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The Halfling's Gem
The Legend of Drizzt, Book 6

WotC Code: 950167200
Product Type: Novel
ISBN Number: 0-7869-3825-0
Author: R.A. Salvatore
Cover Artist: Todd Lockwood
Release Date: November 2005
Format: Hardcover (352 pages)

The following is a description by WotC of the product:

'This new release of the classic R.A. Salvatore novel continues the tale of Salvatore's signature dark elf character Drizzt' Do'Urden. Although this was the third title actually published about Drizzt, it has now been placed in its proper chronological order as sixth in the series. Each title in The Legend of Drizzt series showcases the classic dark elf novels in new, deluxe hardcover editions. Each title features all new cover art and new introductions written by those who have become familiar with Salvatore and Drizzt over the years. '

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