Bard's Rumours

All text below is from Ed Greenwood, creator of the Forgotten Realms.
Taken from the Forgotten Realms mailing list

A few words on Myth Drannor

"Some folks on the list have been commenting on how TSR 'ruined' Myth Drannor by turning it into just another scheming anthill of intrigue, or how the elves therein were 'just like humans.' In the original Realms campaign, Myth Drannor was always supposed to be: the best harmony of the humans and demi-humans achieved thus far (where the different races actually worked together on music, magic, etc.), but of course 'remembered' (as nostalgia for what was lost) as better than it was.

It was always my point to show that decadence runs to the same follies in any race (i.e. elven the same as human in this respect), and that
long-lived, intelligent, and sensitive elves are by their nature going to have long memories---and perhaps feuds and grudges to outstrip those
fleeting-life humans, or more elves who play intrigues as a 'grand game' for mutual amusement...with horrible results when proud and willful
individuals go too far.

Does that lessen its shining memory/beacon of hope for what can be achieved? I think not. Sometimes I wish we could publish books upon books of paintings, pictures of sculptures, sheet music, and so on, plus endless descriptions of dances and revels and witty evenings of converse...and if anyone would like to support TSR to the tune of billions while all of us game designers try to out-da Vinci real-world composers, inventors, and artists, I'll lend my support :)

Let Myth Drannor be a glorious dream. It always has been, for me. Just remember the words of either Khelben or Laeral: 'Behind every glorious dream lurk a lot of folk with drawn daggers, suspicious minds, and a pronounced lack of sleep. They keep the dream aloft for as long as they can, and often perish in its passing.' Go forth, if our efforts sadden you, and build Myth Drannor anew.
Alustriel's trying it right now...

Oh, and one more thing:

I know this is old hat by now, but in the original Realms campaign (you're right, Dillon Carr!) orc hordes almost all result from population
explosions...they sweep south raiding because their inside-mountain caverns and the northern wastes (with reindeer, et al) can no longer
support the orcs trying to live there".

On magic in the Forgotten Realms

"Was *your* original FR campaign magic heavy with wizards everywhere and enough magical items to trip over?"

">>>>Re. the original Realms campaign: yes, it is magic-heavy and priesthood- (NOT god- ) heavy...because having so much power and variety out there that no rules-memorizing player can possibly keep all of it straight (plus making sure that fledgling PCs are small wheels, not earthshakers in an otherwise static landscape) promotes roleplaying. Many of the details/nits that the list argues about don't matter a whit to a roleplaying-over-rules campaign, which is what the 'home' Realms has always (thanks to the maturity of my splendid players) has always been.<<<<<"

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