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The material on the page is the property of Jared Rascher and is used here at Candlekeep with permission. This article is to enable DMs to use the "Tealpeck's Flood " adventure from Dungeon Magazine #137 in the Forgotten Realms.

"Tealpeck's Flood"
(Conversions from Dungeon #137)

By Jared Rascher

Introductory Information

This adventure has to do with the legacy of a wizard that has lived in a given region and died before paying his debt to a certain pit fiend, and the quest of his descendant and the arcane focused church he once was a member of to reverse the curse left from his unfinished bargain.

My initial thoughts on this adventure is to set it in a castle near the city of Beldagan in the Barony of Blacksadle in the Border Kingdom. The origial adventure is set in the Duchy of Ulek in the Greyhawk setting, but the elements that are native to that setting are fairly easily changed.

The goddess Wee Jas in this adventure should be changed to Savras. The castle was founded by a wizard that held Savras in esteem, and the church of Savras, while strong in some areas of the Border Kingdoms, is not so in the Barony, and as such, threats of expelling the order carry a bit more weight here.


Adventure Hooks

The church of Savras in some other region of the south might contact adventurers to aid their adherant in the Barony of Blacksaddle to help make sure that they are not expelled from the region. Given that the arcane deity is changed to one of divination instead of necromancy, the followers of Savras might seek out the PCs rather than have to have any specific connection to the church.

The Book of Exhaulted Deeds mentioned in the adventure, for these purposes can be referred to as the Holy Path of Archanatyr, a holy book that was once possessed by a paladin from Tethyr, which Tealpeck stole from the paladin when he conceived his plan. Paladins from any number of places, especially those that worship the Triad, could hire the PCs to check into rumores about the location of this book.

If the PCs are travelling near the Shaar, they may be contacted by some of the "grass shamans" of the tribes there, that will recruit the PCs to look into the disappearance of one of their own number near the Barony of Blacksaddle.



Make sure to check all of the handouts for setting specific items. The Book of Exalted Deeds is mentioned in the handout on page 44, and should be renamed the Holy Path of Achanatyr, and the pirates mentioned in the handout should be simply refered to as the Pirates of the Nelanther (while this is a bit of a streach, its not inconcievable that they would said into Shining Sea for enough profit).

Obviously the church of Heironeous mentioned here should also be referred to as the church of Tyr.

The specific coins mentioned in the second handout should be simply referred to as gold coins, since the many different currencies in the region would make specific mention of a type of currency difficult.


Replacement Encounters

4. The Study

When the Principia Hextori is first mentioned, the name should be changed, perhaps to the Principia Gargautha, a reference to the exiled arch-devil turned god. This reference works well considering the connection to the pit fiend Ibex later in the adventure.


15. Plant Room (EL 8)

Shumack DeBelvigne should be refered to as Shumack, and this druid-turned-shambling mound can serve as a member of the Ghedia, the "grass witches" or "grass shamans" that are native to the plains between the Barony of Blacksaddle and the northern cities of the Border Kingdoms.

Geography Notes

The village of Og'Vihalla, which is where the castle is located, should be located in the Barony of Blacksaddle equidistant from Beldargan and Bloutar.

The region of the Border Kingdoms that the Ghedia driuds and their tribesmen usually travel in is the clear region to the north of Blacksaddle and to the east of the Qurth Forest.


The Crimson Fleet

While I suggested above that the Crimson Fleet can simply be replaced with the name of any pirates that you wish to use, it should be noted that the Crimson Fleet is the name of the pirate group that will figure prominently into the next Adventure Path, and as such, the conversion notes that Eric Boyd will be doing for the adventure path may have further notes on this organization and how it works in Faerun.



While the Border Kingdoms should serve very well for the region that this adventure occurs in, the Border Kingdoms themselves have only really recently started to be well detailed. Unless you own the old Polyhedron issues with these regions detailed in them, the following should serve for information on the region.

The Border Kingdoms are mentioned briefly in the Shining South sourcebook, though this is general information. The Shining South sourcebook also has information on Shaarans, which ties into the Ghedia, if you decide to use them in this adventure.

The most extensive information in any books appears in the Power of Faerun, but Ed Greenwood also has an ongoing series on the WOTC Forgotten Realms site that details these lands as well, and its well worth the time to check into these articles.

Finally, James P. Davis' novel Bloodwalk is set in this region, and is an absolutely excellent resource for brining the region alive, and was one of the reasons I was inspired to use this region as the setting for this adventure.

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