 gp
Blue light Candles

(Only mages can see light, lasts as long as a normal candle)

1 gp
Instant Bug

(Tablet about the size of a thumbnail, when tossed forcefully against a hard surface, it releases a flying insect)

5 gp
Freshening Vase

(This magic vase keeps cut flowers inside it looking fresh twice as long as a normal vase)

75 gp
Hands Free Quill

(This will continue writing once released, responding to the voice of the user to exclusion of all other noises or voices in the room. The ink will not refill itself)

60 gp
Hair Cream

(Useful only on living mammals. Lengthens hair (or fur) by one inch per application, and has a 30% chance to grow hair where no hair grew before. There is a 1% chance that using this cream will produce unintended effects, from wild hair growth, to loss of hair, to change in hair coloration)

350 gp
Self- buttoning / lacing/ fastening Clothes (reversible)

(Any item of clothing can be made this way for x 20 its base cost. Two passwords are included for a reverse effect. It is a good idea to keep the second activation word secret)

Sorting Comb

(Placed on a pile of dry goods, it will start to separate different types into different piles. The comb moves fairly slowly and weakly, having an equivalent strength of 4. It will separate salt from pepper, gold from silver. The comb will stop once the pile it was set on is sorted. The comb will not sort living things, nor will it separate bound items)

85 gp
Illusionary Pictures

(Canvases with two-dimensional illusions cast on them)

100 gp per sq. ft.
Ever-Dry Flint and Steel

(Makes sparks even in the dampest of conditions)

7 gp
Umbrella Wands

(Keeps rain and snow off your head when activated, uses charges. Covers a three-foot circle)

55 gp
Enspelled Spice

(Complements any food, and adds to the flavor of bland food. Salt and pepper based, 100 shakes)

10 gp
Automatic Needle

(This item requires thread to function. It joins two pieces of cloth together. The needle will thread itself, then must be traced along the seam to be stitched. Each needle is only good for one stitching)

7 gp
Scrubbing Brush

(Once activated, this brush will rub in a set pattern for an hour. The brush loops to cover an area, different sizes are used to clean different areas. Horse currying brushes are in this category)

25 - 175 gp
Evershine Polish

(Items coated with evershine polish will not get scuffed under normal social occasions, leather and metal will remain unscuffed for 12 hours. This will not stand up to combat or other heavy use)

60 gp per vial able to cover 10 square yds.
Illusionary Clock

(Keeps time like a water clock would, other versions resemble an hourglass that flows upwards once al the sand has flowed downwards, etc.)

1,500 gp

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