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No more Forgotten Realms Adventure Modules to be Published!

This information was learnt from various sources and posted on the Candlekeep Forum. You can read the posts on this subject by clicking here.

Wizards of the Coast are to no longer produce any adventure modules to purchase for the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. This decision is due to sales of City of the Spider Queen not reaching the targets that had been set. City of the Spider Queen was the epic adventure of 2002 for the Forgotten Realms and annoucements were made at that time that WotC would release one epic module per year, this has now ceased to be the case.

The only indication of any adventures for the Forgotten Realms are to be modules printed within Dungeon Magazine. As for the future of the Forgotten Realms, WotC are to release one regional sourcebook and two other products per year only. This does not include the novel line.


The beginning of the end of the Realms? Is the Forgotten Realms going the same way as Dragonlance, to be a novel line only? Do you never use published adventure modules anyway? Give your views and opinions on this issue here.

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