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Ah, Welcome to the Gallery of Faerun. Here you will find work from some of the greatest craftsmen and artists of all of Toril. Feast your eyes on these masterpieces, observe their beauty, from the many wondrous sights of the land to the most feared nightmares, all of which are found within the Forgotten Realms world.

The images in this section have been created and submitted by fan's of the Realms and the fantasy genre. Click on a thumbnail to view the full size image.

Damon Kilgo

The artwork below has been submitted by Damon Kilgo. Email the artist with your comments. Click on the image below to see the full size version.

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Note from the Artist:

"This particular half-orc is one that is soon to come in my on-going campaign. His name is Mogarim Nib. A dispicable creature on many levels, and that is why he continues to be such an advisary for my wary adventurer's.....In this particular dipiction of Mogarim Nib he is presenting the adventurers with an expression of mild humor. He knows that there know way that they will ever be able to stop him. This is the face that my adventurers will see once they confront this creature... Utter arrogance...."

If you have any artwork you wish to submit please contact us.

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