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Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (Revised)

TSR Code:

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TSR Series Code: None
Product Type: Campaign Setting
ISBN Number: 1-56076-617-4
Author: Ed Greenwood / Jeff Grubb
Cover Artist: Fred Fields / Clyde Caldwell
Release Date: July 1993
Format: 2" deep box containing three  books (128/96/64 pages), 4 poster maps, 16 monstrous compendium inserts, 6 cards, 2 hex grid overlays and a poster
The text below is taken from a description by TSR on the reverse of the actual product:

'A complete revision of the best-selling original, the new Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting is designed to serve as both an update for long-standing players and an introduction for new players. Since the debut of the Forgotten Realms campaign in 1987, godly interventions, a Mongol invasion, the discovery of the new world, and numerous petty wars have occurred. The new Campaign Setting pulls together everything thats happened to date in TSR's largest fantasy world, and will act as the "hub" of all future material'.

This product replaces the Forgotten Realms Campaign Set released in 1987. The revised boxed set was released in two different box's. The first release had the same artwork as the old campaign box (product 1031).
Book titles included in this box are:

  • A Grand Tour of the Realms (128 pages)
  • Running the Realms (64 pages)
  • Shadowdale (96 pages)

See the Forgotten Realms Errata for this product.

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