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The work contained on this page was collated by Dargoth by material provided by Eric L Boyd, George Krashos and various members of the Candlekeep Forum.  It has been formatted for viewing on the web by the Scribes of Candlekeep.  The article is available for download in its original state.

Underdark Cities

By Dargoth

Name of Underdark site Race living there Source
Acid Aerie Formerly Corbies DGTU/Exile
Aixlintar Beholders/Phaerimm DGTU
Azerkyn Clanhold Formerly Salamanders/Now Stingers DGTU/MoF
Barakuir Duergar UD\DGTU
Blingdenstone Deep gnome UD
Brightaxe hall Formerly Shield Dwarves\Now abandoened DGTU
Buiyrandyn Formerly Drow/Now Hook Horrors DGTU
Cave of the Colossus Uninhabited location of the Colossus of Ostoria DGTU
Cavern of Cloven heads Grimlocks DGTU
Chaulssin Drow/Abandoneoned UD/DGTU
Ched Nasad Drow/Destroyed UD
Chi'Chitl Mind Flayer UD/DGTU
Dead Dragon Gorge Cave fishers and Dragazhar DGTU
Dolblunde Formerly Rock Gnomes\Now lair of Daurgothoth UD/DGTU
Drakkalor Formerly Dwarf\now Skulk UD/DGTU
Drygulley Tunnel Uninhabited DoD/DGTU
Dusklyngh Drow MBS
Entemoch Boon Uninhabited (Deep Gnome) DGTU
Eryndlyn Drow UD/DGTU
Evenfire Dwarves DGTU/SM
Febdlesticks Folly Former Human Wizard DGTU
Gargolye Tube Demons? DGTU
Gauntlgrym Formerly Human/Now various monster including Mind Flayers and Werewolves SF/TN/FRCS/SM
Ginsunlix Beholders/Phaerimm DGTU
Glanderultok Temple to Abothor? DhD
Gracklstugh Duergar UD/DGTU
Grunthorigard Duegar LC RPGA material
Guallidurth Drow UD/DGTU
Holorar Formerly Dwarf\Now hobgoblin UD/DGTU
Iltkazar Shield Dwarf UD/DGTU
Iritaskar Shield Dwarf DD
Jhachalkhyn Drow MBS
Kanaglym Formerly Dwarves/Now Souls Waterdeep (The Novel)/ TFRA
Karsoluthiyl Drow DGTU
Korolnor Derro/Troll UD/DGTU
Llacerellyn Mind Flayers EE:THM/SK
Maeralyn Drow MBS
Maerimydra Formerly Drow\Now undead UD\COSQ
Malydren/Rringlor noroth Ixzan/Cloaker DGTU/UD
Mantol-Derith Deep Gnome/Drow/Duegar/ Surface Dwellers UD/DGTU
Menzoberranzan Drow UD/DGTU
Mines of Mirabar Formerly Dwarves/Now fiends and Humanoids DD
Mines of Tethyamar Various UD/DGTU
Morndivver Shield Dwarves LOI
Nar'Vheen Drow RPGA LC material
New Caverns Mold DGTU
Oasis of the Stone king Formerly Myconoids\Now Sinisters DGTU
Oldonnar Urdunnirin DGTU
Ooltul Beholders/Phaerimm UD/DGTU
Oryndoll Mind Flayers UD/DGTU
Phanlinksal Formerly Mindflayers\Now Neothelid DGTU
Phuglotllaret Kuo-Toa Eric Boyd
Qintaroth Beholders/Phaerimm DGTU
Ruins of Oghrann Formerly Shield Dwarfs/Now Gauths DGTU
Ruins of Tellectus Formerly MindFlayers DGTU
Sabrishon Shield Dwarf DD
Sloopdilmonpolp Kuo-Toa UD/DGTU
Soubar This isnt really an Underdark city it's a map Typo Eric Boyd
Sschindylrn's gate Portal to an Unknown plane DGTU
Sschindylryn Drow MBS
Sshamath Drow UD/DGTU
Stoneshaft Clan Dwarves DGTU
Thaalud Tunnels Tomb Tappers FR13 Anauroch
The Great worm Cavern Uthgardt Barbarians SF
The Lustrum Uninhabited Controlled by Drow of House Xorlarrin DGTU
Therlarns fist Shield Dwarf DD
Torglor Githyanki UD/DGTU
Trollspear Clanhold Shield Dwarf LOI/DGTU
Tsenviilyq Derro EE:THM
Uestingpool Shield Dwarf DD
Ullin'Tharnor Drow Eric Boyd
Ultoksamrin Formerly Shield Dwarf\ Now Drow followers of Vhaerun UD/DGTU
Ultoksurllur Deep Gnomes? LOI
Vault of the Star ruby Deep Gnomes DhD
Viksanmaq Beholders/Phaerimm DGTU
Xothaerin Formerly Shield Dwarf/Now Stingers and Formorians UD/DGTU
Xunqaq Beholders/Phaerimm DGTU
Zanhoriloch Aboleth? Eric Boyd
Zokir Beholders DGTU
Zz' Pzora's lair Formerly Deep Dragon DGTU


DGTU: Drizzts guide to the Underdark
UD: Underdark (The 3ed Source book)
SF: Savage Frontier
MBS: Menzoberranzan Boxset
LOI: Lands of Intrigue
DhD: Demi Human Deitys
SM: Silver Marches
MoF: Monsters of Faerun
FRCS: Forgotten Realms Campaign setting
SK: Serpent Kingdoms
EE: Elimisters Ecologies
TN: The North
DD: Dwarves Deep
Eric Boyd: Game designer

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