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The work contained on this page is the property and copyright of Dargoth and is contained herein with permission..  Dargoth has used the Draconomicon D&D product for adapting into the Forgotten Realms setting.

Church of Bahamut in Cormyr and the Stonelands

By Dargoth


Bahamut in the Realms

Before the elves walked upon Faerun, Bahamut played a far more active role in the realms then he has in recent times. His followers founded 2 city states one in the Marsh of tun the other in Farsea marsh both of these cities where ruled by Metalic Dragons and populated with Half Dragons and Dragonkin, all those who worshiped Bahamut where welcome there. The 2 cities thrived for more than 10,000 years until Tiamat and her Chromatic Dragons destroyed the cities in the first Dragon rage. The destruction was so complete that an Avatar of Tiamat was able to appear in the 2 cities and sow the soil and air with pestilence so no one could ever live there.

The ruins of the two cities can still be found in those 2 Marshes, Tiamats pestilence still remains.

After the destruction of the two cities Bahamut seemed to slowly withdraw from the world of Toril. He maintained only a slight interest in the world mainly involving his True Dragon followers.

Bahamuts interest in Faerun was rekindled in 1359DR when Gareth Dragonsbane a paladin of Ilmater and the future King of Damara meets Bahamut on his home plane. Gareth asks the Platinium Dragon how he might destroy the Wand of Orcus which he had stoleon from that Demon Lord abode in the Abyss. Bahamut told him he must kill an Avatar of the Goddess Tiamat and thrust the wand into her heart. Against all odds Gareth did this and returned to Damara where he was hailed as its King. Bahermats interest was piqued by Gareths actions and was impressed that a mortal human could take on the might of Tiamat, Bahamuts most hated foe.

Tiamat to began to take note of Faerun she was enraged by the death of her avatar and sort vengeance on Gareth and the people of Damara. Tiamat has been gathering a Flight of Chromatic Dragons at the ruins of the Witch Kings castle in Vaasa. Bahamut took note of this to and sent several metallic Dragons and some of his humanoid followers to the Monastery of the Yellow Rose, home to an order of Monks and Paladin dedicated to the Human god Ilmater. There Bahamut with Ilmaters blessing has founded an order of Dragonslayers who would help defend Damara should Tiamat and her spawn ever attack.

Damara though is not the only place Bahermut has taken an interest in during the last 15 years. He has visited many metallic dragons in person and encouraged them to breed. This has resulted in an increase in the population of Wyrmling/young Metalic Dragons throughout the realms. Bahamut has also approached the various Dragonkin Tribes converting several of them.

Tiamats admission to the Faerunian Pantheon in 1369 has spurred Bahamut further. Seeing that Tiamat had begun recruiting humans as worshipers, Bahamut decided to do the same. He also planned to establish a realm of Good Dragons somewhere in Faerun. Bahermut had first intended to establish this realm in Mulhorand, which was a neighbour of Tiamats stronghold of Unther. However upon discovering that that Mulhorand tolerated slavery he decided it was unsuitable for his realm.

Up until 1373 Bahamut had yet to decide where he would establish his realms. But by the end of that year he had a decision

In 1371 the kingdom of Cormyr was beset by plague and a horde of Orcs and Goblins led by a Red Dragon. While the Cormyrians manage to defeat this horde it was not without cost, Cormyrs King was killed battling the Red Dragon and the Crown Princess died putting to rest the Ghazneth curse, the Cormyian city of Arabel was also sacked. The following year things got worse for Cormyr, The Netherse city of Shade returned to Faerun and in attempting to melt the High Ice created Flood and Drought in Cormyr, this led to war with Shade and while the Cormyrians won the city of Tilverton and much of Cormyrs army was destroyed in the battle. Worse still Vangerdahest the leader of War wizards was struck down (believed to have been driven mad.)

By the end of 1372 Cormyr is in dire straits, it has suffered 2 years of poor harvest, its army has been decimated through 2 bloody wars, 2 of its Cities have been sacked or destroyed, Orcs and Goblins roam freely within Cormyrs borders, the king and crown princess are dead and Cormyrs heir Azoun the V is but an infant. These where but a few of the problems that faced Cormyr and its Steel Princess when Bahamut made his offer.

In the first month of 1373 Kalgliteris a Gold great Wyrm and a favoured servant of Bahermut approached the Cormyrians. He offered Bahamuts deal, if the Cormyrians ceded the Stonelands to the Metallic Dragons who served Bahamut then the dragons would help cleanse the Orcs and Goblins from Cormyrs lands and would sign a alliance between the Cormyian and the Dragons so long as Cormyr was led by a Just and righteous king.

The Cormyians being unable to control the Stonelands even at the height of Cormyrs power considered the Stonelands to be no great loss for such a valuable deal, so they agreed and since then several Gold and Silver Dragons have been seen flying towards the Stonelands. In addition a number of Bronze Dragons have settled in Cormyrs costal regions.

True Dragons are not the only Dragonkind to be heading into the Stonelands, Saurials, Half Dragons and Draconic creatures have also been seen. The Cormyian garrison at High Hold where greeted with a startling sight one morning when 20 Gold Silver and Bronze Half Dragon Paladins of Bahamut rode past the fortress mounted on Spiked Felldrakes.

So close has the alliance become, that the infant Azoun now has Dragon body guard. To most “Tabby” appears to be nothing more than a light brown kitten a pet for young Azoun, Only Alusair and Caladnei know the truth, “Tabby” is actually Tabadortankisdracona a Young Adult Gold Dragon. Tabby has already proven his worth as a body guard to young Azoun when single handily stopped an Assassination attempt on infant Azouns life, the attack was carried out by force of Assasins from Shade enclave as payback for Cormyr war against them, Shades hoped to sow more chaos in the country by killing the you Azoun. When the Shades Assasins stepped out of the Shadow plane and into Azouns crèche the last thing they sore was a very Angry Gold Dragon.


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