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Skills and Feats of the Realms

By The Sage

Table of Contents

Arcane Scholar [General] by The Sage
Arcane Healer by Bookwyrm
Authority of the Tyrian Church by The Sage


by The Sage

Battle Magi

by The Sage

Blessed Heritage

by The Sage

Canny Defense

by Capn Charlie

Careful [General]

by The Sage

Charismatic Musician [General]

by The Sage

Charmer [General]

by Bookwyrm

Clerical Monk [General]

by The Sage

Comatose Healing

by Salabasha

Construct Empathy

by Salabasha

Create Moving Portal [Item Creation]

by The Sage

Death's Shadow [General]

by The Sage

Defensive Blow [General, Fighter]

by The Sage

Disciplined Mind

by Bookwyrm

Discover Pattern [General]

by The Sage

Displaced Spell [Metamagic]

by Bookwyrm

Dominating Charms

by The Sage

Dragon Shape

by Arivia


by Bookwyrm

Energy Focus [General]

by Arivia

Entwine spell [Metamagic]

by Bookwyrm

Favored Environment [General]

by Bookwyrm

Fey (Wis)

by The Sage


by Bookwyrm

Greater Dragon Shape

by Arivia

Greater Sorcery [General]

by The Sage

Greater Tyrian Authority [General, Faith-Dependent]

by The Sage

Holy Warrior [General]

by The Sage

Improved Ability [Alternate]

by Bookwyrm

Inborn Talent

by Bookwyrm

Increased Attack [Epic]

by Bookwyrm

Insightful Student

by Bookwyrm

Iriaeboran Fencing Style [General, Fighter]

by The Sage

Jab; Accurate

by Bookwyrm

Knowledge (anatomy)

by Bookwyrm

Knowledge (history of magic)

by Bookwyrm

Knowledge (melee fighting)

by Bookwyrm

Knowledge (technology)

by The Sage


by Bookwyrm

Lured Attack [General]

by The Sage
Magical Healer by Bookwyrm

Master Craftsman

by Bookwyrm

Master of Historical Arcane Lore [General]

by The Sage

Militia [General]

by The Sage

Natural Athlete

by Bookwyrm

Natural Empath [General]

by Artalis

Nature of the Barbarian [General]

by The Sage

Nimble Woodsman

by Bookwyrm

The Open Hand, Not Closed Fist [General]

by The Sage

Order of the Peaceful Star

by The Sage

Ordered Mind

by Bookwyrm

Precise Strike (Ex)

by Capn Charlie

Profession (tutor)

by Bookwyrm

Rogue at Heart [General]

by The Sage

Scholarly [Regional]

by Bookwyrm

Sea Master [General]

by The Sage

Sharpshooter [General]

by Bookwyrm

Skilled Healer

by Bookwyrm

Sleep in the Saddle

by The Sage

Sole Fighter [General]

by The Sage


by Bookwyrm/Eilinel

True Salesman [General]

by Bookwyrm

Unholy Warrior [General]

by The Sage

Wizardly Demesne

by The Sage


Arcane Scholar [General]                                             Top

Your PC is well versed in the intricacies of obscure arcane writing

Prerequisite: Scribe Spell

Benefit: Your PC is granted a +4 bonus on Spellcraft checks only when your PC attempts to identify glyphs, sigils, symbols, magic circles. Your PC also benefits from Decipher Script now being a class skill for the PC. If however the PC already utilizes the Decipher Script skill then you now receive a +1 bonus to all checks.

Arcane Healer (Replaces Magical Healer) (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                Top

You have learned to use your arcane powers to heal others.

Prerequisite: Ability to cast second-level arcane spells, and either Natural Empath or Skilled Healer.

Benefit: Your character can select cure spells as if they were normal arcane spells of one level higher. That is, cure minor wounds becomes a first level spell for sorcerers and wizards, cure light wounds becomes second level, and so on.

Authority of the Tyrian Church [General, Faith-Dependent]                Top

The lawful authority put forth by the Church and Clergy of Tyr has become an 'almost' supernatural PC ability to issue a command and see it immediately obeyed.

Faith: Tyrian

Prerequisite: Cha 13+, Paladin

Benefit: Your Paladin gains the spell-like ability command 3/day as a cleric of your PC's character level. The spell DC for this ability is Charisma-based.

Battle-Horns [General]                                            Top          

As a Minotaur, you are particularly capable at utilising your sharpened horns in battle.

Prerequisite: Minotaur

Benefit: Your PC receives a +2 bonus to attack rolls when utilising your horns in active battle.

Battle Magi [General]                                            Top  

You can cast arcane spells to lethal effect.

Prerequisites: The user must have the ability to cast arcane spells.

Benefit: All arcane spells that the PC casts that deal all main forms of damage deal one extra hit point/die of damage.

Blessed Heritage [Initial]                                         Top      

Your PC was raised in a family with a history of divine spellcasting. This could be anything relating to the divine such as a saint in your family tree, or your PC may have had a divine experience, a revelation, or even an epiphany, which has left your PC with modest divine abilities.

Prerequisites: Wis 14+, Cleric

Benefit: Your PC may choose five 0-level divine spells ("orisons"). Your PC may then cast each of these spells only once per day.

Special: Your PC can only take this feat at first level.

Canny Defense (Contributed by Capn Charlie)                                                                        Top

When not wearing armor or using a shield, you add 1 point of Intelligence bonus (if any) to a maximum of +5 to your Dexterity bonus to modify Armor Class while wielding a melee weapon. If you are caught flat-footed or otherwise denied your Dexterity bonus, you also loses this bonus.

Careful [General]                                               Top

Your character has been born and raised to be particularly careful when around deadly or potentially dangerous devices, which includes traps designed for various effects.

Prerequisites: Dodge, Dex 13+

Regions: Waterdeep, Westgate, Calaunt

Benefits: Your character receives a +1 bonus to all his Reflex saves and as well as a +1 dodge bonus to his AC against all types of mechanical traps. As well as this, your character is also granted a +1 bonus to all Search checks to discover any mechanical traps.

Charismatic Musician [General]                                     Top

You are well practiced in an ancient and exotic style of music production unique to the nomadic tribes of the Endless Wastes, that allows you to magnify your personal charisma

Prerequisites: Cha 14+, Bard

Regions: Endless Wastes

Benefits: Your Bard PC receives a +2 bonus to all Perform (mandolin) checks, as well as a +2 bonus to Will saves

Charmer [General] (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                        Top

Your character is exceptionally good at charming others with magic.

Prerequisite: Spell Focus (Enchantment), Spellcraft 18 ranks.

Benefit: You add your character's Charisma modifier (if positive) to determine the save DCs against spells from this school. If Charisma is your character's spellcasting ability (as a bard or sorcerer), you add your Intelligence or your Wisdom modifier, if positive.

Clerical Monk [General]                                            Top

Your are an initiate of the Order of Serene Enlightenment

Prerequisites: Wis. 13+, must have access to the sphere of Meditation, must also be a member of the Order of Serene Enlightenment

Benefits: With this feat your PC is allowed to multi-class freely between both of his cleric and monk classes

Normal: If your PC does not have access to this feat, then he must obey the multi-class restrictions of the Monk class

Comatose Healing (Contributed by Salabasha)                                                                             Top

Prerequisite - Endurance, Diehard, Con 20

Benefit - A character who posses this feat can willingly go into a coma like trance for 24 hours. Once this time is over, the characters HP is fully recovered.
A character in the trance can not be awaken by verbal means. If attacked during the time while in the trance, the character is considered helpless. The character can regain consciousness at any time, but doesn't gain any healing regardless of the time spent in the coma. (Unless it is for the full 24 hours). This trance heals both lethal and sub-dual damage. An already helpless character is unable to acquire the trance.

Normal - A character may attempt this feat without actually having the feat chosen (but must have the prerequisites). However, halfway through the 24 hours, the character must roll a D6. If the character rolls a 5-6, then they continue on as if they have the feat and it is working normally. If the character rolls a 1-4, then the character is unable to regain consciousness and is permanently in the coma.

 Construct Empathy (Contributed by Salabasha)                                                                         Top

Benefit - You gain +4 on checks that include attempting to fix a construct and attempting to figure out what the construct does (What its purpose is).

Create Moving Portal [Item Creation]                                 Top

You can create a portal that has a moving origin point.

Prerequisite: Create Portal

Benefit: By creating this type of portal, you affix a portal to the frame rather than to a fixed point in space. A moving portal requires that the origin be anchored to some material frame, such as an arch on a wagon or the limbs of a tree. Beings using the portal must be able to pass through the frame. For example, you could create a portal that exists inside a treant's branches, and the portal would move with the treant. You could not affix a portal to an ogre or gray ooze and have the portal follow the creature around. You cannot create portals that move on their own power or that move by magical means. All movement of the portal is directed by the frame to which the portal is affixed. It is not possible to move a portal's frame through itself. Adding this feature to your portal increases the base cost of the portal by +25%.

Special: Portals created without the feat are fixed in space.

Note: This feat that I have posted here is taken from the latest Perilous Gateways column on Portals of Anauroch - by Robert Wiese from the FR website

Death's Shadow [General]                                            Top

Your PC was born in a land or city that is haunted by the undead, and incorporeal, such as zombies and ghosts. Your character has learned to deal with the types of fear generated by these vile creatures.

Prerequisite: Wis 13+

Regions: Ruins of Myth Drannor, Undermountain, any city or land affected by undead

Benefits: Your PC receives a +3 bonus to all Will saving throws against the fear elements and effects of the vile undead.

Defensive Blow [General, Fighter]                                     Top

Your PC has learned to sacrifice some of the power of his blows in exchange for improved defense.

Prerequisites: Wisdom 13+

Benefit: On your PC's action, before making the attack rolls for the round, you may choose to subtract a number from your PC's damage rolls and add that number to your PC's AC. This number must never exceed your PC's wisdom bonus. The penalty on damage, and the bonus to your PC's attack rolls apply only until your PC's next action.

Disciplined Mind (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                             Top

Benefit: The character gains +2 to Concentration checks and to checks made with one Knowledge skill.

Discover Pattern [General]                                         Top

Your PC has an understanding that everything in the multiverse has a system - a specific pattern. By understanding groups of small orders, peoples and the like, your PC has learned how to decipher and understand some of the most foreign languages that he may encounter.

Prerequisite: Int 14+, Wis 12+

Benefit: Your PC is granted the spell-like ability to comprehend languages twice per day as a sorcerer of your PC's character level.

Displaced Spell [Metamagic] (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                     Top

Your character can cause his or her own spells to appear to come from another direction.

Prerequisite: Ability to cast teleport, any other metamagic feat.

Benefit: Your character can cause a spell to originate from a spot other than the square in with he or she is standing, so long as both the origin and the end points are within the maximum distance from the caster's own square. The origin point must also be within line of sight of the caster; the path of the spell must be visualized (the caster must know where it is going).

This allows the caster to stay hidden, insofar as the path of the spell will not give away his or her position. As well, if the point of origin is out of sight of the target, the DC for a Reflex saving throw is increased by two; Fortitude and Will saves are not effected.

Special: Spells modified by this feat take up a spell slot two levels higher than normal.

Dominating Charms                                                Top

Your mastery of both Compulsions and Charms have made you quite irresistible.

Prerequisites: Able to cast 4th level spells, 10+ ranks in Spellcraft, and 10+ ranks in Knowledge (Arcana)

Benefit: Grants permanent Save +2 to spells with the Charm and/or Compulsion descriptor, a +1 to Spell DC's with Charm and/or Compulsion as a descriptor, and a +1 effective caster level when dealing with a spell with the Charm and/or Compulsion descriptor.

Dragon Shape (Contributed by Arivia)                                                                                            Top

You can take the form of a dragon.

Prerequisites: Wis 30, Beast Wild Shape, Knowledge (wild shape) 30 ranks, wild shape 6/day

Benefit: Choose one species of true dragon. (You need your DM's permission to choose any species other than chromatic or metallic dragons; you cannot choose force or prismatic dragon.) Once per day, you can change into a dragon of the chosen species of ancient age or younger. The ability works like the polymorph spell except for the changes dictated above and below.

         You may assume a dragon form of any HD, as long as it follows the criteria above.

         You gain the ability scores of the form chosen only when the score in question is higher than your own. However, this applies to the mental abilities also.

         You gain the spell-like, supernatural and extraordinary abilities of the form you choose; however you must choose to use either your own or the dragon's spellcasting ability upon changing, this choice lasts for an entire change.

Note: This revises the Dragon Wild Shape feat found in the Epic Level Handbook. If you use the Draconomicon's version, this doesn't apply to you.

Durable (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                                                Top

Your character is more likely to gain larger numbers of hit points.

Prerequisite: None.

Benefit: Whenever you roll for your character's hit points, you may roll an extra time per die and take the better of the two rolls. If it is a tie, you must take that amount.

Energy Focus [General] (Contributed by Arivia)                                                                        Top

Your character excels at casting spells involving a particular force of magic.

Prerequisites:Ability to cast at least one spell with the acid, cold, electricity, fire or sonic descriptors.


Special: You may take this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take this feat, it applies to a different energy subtype. Energy Substitution:If your campaign uses the Energy Substitution metamagic feat(found in Magic of Faerun & Tome & Blood), this feat replaces the "any other metamagic feat" prerequisite for the feat.

Entwine spell [Metamagic] (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                    Top

Your character has mastered the complicated art of casting more than one spell at a time.

Prerequisite: Dex 15+, any other metamagic feat.

Benefit: Your character can cast three spells in the same action, provided they were all modified by this feat. Alternatively, your character can cast two in the same action, provided at least one is modified by this feat.

The prerequisite Dexterity score is required during casting. Should your character be denied a dexterity bonus of this level for any reason, it is not possible to simultaneously cast any spells.

Your character must also beat a Concentration DC two points higher (if casting two spells) or five points higher (if casting three spells) than the normal check would entail, or loose all the spells that were attempted.

Each spell modified by this feat takes up one slot four levels higher than normal.

Favored Environment [General] (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                        Top

Your character is more at home in one environment than any others, and knows how to use it to personal advantage.

Prerequisite: 13+ Int, 13+ Wis. Character must have lived in that environment for considerable time.

Benefit: Your character gains a +1 benefit to attack rolls, as well as +2 to the skills Concentration, Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Search, and Spot, as well as Intuit Direction if your character has ranks in that skill, when in that environment. This represents how comfortable the character is with that environment.

Sample environments might be:

Rocky (hard)
Swampy (also muddy)
Tundra (ice/snow)
Underground (includes caves, but not underground cities)
Urban (city)

The prerequisite can be satisfied by certain races or classes. Rogues and bards might easily qualify for the Urban Environment. Snow elves automatically qualify for the Tundra Environment. Drow fighter-types would as a matter of course be trained in the Underground Environment. (Other drow might not leave their cities as much.) Rangers and druids might easily qualify for the Forest Environment, though the player should keep in mind that not all rangers and druids live and train in forest rather than other environments.

Special: This feat can be gained more than once. If the same environment is chosen, the prerequisite time spent in that environment since the previous feat applies, and the feat must be taken in that environment. Bonuses are increased by 1.

If chosen to gain a new favored environment, the prerequisite time spent in that environment since the previous feat applies, and the feat must be taken while in that environment. As well, all the benefits of the previous favored environment are reduced by 1: after training in that new environment, the character is no longer in tune with the old one. If a third environment is chosen, the first one's benefits are no longer available.

Fey (Wis)                                                             Top

This skill represents how closely the character is tied to his fey heritage. All humanoids are, supposedly, descended from Fey long long ago, but none are as close as the Elves. Non-elves get a -8 racial penalty to checks with the Fey skill, and Forest elves raised in the Fey culture gain a +2 cultural bonus to this skill.

(Half-elves have only a -4 penalty.)

(This skill is only a class skill if the character takes a feat to make it so, or is of a custom-built class incorporating it.)

DC-----Time Needed-----Effect
10-----1 minute----------One with the Forest
12-----1 round-----------Beast Speak
15-----1 hour------------Tree Speak
20-----1 hour------------One with the Power
25-----1 day-------------One with Self
30-----1 month-----------One with Time

One with the Forest: When this ritual is completed, the character gains a +4 circumstance bonus to Listen, Spot, Hide, and Move Silently skills while in the forest for one hour.

Beast Speak: When this ritual is completed, the Fey can understand and make itself understood to a single creature of the forest or to a group of creatures of the same type. These creatures will be initially friendly with the Fey unless they have been previously agitated.

Tree Speak: When this ritual is completed, the Fey gains understanding, and a link with the trees. He can feel all that the trees of the forest feel. If any trees are injured while this link is in place, the Fey must make a Fort save DC 20 or take subdual damage equal that inflicted on the tree. He can sense where the animals of the forest are, and where all outsiders are; identifying them is impossible, unless the outsider is another Fey. Locating them requires a successful DC 15 Fey check for each hour of pursuit. This link can be maintained as long as desired, and abandoned as a move-equivalent action. Trees are also willing to hide one who is linked thusly, with concealment in a tree possible with a full-round action while standing near the tree to be hid within.

One with the Power: When this ritual is completed, the Fey can, for 24 hours, wield magic as a Cultist with ranks in up to 4 Cultist skills of his choice equal to his ranks in Fey, as long as he is within the forest, and using this magic to benefit the forest.

One with Self: When this ritual is completed, the Fey has become, permanently, immune to emotional effects and pain. He is now completely emotionless, and gets a -4 penalty to interaction checks with non-Fey.

One with Time: When this ritual is completed, the Fey has attained immortality, and will no longer age. A successful Fey check, DC 30, will allow the character to reform himself as a tree upon his death, with the tree growing to reform into himself in a period of 20 years.

Fluency  (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                                                        Top

Your character is gifted in one language.

Benefits: Choose one language your character is fluent with. Due to the extra effort your character has made with that language, all checks made with it (such as with Diplomacy, or a bard performing) and directed at those for whom it is a native tongue, are permanently increased by 2. This is only available when using that language.

Special: This feat can be gained more than once. Each time it applies to a different language the character is fluent in.

Greater Dragon Shape (Contributed by Arivia)                                                                                    Top

Your dragon form ages.

Prerequisites: Dragon Shape, Beast Wild Shape, Knowledge (wild shape) 30 ranks, wild shape 6/day

Benefit: Your dragon form ages by one category. Ancient forms become wyrm forms, and wyrm forms become great wyrm forms. You gain all abilities of the new form. If your dragon form is of great wyrm or older age, and you take this feat, you may apply the advanced dragon template to your dragon form, once. Your dragon form gains 3 HD and one virtual age category.

Note: This revises the Dragon Wild Shape feat found in the Epic Level Handbook. If you use the Draconomicon's version, this doesn't apply to you.

Greater Sorcery [General]                                               Top

This feat grants the Sorcerer PC an increase in the number of spells available to him/her at each class level.

Prerequisites: Arcane spellcaster [Sorcerer], Cha 17+, Human.

Benefit: This feat can only be taken at 1st level. The character gains two additional spells only of his choice per level of the PC. The new spells become available only when the PC advances to his next class level.

Greater Tyrian Authority [General, Faith-Dependent]                         Top

Your Paladin can issues orders that gain the obedience of even the most staunchly opposed, or narrow-minded individuals.

Faith: Tyrian

Prerequisites: Cha 15+, Authority of the Tyrian Church, base Will save +5 bonus, Paladin

Benefit: Your Paladin PC gains the spell-like ability dictate once a day as a cleric of your character level. The spell DC for this ability is Charisma-based.

Holy Warrior [General]                                                Top

Prerequisite: 2+ ranks in Knowledge (religion). Weapon Specialization, ability to Smite Evil. Must be a member of a religious order serving a Lawful aligned deity.

Benefit: You gain a +2 to all attack and damage rolls against all clerics and druids that worship Evil-aligned deities.

Improved Ability [Alternate] (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                Top

In place of a normal feat, you can select a single point of increase to one ability score. This cannot be done at first level, nor can it be chosen sequentially. This trade can only be used for when the character would gain a normal feat, not a bonus metamagic or item creation feat, or a feat from the fighter's list. Any time that a character is not limited in a choice of feats, and has not chosen this trade the last time that character was eligible for a general feat, this trade can be used.

Inborn Talent (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                                            Top

Your character excels at certain tasks.

Benefit: Pick one ability (Charisma, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, or Wisdom). Your character gains a +2 modifier on all skill checks dealing with that ability.

Special: This feat can only be taken at 1st level. In the case of a bonus feat at first level, such as that granted to human characters, this feat can be taken twice. It affects one of the other five abilities.

Increased Attack [Epic] (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                        Top

Your character's Base Attack Bonus increases.

Prerequisite: +3 Epic Attack Bonus, less than +16 Base Attack Bonus.

Benefit: By sacrificing three points of your Epic Attack Bonus, you may increase your Base Attack Bonus. While this does not change your maximum attack bonus, it may allow you to gain an additional iterative attack.

Your Base Attack Bonus may not increase beyond +16. If adding three points to your Base attack bonus would raise it beyond +16, those extra points are lost. They cannot be restored by any means, such as lesser restoration restoration, limited wish, wish, or miracle.

Normal: A character's Base Attack Bonus does not increase after achieving his or her 20th character level.

Insightful Student (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                                    Top

Your character uses insight and innate talent to learn.

Prerequisite: 9- Int, 15+ Wis.

Benefit: Instead of adding a negative Intelligence modifier to your total available skill points, you may add a positive Wisdom modifier.

Special: This feat can only be taken at first level. Its benefits are only available so long as the character's permanent Intelligence modifier remains below zero.

All Intelligence-based class skills that the character would have had are reduced to cross-class skills. The player may replace those skills with an equal amount of Wisdom-based cross-class skills, which henceforth are considered class skills.

Iriaeboran Fencing Style [General, Fighter]                                Top

The adept fencers of Iriaebor usually favor the rapier over the saber and their efficient style reflects this dedication. Iriaeboran fencing is usually brutally fast, and always consists of many quick slashes with the rapier.

Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +3, Proficient with rapier

Benefit: PC fencers will gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls when using a rapier.

Jab; Accurate (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                                        Top

You can concentrate on hitting your opponent rather than inflicting great damage.

Prerequisite: Dex 13, Int 13

Benefit: When you use the attack action or full attack action in melee, you gain a bonus to your attack rolls as much as +5 and subtract the same number (Max -5) from the damage you inflict. This number may not exceed your Base Attack Bonus. When you use this feat, you do not gain any bonuses to damage from your Strength. Regardless of the penalties to your damage rolls, you inflict at least 1 point of damage on a successful hit. The changes in attack and damage last until your next action.

Knowledge (anatomy) (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                        Top

There are certain places on the bodies of all species that tend to be universally vulnerable: the base of the skull, the tendons of the wrist, the major arteries on limbs.

If your character has five or more ranks in Knowledge (anatomy), he or she puts this knowledge to use by inflicting one extra point of normal or subdual damage upon a successful hit. This bonus increases by +1 for every five ranks in Knowledge (anatomy) your character gains.

This extra damage is only available with certain weapons, and is not available with damage caused by most spells. Your DM always has the final say on what weapons can deal this damage. Your DM also has final say on whether a particular creature is too alien to be vulnerable in this way.

In addition to a bonus to damage, if your character has five or more ranks in Knowledge (anatomy), he or she gains a +1 bonus to Heal checks. This bonus increases by +1 for every two ranks beyond 5 (+2 at 7 ranks, +3 at nine ranks, and so on).

Knowledge (history of magic) (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                            Top

Your character is trained in aspects of history that deal with magic, such as ways it was used, knowledge of old spell types, magical creatures as pertain to history.

If the character holds 5 or more ranks in this skill, it provides a synergy bonus to Knowledge (arcana) checks if information is more than fifty years old, and to Knowledge (history) checks if it has to do with magic.

Alternatively, use checks with this skill instead of either of the two above skills, with the respective knowledge skills of history and arcana providing the synergy bonus (where applicable).

Knowledge (melee fighting) (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                Top

Everyone has a certain combat style, even novices, and trained observers can often take advantage of the way a combatant moves. The skill Knowledge (melee fighting) represents that training, and allows observers to make a Spot check to gain this advantage when in melee combat with that character.

In order to do this, the observer must be within range of the target, the observer must have line of sight, and the target must be in personal melee combat. The range is defined as 10 feet + 5 feet for every rank in Knowledge (melee fighting), and normal Spot penalties apply. (Therefore, a character with five ranks can be as far away as 35 feet, but suffers a -3 penalty on the check.) This action can be made during combat, but only against one foe that the observer is fighting and only during a Total Defense action.

The roll is a standard Spot check versus a DC of 20 + the opponent's highest Base Attack Bonus; the more experienced the opponent is with melee tactics, the harder it is to find weaknesses in his or her style. A penalty may result due to combat conditions.

If the check succeeds, the observer may choose between a +1 dodge bonus on the next round, or a +1 insight bonus on his or her next attack roll. Both enhancements can only be used against the observer's target, and must be used within 3 combat rounds. Consecutive checks do not stack, and merely reset the three-round limit.

There is no limit to how many times this action can be performed, but it can only be used against one opponent at a time. The study provokes an attack of opportunity, but only from other opponents, not the target.

Synergy: Having 5 ranks in Knowledge (melee fighting) grants a +2 synergy bonus on such Spot checks. Every additional 5 ranks grant another +2 bonus.

Having 5 ranks in Knowledge (melee fighting) grants a +2 synergy bonus when using Bluff to perform a feinting action. Every additional five ranks grant another +2 bonus.

Special: Knowledge (melee fighting) is a class skill of the Duelist Prestige Class.

Knowledge (technology)                                                 Top

The PC selects a discipline of technological study from the list of technological disciplines below. The PC then receives a +2 bonus to all craft checks on particular technological items when it involves the PC's chosen discipline of study.

Here's the disciplines. If you can think of any more, I'd be glad to add them to the list -

Lunge (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                                                           Top

Sometimes accuracy is better than massive damage.

Prerequisite: Dex 13, Int 13, Balance 5 ranks.

Benefit: When making a melee attack with a one-handed thrusting weapon, you may deduct a number of points from your damage roll and add the same amount to your attack roll. This number can never be greater than one point less than your weapon's maximum damage. (Thus, a damage of 1d4 yields up to +3 to attack, 1d6 yields up to +5, and so on.)

Any bonuses to Strength are not applied; when lunging, a character is treated as having no Strength bonus when rolling for damage. Strength penalties still apply, and count against the base damage of the weapon.

Bonus damage not related to the weapon itself (such as a Sneak Attack bonus) cannot be deducted in this manner. If it is connected to the weapon (such as through magical enhancement or Weapon Specialization), it counts as deductible.

The changes in attack and damage last until your next action. Note that no matter the penalty to damage rolls, a weapon always deals at least one point of damage upon a successful hit.

Special: A fighter may select Lunge as one of his fighter bonus feats.

Lured Attack [General]                                                   Top

Your PC has learned the impressive techniques of attacking opponents when they think or attempt to attack you without guard

Prerequisites: Expertise, Bluff 5 ranks, Dex 13+

Benefits: The PC can, once per round, allow an attack of opportunity by an opponent, but at the same time may attempt an attack of opportunity against the opponent by taking a -2 penalty on the attack roll.

Magical Healer (Has since been replaced by Arcane Healer) (Contributed by Bookwyrm)            Top

You are in tune with the auras of others, allowing you to heal them more effectively.

Prerequisite: Heal 3 ranks, Knowledge (anatomy) 3 ranks.

A character with this feat can apply the result of his or her Heal check to increase the effectiveness of a cure spell. If a heal check beats a DC of 15 (standard Heal DC), the character being healed gains 1 extra point of healed damage per 2 points of that excess.

For example, Jozan wishes to heal Lidda, and casts cure light wounds on her. His player rolls 1d8, with a result of 5. Because Jozan is a third-level cleric, his player adds 3 to that roll, for a new result of 8.

Because Jozan has the feat Magical Healer, his player also rolls a Heal check. A roll of 1d20 yields 11. Jozan has a Wisdom modifier of +2 and five ranks in Heal. This gives a result of 18. (He only has three ranks in Knowledge (anatomy), and so cannot add a synergy bonus.) Because that result beats 15 by 3 points, Lidda is healed of another 1 point of damage.

Sorcerers and wizards who take this feat also gain access to the following spells: cure light wounds, cure moderate wounds, cure serious wounds, and cure critical wounds. They take up a spell slot one level higher than the norm for a bard or cleric, and do not gain a level-dependant bonus.

Thus, for a 5th-level bard or cleric, cure light wounds is a 1st-level spell that heals 1d8+5 points of damage. For a 5th-level sorcerer or wizard, however, it is a 2nd-level spell that heals 1d8 points of damage, with no bonus for caster level.

Master Craftsman (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                                        Top

Benefit: The character gains +2 to a Craft/Profession pair, such as Craft (arrowmaking) and Profession (fletcher).

Special: This feat can be taken more than once, each time with a different Craft/Profession pair.

Master of Historical Arcane Lore [General]                                   Top

Your PC has made continual efforts and strivings to preserve and maintain the historical and magical arcane lore of Faerun

Prerequisites: Int 16+, Loremaster PrC

Benefits: Your PC receives a +4 competence bonus to all Knowledge (arcana) checks, a +1 competence bonus to all Knowledge (history - your choice) checks and a +2 competence bonus to all Spellcraft checks

Militia [General]                                                        Top

Your PC originates from a community or city that depends upon on militia forces for defense and protection. This usually offers the PC 'fighter' as a chosen professional career.

Regions: Waterdeep, Zhentil Keep, Cormyr, the Dales

Benefits: Your PC is proficient in one exotic weapon of his choice. The PC also receives +1 competence bonus to all Heal checks

Natural Athlete (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                                                Top

Your character is a natural at all tasks dealing with physical prowess.

Benefit: Add +1 to your character's Constitution, Dexterity, and Strength scores.

Special: This feat can only be taken at 1st level.

Natural Empath [General] (Contributed by Artalis)                                                                                  Top

Prerequisite: This feat must be taken at first level.

You are attuned to the auras and feelings of others readily sensing their emotions on a basic and fundamental level. Your awareness grants you many advantages but also has its drawbacks.

You gain a +3 bonus to Sense Motive and Heal and a +2 to Bluff, Diplomacy and Perform checks. Further you may have access to the Magical Healer feat without having to purchase the requisite ranks in Heal and Knowledge (Anatomy) as your understanding of the hurts of others is intuitive.

Unfortunately as a "sensitive" you find combat unnerving and any situation where violence is taking place puts you in an uneasy state. You receive a -1 to all skill checks in combat situations where you can sense someone being hurt near you. The dm determines whether or not you sense it.

You find melee combat particularly distressing and are hard pressed to actually hit someone with a weapon up close and personal. You receive a permanent -1 to all melee attacks Ranged combat is more tolerable and only the -1 to skill checks is applicable there.

Nature of the Barbarian [General]                                         Top

The people you belong to are part of a culture that is widely reviled and not trusted. The terms "primitive" or "barbaric" are often used by the citizens of civilized realms to describe these people. As a result these citizens respond very strongly to the PC's intensive personality.

Regions: Icewind Dale, Ruathym, various Uthgardt tribes

Benefit: The PC is granted a +2 bonus on all Intimidate and Sense Motive checks

Nimble Woodsman (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                                       Top

You know to step on hard objects, such as rocks and roots, to avoid being tracked.

Prerequisite: Dex 13+, Int 13+, Track

Benefit: You can increase the DC for tracking your movements by an amount equal to your current Dexterity modifier when traveling no faster than three-fourths speed. Other persons in your group who do not have this feat can still track the person with the lowest DC as normal. However, when determining how many people are being tracked, a person with this feat does not count.

The Open Hand, Not Closed Fist [General]                                    Top

Your PC is able to fight evils through the power of words and speech rather than through force of arms. You consider physical arms and combat to be the absolute last option in hostile situations.

Prerequisite: Wis 14+

Benefit: Your PC receives a +4 competence bonus to all Diplomacy checks and a +2 competence bonus to all Sense Motive checks

Order of the Peaceful Star                                                Top

Your character is a member of a monastic order dedicated to resolving disputes in a non-violent manner.

Prerequisite: This feat can only be taken at first level. The character does not have to be a monk, but must be of Lawful alignment.

Benefits: The character gains one extra language at first level, as if through a high Intelligence score. As well, the character gains a free Fluency feat.

The total possible ranks in the skill Diplomacy are increased by two, and two extra ranks are given for that skill. This is as if the character had taken the Specialist feat, but only affecting Diplomacy. This does not count as having the Specialist feat for the purposes of any prerequisite.

Special: Your character is dedicated to non-violence if possible, and non-lethal confrontations if not. Allowing unnecessary deaths of any kind is anathema to him. Only if the greater good requires a death will he allow it, and even then only if he is absolutely certain the condemned deserves it. Your character is highly conscious of the fact that the end does not justify the means.

Self-defense does not violate this oath, but any premeditated killing does. Should he seek the death of even the most vile creature in existence, he must allow his enemy to defend himself at the same time; killing one who poses no immediate threat is impossible. All life is sacred, even that which is not deserving.

Should your character break this oath by intentionally allowing the death, or especially causing it, of any intelligent being that does not deserve such, then your character must seek atonement (see below). Meanwhile, your character suffers a 20% XP penalty (as if through multiclassing) and the bonuses of this feat are reversed. The character must take a -4 penalty on Diplomacy checks, plus the opposite for the Fluency feat. This is to represent the effect the guilt of his act has on the character.

The penalties of the oath-breaking can be atoned for by the character seeking out his teacher or other authority figure in the Order and submitting to whatever punishment or duty that person lays upon him. This is a non-standardized penance, and is assigned to the degree that the authority figure feels is necessary to ensure that the character has learned from his trials. After this is achieved, all penalties as listed above are removed.

Ordered Mind (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                                                Top

Your character is a natural at all tasks dealing with mental prowess.

Benefit: Add +1 to your character's Charisma, Intelligence, and Wisdom scores.

Special: This feat can only be taken at 1st level.

Precise Strike (Ex) (Contributed by Capn Charlie)                                                                                Top

You gain the ability to strike precisely with a light or one-handed piercing weapon, gaining an extra 1d6 damage added to your normal damage roll.

When making a precise strike, you cannot attack with a weapon in her other hand or use a shield. Your precise strike only works against living creatures with discernible anatomies. Any creature that is immune to critical hits is not vulnerable to a precise strike, and any item or ability that protects a creature from critical hits also protects a creature from a precise strike.

Profession (tutor) (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                                       Top

Your character can earn a living tutoring others, chiefly children of the wealthy. You cannot teach anything you do not know unless you successfully Bluff your employer.

Synergy: For every 5 ranks in a skill your character is attempting to teach, add a +2 synergy bonus to the Profession (tutor) check.

If you are attempting to teach another how to be a member of a class you have levels in, you add your levels in that class to the Profession (tutor) check when determining pay; when relating to the actual teaching (such as determining how well you have performed your job), you may only add a maximum of 10 levels to the check.

Rogue at Heart [General]                                               Top

Your character has a particular aptitude for stealth and silent actions

Prerequisite: Must be a Halfling, must have Dex 15+

Benefit: Your PC receives a +2 bonus to all Rogue class skills

Scholarly [Regional] (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                                Top

You are highly trained in areas of learning, but find the world outside your libraries overly chaotic.

Prerequisite: Elf (Evermeet, Silverymoon, or Snow Eagle Aerie), gnome (Lantan), half-elf (Silverymoon), or human (Chessenta, Lantan, Thay, Silverymoon, or Waterdeep).

Benefit: All Knowledge skills are class skills for your current and all future classes. You gain a +3 bonus on all Knowledge checks, but must take a -2 penalty on all Wisdom-based checks and on all Concentration checks.

Sea Master [General]                                                    Top

You are a capable sailor and you know how to execute combat while on board a ship at sea.

Benefit: The PC gains a +1 to his/her attack bonus, while fighting on board a vessel at sea

Sharpshooter [General] (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                                Top

Your character is trained to down his opponents with one shot.

Prerequisite: Point Blank Shot, Far Shot, Precise Shot, base attack bonus +6, Concentration 5 ranks.

Benefit: Should your character have more than one attack with a ranged weapon through a high base attack bonus, you may take all of your character's attack bonuses and add them together for one attack roll.

Every two rounds spent studying a target gains a +1 modifier to attack, for a maximum of +5.

Special: The target picked must not be currently threatening your character in any way. The multiple attacks cannot come from a feat such as Rapid Shot.

You must use the full attack option to use this feat. However, you may not move during that round. The effort it takes to sharpshoot requires total concentration on the target, and your character must stay in that position during that round.

The DM sets a concentration check DC based on the character's surroundings, with a base DC of 15. For every point the roll falls short, a penalty of one is subtracted from the attack roll.

I'm going to add an example of the above feat in action, at least as it stands and as I understand things.

Kanlith (an elven archer I made while working this up) is a 10th level fighter. Using his sharpshooter training, he readies an attack on an unsuspecting orc. He has a +5 Dexterity modifier, so his ranged attack bonus is +15/+10. With the feat, he gets a single attack bonus of +25. He studies his target for a full minute, gaining the maximum extra bonus, for a total of +30.

Since he is unhurried, and is without distractions, he has only to beat the base concentration check DC of 15. He has a Concentration modifier of 7 (5 ranks, plus a Constitution modifier of 2) and his player rolls a five. As the result (12) is three points under the DC, his attack bonus is +27.

His player rolls for the attack, and gets a result of 9. That adds up to a roll of 36, more than enough to down the orc.

Skilled Healer (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                                                Top

You have studied the arts of medicine.

Prerequisite: 2 ranks each in Heal and Profession (herbalist).

Benefit: Your character gains a +3 bonus on Heal and Profession (herbalist) checks.

Sleep in the Saddle                                                     Top

Prerequisite: Light sleeper

Benefits: You can sleep almost anywhere, ignoring vigorous motion, uncomfortable conditions and bad temperatures. You can fall asleep in the saddle of a walking horse (and thus travel over land while you would typically rest), or below decks of a tossing ship. You can even sleep in heavy armor and not wake up fatigued.

Sole Fighter [General]                                                    Top

You are actually a more effective fighter when fighting alone.

Benefits: Your character receives a +1 attack bonus when fighting solo

Specialist (Contributed by Bookwyrm, initially written by Eilinel)                                                                Top

Your character is a specialist in a particular field.

Prerequisite: All skills affected by this feat must be maxed-out (they must have as many ranks as allowed by the current character level). All skills affected by this feat must be class skills.

Take one maxed-out skill. This feat increases the total ranks in that skill by two. The total amount of ranks in that skill is henceforth equal to the character level + 5.

Additionally, choose one other maxed-out skill that is related to the first and increase its total threshold (but not its ranks) by one. The total amount of ranks in that skill is henceforth equal to the character level +4.

Examples of related skills are:

Move Silently and Hide.
Knowledge (religion) and Knowledge (the planes)
Knowledge (history) and Knowledge (geography)
Knowledge (arcana) and Spellcraft
Knowledge (music) and Perform (any music)
Jump and Tumble
Balance and Climb
Open Lock and Disable Device

If no two related skills are maxed-out, this feat cannot be taken. Your DM always has the final say on whether or not two skills are related.

Special: This feat can be gained more than once, and can be applied to any skill, even those previously chosen, so long as the prerequisite is met.

This feat replaces Skill Focus, and counts as such for all prerequisites (such as for prestige classes).

Normal: Without this feat, your character is limited to a total rank in any class skill equal to the character level +3.

NOTE: This feat is Eilinel's. Or rather, it was his originally. I've stolen borrowed it in order to make it more clear (putting it in a 'published' format) and added two points. I am doing this without Eilinel's permission, so if you have any problems with it, it is solely my fault.

True Salesman [General] (Contributed by Bookwyrm)                                                                             Top

Your character is exceptionally good at getting the most out of sales.

Prerequisite: 15+ Int, Mercantile Background, Silver Palm, Appraise 10 ranks, Bluff 10 ranks. Clerics of Waukeen of at least 5th class level need only one prerequisite feat to qualify for this one.

Benefit: Your character is so good at haggling that he or she sells items at 10% over, and buys at 10% under, the normal asking prices.

Special: This is only available at sales based on haggling. Against characters with the Mercantile Background or Silver Palm feats, roll Bluff checks for both parties. If the character with the True Salesman feat wins or the roll is tied, the effect of that feat are as normal; if the character loses, then the effect does not apply. If the second character in question also has the True Salesman Feat, then the winner gains the effect; the loser does not. If the roll is a tie, the transaction is at normal list price.

Unholy Warrior [General]                                                 Top

Prerequisite: 2+ ranks in Knowledge (religion). Weapon Specialization, ability to Smite Good. Must be a member of a religious order serving a Evil aligned deity.

Benefit: You gain a +2 to all attack and damage rolls against all clerics and druids that worship Good-aligned deities.

    Wizardly Demesne (from Old French demaine, domain)                            Top

Your PC has been granted the ability to manipulate all the familiar arcane energies of his chosen specialist arcane school within the area     surrounding him, thus making his spells and magic more potent than ever

Prerequisites: Your PC must have the ability to cast 7th level arcane spells, 12+ ranks in Spellcraft, and 14+ ranks in Knowledge(Arcana), must be a specialist mage (player's choice), Int 15+

Benefit: Your PC's spells (from his chosen specialization) that he would cast within 30 ft all gain both an additional +2 bonus to DC and a +2 bonus to penetrate spell resistance. Your PC also is granted a permanent +2 bonus to his saves vs spells of the same school of specialization.

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