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The Military Forces of Cormyr

By Jerry Davis

[Foreword: The following material is not intended to be just a compilation of facts from all the various canon sources. It is intended to be a significant expansion on canon that adds much more detail to the subject matter, indeed enough detail to permit role-playing within the military organization of Cormyr itself. This is in opposition to the approach that others may wish to take — adding a minimal amount of new detail and leaving the rest for individual DM's to add — but this is how I want to approach it. There is a great deal here that is not literally authorized by canon material, but I will try my best to make sure nothing here contradicts it, as much as my non-exhaustively-comprehensive knowledge and memory permits. Absolute adherence to canon above all other considerations is not my goal, though. If two separate canon facts contradict each other, or if a given canon fact simply is unbelievable in my opinion, then I have to let my own reason guide my way. Any known deviations will be marked and footnoted. If any detail I add is contradicted by literally stated canon and is not so marked, please let me know and provide a specific page and source cite and I'll do my best to adjust this document or add a footnote marking the deviation. If anyone has a disagreement based more on feel or flavor, I'm certainly willing to at least listen and debate the point. Also, the number of men in many of the garrisons may be adjusted from the canon value to conform to the unit sizes I give here. Every instance of these may not be footnoted, and in this case chalk it up to Volo's well-known factual inaccuracies!]

[Note: I have used post-1369 and 3rd Edition sources in this document, but as of this version have only used from them references to things that most likely existed prior to the 1372 time of the 3rd Edition FRCS.]


1. Purple Dragons

1.1 General Makeup

1.1.1 Purple Dragon Ranks Priviledges of Rank Ranks and Class Levels

1.1.2 Military Titles and Job Positions

1.1.3 Military Orders

1.1.4 Knights and the Military

1.1.5 Military Specialities

1.1.6 Leaving the Purple Dragons

1.2 Organization of the Purple Dragons

1.2.1 Infantry Units

1.2.2 Cavalry The Royal Cavalry Regiment Other Cavalry Units

1.2.3 Mounted Airborne

1.2.4 Archers

1.2.5 Special Units The Royal Corps of Monster Hunters The Kings Messengers

1.2.6 Organization Above Regimental Level

1.3 Overall Composition of the Purple Dragons

1.3.1 Units of the Purple Dragons and their Deployments Suzail Marsember Arabel Castle Crag Halfhap Tilverton High Horn Eagle Peak Skull Crag Wheloon Thunderstone

1.4 Operational Tactics of the Purple Dragons

2. The Royal Guard

3. Blue Dragons

3.1 General Makeup

3.1.1 Blue Dragon Ranks Warrant Officers Privileges of Rank Ranks and Class Levels

3.1.2 Naval Titles and Job Positions Marines

3.1.3 Knights and the Imperial Navy

3.1.4 Leaving the Blue Dragons

3.1.5 Auxiliary Naval Forces

3.2 Organization and Makeup of the Blue Dragons

3.2.1 Capital Ships of the Imperial Navy The Royal Galleon Crown of Cormyr The Large War Galleon The War Galleon Fast Galleon The Carrack

3.2.2 Supporting Ships of the Imperial Navy The War Caravel The Coastal Runner The Cog The Training Ship

3.2.3 Standards for Imperial Navy Vessels

3.3 Overall Composition of the Blue Dragons

3.3.1 Suzail

3.3.2 Marsember

3.3.3 Dawngleam

3.4 Operations and Tactics of the Blue Dragons

3.5 Game Information

3.5.1 New Base Classes

3.5.2 New Prestige Classes

3.5.3 New Uses for Existing Skills

3.5.4 New Feats

4. War Wizards (forthcoming chapter)

Bibliography and References, and OGL License

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