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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Wooly Rupert Posted - 09 Jan 2019 : 16:19:25
It occurs to me that Ed has been posting Realmslore on the Twitter, and not everyone has the Twitter.

So I thought a single place where such lore could be collected would be a good thing.

Ed is a frequent poster there, adding all sorts of Stormtalons and Epic Fantasy stuff, but for the purposes of this thread, I'd like to keep it focused on his Realmslore.

(I'm also stickying this thread, to make it easier to find)

Ed Greenwood (@TheEdVerse) on Twitter

The #Realmslore hashtag on Twitter
30   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
TheIriaeban Posted - 28 Sep 2022 : 16:50:49
Interesting that Ed didn't mention starflight as part of a night time ceremony. I wonder if that means it was no longer practiced after the Spellplague/Second Sundering?
questing gm Posted - 28 Sep 2022 : 10:45:03
On Mystran wedding ceremonies

Sep 28, 2022


Ed, could you tell us about Mystran wedding ceremonies ? It would mean a lot to me and my character who is soon to marry.



Mystran wedding ceremonies tend to be short and simple (more complicated for me to clearly describe than to do).

If one or both participants (NOT a third party) can work flying or levitation magics, it’s customary to rise into the air in an embrace (and kiss) once vows are said. However, this is an optional “touch of grace,” not a requirement.

In a Mystran wedding, a mage or priest of Mystra (or failing that, an elder person trusted by both of the individuals to be married, who has personally prepared The Ring) officiates, and the individuals to be married are both escorted to them, separately, by someone they love and trust (often a parent, but may be kin or a friend). There’s usually an audience (or at least a witness).

The officiator greets the audience: “In the name of Mystra, be welcome,” and strikes a handbell or gong (deeper tone preferred to higher) to begin the ceremony.

This is the signal to the escorts, who bring the individuals (who begin at locations out of sight of each other) to be married to the ring (ideally from different directions). Customarily the couple-to-be wear finery they like (of any style of dress).

The Ring is a circle on the floor or ground, large enough for the officiator and the individuals to be wed to stand in together, that is defined by seven blue-white stars, with two gaps left in the ring that can be filled by two additional stars. Usually, these nine stars are flat paper symbols of royal blue stars bordered in white (a wizard or priest of Mystra would use magic to cast star-like floating, glowing, three-dimensional images); see the symbol of Mystra illo on the Mystra page at the FR Wiki.

If the officiator stands at the 12 o’clock position within The Ring, and the audience is ranged from the 4 through 8 o’clock positions, the gaps where stars are missing would be at the 4 and 8 positions.

The escort leads the person to be wed. The escort carries a light source (conjured handfire, candle, lantern, or even a flashlight aimed upwards), and the person to be wed carries a star of Mystra.

When the escort reaches The Ring, they stop just before “their” gap, extinguish their light source, and step aside and back (to join the audience). The person to be wed advances to stand in the gap, and the officiator greets them: “In the name of Mystra, be welcome.”

They respond by saying, “In the name of Mystra.” Then they step through the gap, turn, and place their star in the gap, to complete The Ring (of nine stars).

The individuals to be wed can do this in unison, or one after the other, whatever they and the officiator prefer or circumstances such as time of arrival cause (who goes first or if they do it simultaneously has no significance).

The two individuals then approach to stand on either side of the officiator, facing each other. The officiator asks them, “Do you wish to become one?”

The customary response is “I do. WE do.” (Again, it can be delivered in unison or succession, and the choice and who goes first doesn’t matter.)

The officiator then announces, “Before Mystra, these two desire to become one.”

One of the individuals (it doesn’t matter who goes first, though if there is a difference in ages, it’s customarily the older person) then says to the other, “I am [they give their name as they prefer to style it, but surname included], and I give myself to you.” And they kiss their own fingertips and extend their self-kissed hand, palm out and upright.

The other person to be wed does the same, and then they both step forward until their self-kissed fingertips touch. They hold their hands together, and the officiator raises an enchanted wand if they bear one, or their hand (with conjured handfire if they can; right or left, it doesn’t matter) to touch the joined hands, and says, “The blessing of Mystra, Our Lady of Mysteries, be upon this union. Laugh together, and work magic together, and be greater thereby.”

The officiator then removes their hand and steps back out of The Ring, whereupon the couple embrace and kiss.

The officiator and the escorts then intone, “Mystra witness!” and the escorts step forward to remove all of the stars, working from audience side around to the back, and give them to the officiator, so The Ring is no more—and the ceremony is ended, and the mingling and chatter usually starts.

If done at night, and it’s safe and practical to do so, the stars may be replaced by candles in bowls or braziers on chains, or other open vessels that can be comfortably and safely carried. However, these must remain lit throughout the ceremony, or it must be redone, so beware high winds and low fuel.

If an exchange of rings is desired (it’s optional), these are customarily worn by one half of the couple to be on one of the fingers they kiss, then touched together when they put their hands together, and then they begin their embrace as a couple by exchanging (donning each other’s) rings.

Music is entirely optional, but if used, is traditionally played just to accompany the escorted approach of the participants (which is usually unhurried), and after The Ring is taken up and the ceremony is ended.
questing gm Posted - 28 Sep 2022 : 10:27:22
On traditional confectionary partaken during Deadwinter Day or any Faerun holiday

Sep 28, 2022


Hope you're enjoying the relatively mild winter so far in Canada. This season I've been diving more into yuletide cakes and wondered if Deadwinter Day or any Faerun holiday had a traditional confectionary partaken during it?


In the Heartlands, the Vilhon, and the Sword Coast North, Greengrass, the first day of spring, is marked by the consuming of onion cakes (think cornmeal fritters or flat-sided hushpuppies made with diced, lightly fried onions).

In Chessenta, on Deadwinter Day, skulls are eaten: small white-sugar-icing-coated sweet dough balls made with heavy cream, flour, eggs, and a lot of sugar, and pinched at one spot after “rolling round,” to yield the rough shape of a sphere with a thinner jaw.

And Midsummer Night feasts are a time for making and enjoying all sorts of confections; everyone makes their own favourites.
questing gm Posted - 28 Sep 2022 : 10:20:54
On beljuril gem and beljuril dragons

Sep 28, 2022


Hi @TheEdVerse a quick OOU and IU question. OOU, what's the origins of beljuril gem?

and IU - there were beljuril dragons mentioned in Dragon magazine 265, do they exist in the realms?


Out of universe: I made them up. ;} I do that a lot.

Yes, beljuril dragons exist in the Realms, but under Faerűn are rare indeed (eightto keep dwarves and gnomes who might otherwise approach their lava-flow-warmed deep cavern homes, one of which is deep beneath the easternmost Spiderhaunt Peaks (north of Semphar). or nine adults). They are reclusive, using their psionics
questing gm Posted - 28 Sep 2022 : 10:13:48
On Arvyn Umbryl of the Smiling Satyr near Loudwater, circa 1370

Sep 28, 2022


Again, good sir! Could you shed some light on what one Arvyn Umbryl of the Smiling Satyr near Loudwater looked like, circa 1370?


Arvyn has a gravelly voice and in affable manner. He’s of middling height, burly build, fair-haired but going white, hair worn shoulder length but is clean-shaven, has ice-blue eyes, a hooked nose, and a developing paunch.

No tattoos, but an old sword-scar diagonally across left forearm. Tends to wear heavy, sturdy boots, leather breeches, and an open-front cotton “swash” or pirate shirt, with a leather apron over it. Always armed with a belt knife and a dagger sheathed down the inside of either boot.

He has a rarely-seen wife, Marra (she keeps to the kitchens), but three capable, strong, taller than him, energetic daughters who run errands for him, serve patrons, and even see to horses (eldest to youngest: Dauntra, Shammarra, and Lantrue, who’s the most impish/humorous). They’re a happy family.
questing gm Posted - 26 Sep 2022 : 10:48:42
On beasts that exist for a moon druids wildshape

Sep 25, 2022


I've hit a snag, an oversight! The lot is lost and missing, right! I need to know of beasts that exist for a moon druids wildshape, CR 6. Ones they've seen, common and rare and don't say mammoth or dinosaur.
Where to look, there's no Sespech book.


A druid can wildshape any creature they've observed enough in the wild to understand its life particulars (so they're going to choose something climate-appropriate). Some popular choices: badger, bear, boar, capybara, python, stag, tapir, wildcat, wolverine.
questing gm Posted - 26 Sep 2022 : 10:41:55
On dwarven heat sources for furnaces and forges

Sep 25, 2022


@TheEdVerse how do Realms’ dwarves heat their furnaces and forges? I know one site (Sundbarr) has lava, another a trapped elemental. Do all dwarfholds have a unique or supernatural source? Seems if it was wood they’d cut so much there’d be eternal war ‘tween dwarves and druids?


Almost all subterranean dwarven (and gnome) forges use "open" lava flows or the heat of nearby magma flows for their heat; dwarves are both efficient and see this as working with nature/the will of the gods. So, nothing "unique."

Dwarves prize "forgestones," rare enchanted items: very hard, durable (not brittle) stones, such as rock crystal, bearing permanent magics so they heat up and cool down on command, without themselves being harmed (so they can "power" a forge without need for fuel).


Thanks! I didn’t realize there was so much volcanic activity across the landscape.


With dwarven plumbing to carry/pump heated water and so transfer heat over distances, the magma that's EVERYWHERE down deep enough can be brought upwards to the shallower Upperdark in select places. Dwarf communities develop around the rarer natural upvents.
questing gm Posted - 26 Sep 2022 : 10:33:50
On Illithid knowledge of the going ons on Toril

Sep 25, 2022


Greetings sir.

"There is nothing on Toril they do not already know-" Kimmuriel

Would you agree that the illithids have the most total knowledge of the going ons on Toril?


No. Illithids guard information jealously, not sharing outside of a community and seeking to tie personal status within a community to being "in the know," so they don't easily, widely, or swiftly share. This hampers their world-views in a heavy and ongoing manner.
questing gm Posted - 24 Sep 2022 : 07:06:10
Powerful magic in Cormyr

Sep 24, 2022


Friend Ed, I find myself pondering Cormyr. A lot of very powerful types have been drawn there, over the millennia, and there's a heck of a lot of magic in its history. Is the Forest Kingdom home to something akin to the Athora?

And if so, do the rulers of the land have some connection to this thing?


Yes, and yes, and NDA.

Which doesn't prevent me from reminding you of the Crystal Grot, and the vestige of Mystra, and the magic left behind with the Lords Who Sleep.
questing gm Posted - 24 Sep 2022 : 07:03:25
On Ilamatari clerics self flagellating

Sep 24, 2022


To @TheEdVerse how important is seeking out suffering and pain as religious or holy ritual for the faithful of Ilmater? Prayers from the Faithful mentions a “First Suffering” and subsequent rituals done by the martyr Althea the Abased to the point where she has to walk with two canes. Are all of Ilmater’s rituals like this? Would it be possible for a priest of Ilmater to focus on healing and carrying the pain of the indigent and oppressed and NEVER undergo rituals of receiving pain from themselves or others? Is there possibly a difference in beliefs between worshipers who do perform self-flagellation and the like and others who do not but accept pain and suffering to aid others? Thanks in advance for any thoughts on the subject.


Most Ilmatari clergy who advance in the regard of the deity accept pain and suffering to aid others rather than self-inflicting.

Self-inflicting is usually done only as self-punishment for transgressions from tasks set for Ilmatari by superiors.


Great, thanks Ed!


My pleasure.

In the original Realms campaign, the only Ilmatari cleric who sought out harm for himself was driven to do so by dream-visions that he believed were sent by the god as guidance.

Most Ilmatari thought self-harm was "cheap show" rather than real devotion.
questing gm Posted - 24 Sep 2022 : 03:07:19
On black dragon names

Sep 23, 2022


Can you help me name a Young Black Dragon? It has several Shambling Mounds as servants and lives in a swamp.



Take your pick: Aerammarglas, Glazalarlam, Imrylgloth, Ralaglaud, Voarulglammandar.
questing gm Posted - 24 Sep 2022 : 02:53:31
On Mintas Rhelgor

Sep 23, 2022


@TheEdVerse on the Waterdeep trail map in Narfell there is a site called Mintas Rhelgor. Can you provide more info or are you lock by NDA?



Checking my NDAs to see if I can say more. This may take a while.

Can confirm: is a ruin, is a stone and earthen bank/ditch fortress, is old.
questing gm Posted - 24 Sep 2022 : 02:50:06
On city serfs

Sep 23, 2022


@TheEdVerse does any FR novel show an example of a city equivalent of serfs? I would like my Waterdhavian noble to be responsible/protective for more then the household servants Could they be more then employees? Tenants, archery and sword teachers, smiths


Not that I know of. I avoided historical serfdom in the Realms. However, quite a few nobles have a few "swordsworn" or "bloodsworn" loyal retainers that they enter into personal oaths with, as well as "just" paid servants and tenants.

questing gm Posted - 11 Sep 2022 : 02:59:09
On dwarf solemn oaths

Sep 11, 2022


Friend Ed, this will hopefully be a quick and easy question... When a dwarf wants to swear an oath (of the solemn vow variety), what would they swear by? Their axe? Their father's beard? Moradin? Something else?


Popular solemn dwarf oaths:
By the beards of my ancestors
On the grave of my grandsire/grandmare/father/mother
By the gods who blessed my birth
By the honor of the [[my clan]]
questing gm Posted - 05 Sep 2022 : 10:23:00
On trade between Hlondeth and the Naga/Serpent folk in the Sespech region

Sep 5, 2022


I have a suspicion there's some sort of trade between Hlondeth and the Naga/Serpent folk south, in the Sespech region.

I was wondering if that thought holds water.

Also, could any Sarrukh still be alive in that area?


Heh. Your suspicion is very correct. From the south: wine, scents, herbs, spices, and poisons. From the north: textiles (used mainly for awnings), mosaic tiles, and aloe-based ointments.

Sarrukh: I've never see any, but it's possible. They're GOOD at staying hidden.
questing gm Posted - 30 Aug 2022 : 10:31:57
On Telpir as of 1357 DR


Dear Mr. @TheEdVerse , as of 1357 DR, is Telpir an independent city-state or part of Turmish? If the former, what kind of government does it have? What title does its monarch / ruler receive? Thanks in advance.


Telpir is (and was, in 1357) a “friendly ally” of Turmish, with a firm trading pact that included “port haven” rights (damaged ship of either can enter the “approach waters” of the other’s harbor, fly the distress flag, and are entitled to a speedy tow and repair, not having to negotiate for such services). At times, the citizenry of Telpir was dominated by folk from Turmish. However, it was never “part” of Turmish. Its border with Turmish was within sight of Telpir’s city walls (which formed a semicircle around the landward edges of the city, not extending along its shore), a low drystone wall marked by rickety wooden lookout towers that had a history of falling down during fierce storms.

Telpir had a voting advisory council of nine elected by in-city landowners (every four summers), the Archave, who made overall policy decisions and conveyed them to a ruling Lord of Telpir, who was responsible for policing and sanitation and law courts, and other “daily operational” matters. Some Lords “creatively interpreted” the policy directives sent by the Council, and others acted more as a spokesperson/figurehead. Most of the time, the head of the Tower of the Morning (Telpiran temple of Lathander) had as much influence with the Lord as the Archave did.
questing gm Posted - 30 Aug 2022 : 10:23:34
On Corrant

Aug 29, 2022


The ruined city of Corrant, about a Km across. A well-planned balance of aquatic stone ruins to overgrown wide tracts of water marsh. A temple was at the center of the ruin. Now back above ground for 100 years in a wet, Naga filled area. Do you have a map, Sir?


I’m afraid not. Developing Corrant was an in-house staff project; the only draft map I saw was a very rough sketch, and I don’t have a copy. It would be covered under my NDA, anyway.

Corrant and other Cities of the Sword look rather like many North American college campuses: grand buildings seemingly built at random, rather than with any sort of urban planning (grid streets, or grand straight avenues, separating areas of like-use structures). Hodgepodges, in other words.

It’s important to remember that temples in Jhaamdath were like lounges/clubs, because for many in the urban part of the psiocracy (as opposed to farmers), faiths were a “hobby diversion” (like being the fan of a modern real-world football club) pursued for entertainment/a personal edge (like being part of a betting pool), NOT exalted. So temples wouldn’t be at a center site of any importance, unless they took over a building erected for another purpose.

Auppenser was the exception, but devout worship of him was personal mental development, pursued through private meditation, NOT in “great holy rites” in a big building. Faithful were encouraged to find their ideal “private place” to “be one with the god,” and it was often a corner of a garden, or even in a closet. If you wanted guidance, you met with a psiarch. Usually in his or her topiary-filled personal back garden, where they had constructed THEIR ideal private place.
questing gm Posted - 29 Aug 2022 : 11:19:33
On paladins running out of spells

Aug 29, 2022


One thing that strikes that a paladin is a servitor of a how can said paladin run out of spells?


In the Realms, even deities can run out of spells if Mystra or Ao throttle their access.

And paladins are mortal servants of deities, not pass-through conduits for the god's unfettered divine power. (If they were, their mortal frames would be destroyed.)
questing gm Posted - 29 Aug 2022 : 11:15:48
On worg worshipping gods

Aug 28, 2022


@TheEdVerse do worgs in Faerun worship any gods? Being intelligent as they are and having their own speech, I believe religion would be a thing, albeit not as organized as humanoids'. Would they worship the same god as their goblinoid masters, or do their own thing?


They worship Malar, as "The Great One," who rewards them when they pass by accepting them into the Great Hunt that never ends; bloodlust time, when they can savage former masters along with all other juicy prey.
questing gm Posted - 27 Aug 2022 : 09:24:59
On Stamislot

Aug 27, 2022


What and where in the Hells is "Stamislot"? sounds Vassan or Rashemi #forgottenrealms #dnd i hate when a lore is dropped and no elaboration anywhere in sight. Any idea @TheEdVerse ?



Stamislot was an abandoned, ruined keep where the two-head wyvern laired. Named for the infamous "robber baron" who once inhabited it, Relve Stamislothar. It still stands in rolling wilderland hills NW of the NW end of the Snowflake Mountains.
questing gm Posted - 27 Aug 2022 : 03:43:35
On broadsheets in Neverwinter

Aug 26, 2022


Are broadsheets only available in large cities, or do they make their way into the surrounding countryside?

What are the broadsheets called in Neverwinter? I'd like to introduce gossip/background info in an adventure like Lost Mines of Phandelver in them.


Via merchants and small peddlers, they make their ways everywhere, but can take months to travel across the Heartlands.

Neverwinter has: Neverwinter Nights (scandal, gossip, high society, ads for clubs and eateries and feasts); The Word (daily news and rumors), The Quill of Amandros (recent competitor to the Word, far less respectful of powerful citizens and civic government); Lahrassa's Laugh (poems, short fiction, gossip; infamous for vicious satires of prominent locals, done in the style of bad chapbook fiction).
questing gm Posted - 24 Aug 2022 : 12:58:14
On "Eater of Dwarves” (or something similar) in the Dwarven tongue

Aug 24, 2022


@TheEdVerse a very specific question:

How would on say “Eater of Dwarves” (or something similar) in the Dwarven tongue in Faerun?


Eater of Dwarves = Arg-Ahrraem

From arg: devour, eat (implies completely consume, finish) + ahrraem: the term used by the dwarves to mean themselves as a race
questing gm Posted - 15 Aug 2022 : 11:05:32
On popular condiments in the Yawning Portal

Aug 15, 2022


I’m wonder @TheEdVerse what condiments were popular in the Yawning Portal with quipper and chips? Shadowdark ale is a perfect complement, but not really a condiment #129315;


Three condiments are most popular: Seaturtle gravy (brown, thick, is pretty close to beef gravy); Hundur sauce (tamarind and clam sauce, is medium-hot sour-sweet); and Secomber sour vinegar (made from unripe sour dry white grapes grown in halfling vineyards northwest of Secomber).

Some folk also like to garnish with lemon (flesh only, sliced into “shards”) or "blood sauce" from Calimshan (very mild tomato-based chili sauce, like unsweetened thick ketchup).
questing gm Posted - 13 Aug 2022 : 06:14:45
On Ed's recommended 5E supplements

Aug 13, 2022


I've recently purchased your book, "Thay - Land of the Red Wizards". I love everything that has to do with worldbuilding and anything that supplements 5e to make the Forgotten Realms richer for my party. Any other notable 5e supplements that you would recommend? <3



The Border Kingdoms (2018), Elminster's Candlekeep Companion (2020), Darkhold: Secrets of the Zhentarim (2020), Rashemen Campaign Guide (2021), and the Amarune's Almanac series (all DM's Guild and I had a hand in all of them). Enjoy!
questing gm Posted - 07 Aug 2022 : 12:23:23
On bioluminescent plants in the Realms

Aug 7, 2022


Were there are bioluminescent plants in the Realms? Bonus points if fern-like, or associated with the Feywild


Yes. See Amarune's Almanacs, as well as MANY other published Realmslore sources. Yes to fern-like, and yes to Feywild.
questing gm Posted - 07 Aug 2022 : 03:13:07
On games the inhabitants of the Realms play

Aug 7, 2022


Hey @TheEdVerse! The Witcher has Gwent, Final Fantasy has Tetra Master, but what game do the inhabitants of the Realms play?

Is there a card game? A dice game? Maybe even a type of boardgame?


There are many, with a few covered in published Realmslore down the years (see Volo’s Guide to Cormyr) and a handy reference at:

Also, see my 2020 Twitter replies of March 4, July 3, July 4, Sept 30, and Nov 26, my 2021 replies of Feb 7, 2021, Feb 27, 2021, and many, many other tweets. This gets asked a lot. ;}

If you read my 2016 novel DEATH MASKS, you’ll even see a scene in which folk are playing the Lords of Waterdeep boardgame.
questing gm Posted - 07 Aug 2022 : 03:05:55
On emotionally weak and inexperienced Telamont

Aug 7, 2022

@Mannimark2 it really fair to portray a 2000-year-old wizard as being so emotionally weak and inexperienced? When I imagine Telamont I can't help but feel like he'd be extremely mature and ground down by the weight of endless years. Especially if he's a 30th+ level wizard. =(


Flippant response: How old are you? And you still think life is fair?

Serious response: One of the abiding themes I’ve been exploring in the Realms, for literally fifty-five years in my Realms fiction (yes, beginning before D&D existed), is the effects on sanity of longevity (grief upon grief of loved ones lost, the tragic and traumatizing experiences in a long, hard life, and outliving not just friends and acquaintances but entire realms) and of magic (having it flowing through you as you wield it, being hit by hostile magic, and having your own magical experiments go awry in your face). Not to mention “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

What damage does all of that do?

What does it turn you into, and how do you cope? (The answer to that last one tells a writer or a DM a lot about how to run or portray a character.)

I’m not the only one to explore such themes, by any means. Paul Kemp’s SUPERB novels show us how many of the Thultanthans are affected as their lives unfold, and the writers and designers at Wizards showed us Modenkainen’s recent mental troubles (that Elminster nursed him back from).

In the case of Telamont, he is indeed mature and very capable and accomplished. He’s also ground down by all those years, to the point of being broken.

Very broken.

He copes by clinging to a front or public act of being in absolute control, of foreseeing things and planning and always being capably in charge. Yet this act is increasingly a hollow shell. Telamont can’t abandon it, because he sees Thultanthar as his; he is the city, and the city is him, and that’s what makes him important and essential. Without it, he’s nothing, and lost.

Yet it’s always an act, and he knows it, and occasionally it shows.

I wish I could be in the fairness business, I really do. But I’m in the trying to convince everyone that this fantasy is real, so it matters to us all business. Sorry.


@TheEdVerse, I always imagined how a person should handle all the burden of an “eternal” life without losing some portion of its sanity. I consider that only some beings become used to live for such a long time, like dragons, elves and other races that have such longevity. That being said, what do you believe that a powerful wizard or entity that outlives his normal lifespan should do to keep its sanity? Figures like Larloch, Szass Tam and even good persons like the Shrinshee, Congenio Ioun and our Old Sage Elminster that lived over a millenia, how they should manage it and why only some of them are successfull in this task?


I think those who remain (relatively) sane over very long lifespans do so by not only having hobbies they truly enjoy, that involve doing something physical (like cleaning up a stream’s flow or sculpting soft stones in the landscape into staring faces), but who also devote themselves to helping other beings in ongoing efforts or causes that they know will never been “finished” (the Srinshee guided the elves, El served Mystra as a Chosen, and so on). It’s this devotion and caring for others that helps get past the pain of losing specific other loved ones, the affirmation that although a kingdom may fall and get swept away, I personally can take a hand to build up another. Larloch delights in manipulating events everywhere “unseen,” Szass Tam tries over and over again with power schemes that he ties not just to his personal gain but the gain of Thay and what he’s trying to shape Thay into, and so on.

This would be why some self-centered dragons or even liches do whimsical things, sometimes aiding adventurers who attack them “for no good and obvious reason.”

- Edited on 8/8/2022 to add new tweet
questing gm Posted - 07 Aug 2022 : 02:56:49
On weapons dealing extra damage to the unholy and unnatural

Aug 7, 2022


In Forgotten Realms are there swords that do extra damage to the unholy and the unnatural? Thanks. Love all of your books


Yes. Sun blades, holy avengers, and many, many others. All magic swords in the core D&D rules can be found in the Realms.
questing gm Posted - 07 Aug 2022 : 02:54:33
On the Spellplague affecting the multiverse

Aug 7, 2022


Greetings again, Mr. @TheEdVerse

I hope you are well.

If the deities of the Forgotten Realms only have powers and influence inside Realmspace, how could Mystra's death and the Spellplague affect the entire Multiverse?



See all the connecting lines on the multiverse diagram? Everything's linked and affects everything else, like ripples (or a tsunami) in a pond.

The same way a power station or even a lone transformer blowing out can take down not just "its local section" but a big adjacent area.


I was under the assumption that the bigger deal for the multiverse was that Dweomerheart exploded. That's the part that feels more like a Planescape-level event, compared to the Spellplague itself.

Does that sound about right, or is there more to it?


You have it right. In this case, that had the much wider effect. The analogy I like to use is a frame of billiard balls on a tilted table. Take away the frame, and a few balls will shift. Pull a "bottom" ball right out of the array: BIG SHIFT.


Based on the 4e talk yesterday, I'm wondering what you would name the Spellplague era from a planar PoV?

To folk of Toril, "Spellplague" is all they need, but for the folk in Sigil seeing gods die, Ethereal disappear, the Blood War halt, etc - what do they call it?


Flippant response: Tuesday.

Serious response: a bad reordering, one of many they’ve seen, so they’d likely dub it something like “the Passing of the Ethereal” to distinguish it from other planar storms.

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questing gm Posted - 02 Aug 2022 : 10:27:30
On imprisoning evil spellcasters


Hi! I am wondering how evil spell users are imprisoned? Revel's End might be the answer, but what about the low-level, not-really-boss-enemy spell user? How does a small town/village deal with minor criminals? I haven't found anything on that issue.


Coverage is slight because this almost always has to roleplayed out (unless it's history/backstory). If a community doesn't feel safe with a low-level evil spellcaster in their midst, they'll drive that person out of the community. Most living beings need to sleep and spellcasters need to study/concentrate to regain most spells and to experiment with new ones, so community harassment CAN drive such a person away (they're already foes). If the community doesn't want to do this personally, they may hire adventurers (such as the PCs) to do it. This is one reason why evil spellcasters often try to hide their true natures or seek seclusion (dwelling out of town, in a place they can trap or defend or equip with "pet" monsters).

In the "home" Realms campaign, such beings usually AREN'T imprisoned: they're sentenced to do a service (task) involving travel (often with a geas or more powerful cleric/local arms of a faith oversight to make sure they keep at it) that will keep them busy for a time AND give them some personal benefit (and likely some new personal foes/rivals) to further occupy their time. Lessening their inclination and time to harass the community in future.

Many sentences in the Realms are fines (if you can't pay, you may flee, so the community exiles you without formally doing so) or tasks (so the community gets a benefit rather than just an expense [incarceration]), as opposed to imprisonment.

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