Messages from the Scribes

"Hear ye, Hear ye, Hear ye". The plump town crier stands at the gates of Candlekeep and as the last rings of the bell fade away and the murmers of the gathering townsfolk begin to die down, he unrolls a scroll produced from within his bright red embroidered cloak.  Then, clearing his throat, he begins...

This section contains the archive of "Messages from the Scribes", which were Candlekeep administration announcements prior to the functionality of the Candlekeep Forum being added to the site. This section is no longer used but is kept here for historical archive purposes. Please visit the forums for up-to-date announcements.

[ - ARCHIVE - ]

From time to time, items concerning the operation of Candlekeep site, system announcements and general messages are issued by the Scribes.  This section contains these messages.   Click on a date below to view the message.

2004+ Note: Message's from the Scribes will now be announced in the Site Content section of the Candlekeep Forum.
17-APR-2004 Welcome to the latest member of the Candlekeep Head Scribes - Tethtoril.
09-MAR-2004 Message from the Scribes - Candlekeep is five years old!!! Also, request for another to join the ranks of the Head Scribes.
04-AUG-2003 Change to the email notification subscription, and site update frequency.
01-MAY-2002 Information on site downtime and the move to a new Web Server.
10-MAR-2002 Yet another note on site update frequency and missing submissions.
09-SEP-2001 A note on delayed site updates and a plea from Candlekeep - The "Master Scribe" offer.
08-JUL-2001 Candlekeep breaks the 100,000 visitor mark!!
13-SEP-2000 Message detailing system status and move to a new Web Host.
06-AUG-2000 Message detailing current site status, as well as an apology!
10-JUN-2000 Message regarding missing guestbook entries since 20 April 2000.
12-APR-2000 Message regarding the absorbtion of the FR-Zone web site from the REALMS-L Mailing List.
08-APR-2000 The site is back in full operation, system message regarding current status. ...and Happy Birthday to Candlekeep!!
19-MAR-2000 Very Important Message regarding recent site problems which has affected form submissions and email.
09-JAN-2000 Message regarding Web Server problems which affected the functionality of pages on the site which contain forms.
19-DEC-1999 System announcement regarding the move to a new Web Server.
14-DEC-1999 Important system message detailing problems over the past few days.  Please read if you access the site regularly and\or have submitted anything.
27-OCT-1999 A message of thanks from the Scribes of Candlekeep for everybody who has visited our site, submitted your entries and helped us break the barrier of 10,000 visitors.
22-OCT-1999 Important announcement about the sites transition to a new server and expected downtime due on 25th October 1999.
05-SEP-1999 Important message regarding submissions to the site.  Some data had been lost and server areas corrupt due to various problems.  A very black day!
19-JUN-1999 Some Incompatability problems with the Candlekeep site and Netscape Navigator and temporary Email problems to AOL members.
07-APR-1999 The site reaches 1,000 visitors within three weeks of the launch!
09-MAR-1999 The Candlekeep website is activated!
A welcome message from the scribes of Candlekeep and a taste of work in progress and coming soon.

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