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This page has been provided to aid visitors who have been used to the old FR-Zone sites of the REALMS-L Mailing List. As you may now be aware, Candlekeep has taken over as host for the REALMS-L internet site (FR Zone). All material for FR Zone has been absorbed into Candlekeep and this navigation page should help you locate items in the Great Library which, due to the size of Candlekeep, may not appear readily available to you.

You may, however, use the Site Map and Search functions to travel and search around the site. Please see the navigation menu below to locate material from the FR Zone. Hopefully, most of you, if not all will soon get used to this new structure and will find Candlekeep a good source for all your Forgotten Realms needs.

FR Zone Section

Where is it in Candlekeep?


Whats New?

The Candlekeep Home Page
The Candlekeep Whats New? Page


Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas FAQ

The REALMS-L Projects Main Page
The FR Atlas product information page in Tethtoril's Bookshelf
The Software section in Tethtoril's Bookshelf


Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas Tips

This has been merged into the Atlas FAQ page



The REALMS-L Projects Main Page


Errata Projects Error List

Each section of Tethtoril's Bookshelf
Various product information pages which have entries in the Errata
The Errata section in the REALMS-L Projects Page


Realms Projects Tools

Information on building a project: Realms Projects Guidelines
Web Host information has been omitted from this site


Important Downloads and Addresses

The Realms Projects list is on the Projects Page
Web site links and Mailing List information are on the Links page, not all sites have been included. These will be added at a later date once the Links page has been restructured for various site categories. Please submit site details, whether your own site or a recommendation, to the Candlekeep Webmaster
The LISTSERV commands pages are also linked from the Links page


Project Submission Guidelines

Listed for the relevant project on the Projects Page


Active Realms Projects

The Active Projects section on the Projects Page


Inactive Projects

The Inactive Projects section on the Projects Page



The Fonts section of Wondrous Treasures in Alaundo's Library


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