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Pools of Darkness
The Heroes of Phlan Trilogy - Book 2

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Product Type: Novel
ISBN Number: 1-56076-318-3
Author: James M Ward, Anne K Brown
Cover Artist: Fred Fields
Release Date: 1991
Format: Paperback book (313 pages).
The text below is taken from a description by TSR on the reverse of the actual product:

'The entire city of Phlan has vanished, ripped from the surface of Toril by dire creatures and magical forces.  While the minions of the evil god Bane bicker over the spoils, the brave citizens of Phlan mount a stubborn defence.
A ranger-thief named Ren seeks his missing friends, Shal and Tarl, spellcasters nonpareil.   Ren must band together with a mysterious sorceress, Evaine, and her intrepid shapeshifter cat, as well as a couple of droll druids and a fearful knight who is absolutely, positively dead'.

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