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The Xullrae Logs

By Xullrae Zauvir

This is the main page for Xullrae PBeM. The author of this work and Webmaster of the game is Xullrae Zauvir, please email him with any queries you have regarding Xullrae. The material contained here is the property of Xullrae and is used with permission by Candlekeep. Candlekeep claims no rights of ownership to Xullrae and associated material.


Above the normal droll and chatter of the Vengeful Weave Inn, you may be able to hear music or a dramatic shout coming from the direction north of the Common Room. If your interest is peaked and you follow your curiosity, it leads you to a more quiet section except for the fact you hear voices in dramatic pitch and a small applause. As you come nearer, you see a grand fireplace with a good fire burning on the hearth and two bards playing soft music to fit the speakers words to add effect. More Applauses are made as the speaker finishes her sentence. She is about to begin again as the claps quiet but her dark green eyes rest on you with an amused smile. You stop, slightly embarrassed to interrupt, and when she speaks again you notice her voice is melodic with a strange but an alluring accent that you cannot seem to place "Well met there Traveler. Come to take a sneak peak of the goings on eh? Come sit by the fire, have bread and wine ... relax."

If you decline you turn around and leave before the woman to continues on her tale as nothing had happened.

If you stayed, you nodded to the blonde woman wearing braids in politeness and find yourself a seat among the small crowd. When you are situated and a waitress comes by with wine and other various foods, the woman starts talking again. "You're just in time Traveler, a new tale was about to begin. But since you have joined the scene, maybe you'd like to hear a particular tale?"

The Xullrae Logs

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Chapter One: Meetings and Acquaintances
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Log Three
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Log Fourteen
Chapter Two: The Web Begins to Weave
Log Sixteen
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Log Nineteen
Log Twenty
Log Twenty-One
Log Twenty-Two
Log Twenty-Three
Chapter Three: Uncharted Territories *
Log Twenty-Six
Log Twenty-Seven

*Log 24 was incomplete and the scene was reinstated in a later log.

When you pick one, the Storyteller winks and smiles knowingly with mischief. "Ah another Underdark Tale it is then ... wise choice Traveler ... wise choice indeed."As the music begins, you sit back, sip your wine and let your imagination soar as the Storyteller's voice soothes your hungry ears as the tale begins........

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