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Women that Rock in our Novels

By Miranda Horner

Boy gets quest. Boy goes on quest. Boy finishes quest. Tired of that kind of plot? Want a bit more variety in the gender of your heroes? Why don't you come on over and read about some of the strong and adventurous women you can find in our novels. Yeah, you'll see some guys involved in there somewhere, but the gals featured below can make even Drizzt, Raistlin, and Elminster think twice before getting on a female adventurer's bad side. So, take a peek at some of the "chicks" who play a strong role in their lands and their worlds. Where would some of their male counterparts be without their strength of character and skills? Only the authors know for sure . . . maybe.

Alusair Nacacia Obarskyr: Following the death of her father, Azoun IV, Alusair found herself ruling the kingdom of Cormyr as the Steel Regent until the infant Azoun V can take on his rightful role. Though her stewardship of the kingdom sits on her uneasily, she deals with every matter that comes up with preciseness and a clear vision of what is best for the kingdom. With wise advisors at her side, her natural active spirit and wish to be out on the battlefield instead of behind the throne are tempered well enough to prevent her from making any major missteps as Azoun V grows into his role. To help her keep her focus, she does spend time keeping her battle skills finely tempered by fighting in bouts with those who rode at her side when she fought against the Tuigan Horde before her regency. Though her skills at wielding weapons and battle tactics are still her strongest suits, she has learned much while keeping Cormyr safe from the threats to the realm. Find out more about this battle veteran and regent, as well as the land of Cormyr, by reading the following novels: Cormyr, Death of the Dragon, and Beyond the High Road.

Arilyn Moonblade: Arilyn, a half-elf, was born of a human ranger, Harper Bran Skorlsun, and an elven princess of Evermeet, Amnestria, who was exiled for her relationship with Bran. After her mother's death when Arilyn was 14, the young half-elf inherited the moonblade. Her growing skills as a warrior led her into the service of the Harpers, though she worked for them as one of their best hired swords, not as an actual Harper. She ran into trouble when Harpers started being assassinated; she was always in the area where they died. These assassinations led Khelbun Arunsun to assign Harper Danilo Thann to keep an eye on her, and, due to the elfshadow creature within her moonblade, she and Danilo found themselves in the middle of several different adventures. After defeating the foe that controlled the elfshadow, Arilyn became a Harper and continues to work in their service to this day. Check out her adventures in these novels: Elfshadow, Elfsong, Silver Shadows, Thornhold, and The Dream Spheres.

Liriel Baenre: Liriel, a drow elf, is the daughter of the archmage of Menzoberranzan, and she was trained in the arcane arts as she grew up. Shortly after she reached adult status, she found herself drawn into the plots of followers of Vhaeraun. After that was resolved, she came into possession of a mysterious windwalker amulet, which not only drew her into further adventures, but also allowed her to satisfy some of her curiosity of the surface world. She and her human companion Fyodor found themselves in a variety of bad situations, not the least of which was a battle in Skullport. You can read about Liriel's adventures in these novels: Daughter of the Drow and Tangled Webs.

Shandril Shessair: Shandril's wizard father Garthond and spellfire-wielding mother Dammasae were killed by the Cult of the Dragon when she was young. Thankfully for her, the fighter Gorstag raised her at the inn he had purchased in Deepingdale. However, working at an inn was not what Shandril wanted to do. She craved adventure, so she left to seek it at the age of 16. After accidentally getting teleported to Myth Drannor, she was captured by the Cult of the Dragon. They intended to use her blood in a ritual that would create an undead dragon. As fate would have it, the wizard Narm and his allies helped her escape, though she found that her spellfire powers had awakened during the fight and flight. Since then, Shandril has sought to learn how to use her powers, with Narm's company, even as the Zhentarim and the Cult of the Dragon seek to capture her. To learn more of Shandril's journeys and attempts to learn this strange power she possesses, read these books: Spellfire, Crown of Fire, and, coming in September 2002, Hand of Fire.

Storm Silverhand and the Simbul: Storm and the Simbul are both one of the Seven Sisters and the Chosen of Mystra. Both were born from a union between Dornal and EluÉ Silverhand, though the deity Mystra herself co-existed within Elué during this span of time. Mystra sought to imbue some mortals with some of her power, and after some successes (Elminster and Khelben Arunsun) and some failures, Mystra decided to do so via Elué and her children. Seven sisters were born to this couple, and Storm (Ethena Astorma Silverhand) and the Simbul (Alassra Shentrantra Silverhand) were two of them. Storm is a free spirit, a Harper, and a strong force in the Shadowdale area. The Simbul is the Queen of Aglarond, and she tends to roam Toril and the planes. You can find out more about these two sisters in the following books: Silverfall and the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting.

Thazienne Uskevern: The middle child of the Uskevern family of Sembia, Thazienne lives in Stormweather Towers with her family. Before she was terribly wounded by undead, she had been an active young woman who loved to practice a bit of thievery on the side. Her temperament is such that she hates being bedridden, which became her state of existence after the undead attack. Once she can finally get out of bed, Thazienne's urgent wish to become her old agile self may just prove to be her undoing if she pushes herself too far and too fast. To find out more about Thazienne and the Uskevern family, be sure to read the whole Sembia series: The Halls of Stormweather, Shadow's Witness, The Shattered Mask, Black Wolf, and Heirs of Prophecy. Keep an eye out for Sands of the Soul, too, which is hitting bookshelves near you in November 2002.

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