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The work contained on this page is the property George Krashos.  It has been formatted for viewing on the web by the Scribes of Candlekeep and was collated from a list by Steven Schend.  The article is available for download in its original state.

Plays of the Realms

By George Krashos


These are a listing of the plays mentioned in the various products of the Forgotten Realms.

Play Title Date Written Author
And So They Met The Gargoyle 1300 Ilphel Zarghar
Argonyar in Amn ? Unknown
Bold Hearts Broken ? Nargustarus Grithym of Amn
Broderick Betrayed or The Wizard Woeful 764 Unknown
Hearts & Daggers For Them ? Sperrus of Athkatla
Lord Alurmal's Double-Edged Revenge 1346 Unknown
Much Ado In Sembia 1357 Malarkin Norlbertusz of Ordulin
Seven Dragons Aloft 1035 Tilshamber of Neverwinter
Shards & Swords 163 Unknown
The Elf Queen's Peculiar Pleasure 1352 Unknown
The Fitting End of the Human King Halthor 241 Avelthar Echorn
The Gilded Unicorn 1369 Raulivan Torthtra
The Leaping Fish 900 Aukh Rammantle
The Red Rages of Ozoone Stormspells ? Unknown
The Shattered Throne Tumbles 1370 Annadas Athlo
The Stormy Knight or The Brazen Butcherer 762 Unknown
The Terrible Tale of Talvadar the Merchant ? Unknown
Three Black Horses 1357 Ivryn Olindarr, Bard
Windbag of Waterdeep 1355 Tholdomor “the Wise” Rammarask


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