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 House Sylairaque: in search of lost glory
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Posted - 27 Oct 2022 :  17:37:44  Show Profile Send Cosmar a Private Message  Reply with Quote
For level 6 spells, I picked up Greater Dispel Magic, Contingency, and Freezing Glance (enchantment from Frostburn book). Using Harper resources I also procured and learned Planar Binding and True Seeing. From the Song of Silence relic spellbook recovered from a previous adventure, I learned Ruby Ray of Reversal and Greater Anticipate Teleportation.

For additional level 5 spells I learned Overland Flight and Prying Eyes, and used Harper resources to procure and learn Greater Blink. For my third free-level up spell for 5th level (I get 3 free levelup spells thanks to Elven Generalist), I'm torn between Vitriolic Sphere and Boreal Wind (from Frostburn). Vitriolic Sphere is nice because it does acid damage and is SR: No, with a lot more damage done on a failed save. Boreal Wind is tempting because it's basically a much larger and stronger and longer-lasting (and re-directable) Gust of Wind that also does cold damage each round (a successful fort save negates damage, but it lasts for several rounds, potentially dealing a huge amount of damage to anyone who stays in the area). With my newly acquired Elven Spell Lore feat, I can choose one damaging spell to alter its energy type, which I would apply to either Vitriolic Sphere or Boreal Wind, depending on which I choose (so I could change Boreal Wind or Vitriolic Sphere to deal either fire, electricity, acid or sonic damage). It's hard to choose which because they both seem great for different reasons. Boreal Wind would be a great battlefield control spell regardless if targets save against the damage, but Vitriolic Sphere is SR: No, which would be really helpful against demons etc. (And also I could use Sculpt Spell feat on it to greatly enhance its area.)

I did also pick up a scroll of Dismissal, and also learned the Manyjaws spell and Dimensional Anchor.

I also picked up a pair of Bracers of the Entangling Blast, which 3/day can halve the damage from a damaging spell and cause anyone who took damage (any amount of damage) to be entangled for a few rounds (NO SAVE). I also upgraded my Headband of Intellect from +2 to +4.


Regarding the game, we just finally basically finished our 10-day rest in Everlund leveling up and training in the meantime.

On the morning of the current day, a "miracle" happened in Everlund. Everyone in the city who was sick or injured (esp. all the soldiers) woke up to find themselves completely healed, even regenerated lost limbs. Some beneficiaries reported seeing a hooded and robed figured with "flaming eyes" they claim is the one who healed them. They've declared the day a holiday, and people are referring to it as the "Healing Dawn." A lot of people think it was an avatar of Lathander, but some subtle hints suggest it may have been Rain of Embers who we'd just released from our last mission.

Our party was meeting for lunch when we got a summons from the Harpers about a development in the Gatekeepers Crystal situation. We're currently meeting in Moongleam Tower with Earlraun Shadowlyn and Lady Amrallatha as well as a surprise guest...Lord Roraurim, one of the Morueme blue dragon brothers, disguised as a human. (Our party has some history with him indirectly, since a couple adventures back, we'd explored an abandoned stronghold of Grazzt-worshiping sun elves from Siluvenade called the Circle of the Black Hand, which we arrived at at the same time as Morueme hobgoblins who were trying to secure it as a new Morueme stronghold. That's where I found the Song of Silence spellbook and discovered the truth about Kethamil's father's disappearance.)

Roraurim has informed us that the fey'ri have started using the ruins of the Lady's Hand Monastery on Ladypeak as a refuge, and that if we want to find a piece of the Gatekeeper's Crystal, we might start there. It was just a few months ago that the Morueme destroyed the monastery in retribution for their mother's death, but they couldn't penetrate all the way into the caves under the monastery. We're now trying to get more information from him. Earlraun has said that Roraurim's aid comes at a dear cost that they're willing to pay, but we don't yet know what the cost of his aid actually is. He said he's helping us because the Morueme don't want to see fiends seize control of these lands, and that they don't want another Ascalhorn to come to power again.

So that is interesting. Our half-orc paladin PC is a worshiper of Ilmater, so I figure he'll have strong feelings about the Loviatar temple.

Edited by - Cosmar on 27 Oct 2022 17:53:18
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