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This section contains material relating to the REALMS-L Mailing List. The Candlekeep web site is host to the REALMS-L FR Zone which was previously hosted at various other sites by Mark Oliva. In these sections you will find information on registered projects of the Forgotten Realms REALMS-L Mailing List. A full list and contact information of each project as well as submission guidelines and tips on creating your own registered Realms project are also contained within.

Please note that projects within this section are not run or maintained by Candlekeep, but by moderators and members of the Mailing List.

Any questions regarding the REALMS-L projects and the Mailing List should be directed to the respective Submissions Officer listed for that project and not the Scribes of Candlekeep. Click on a section header graphic to go to that page or select a particular area within the section. Cant Find it? - FR-ZONE Visitors Click Here.

Realms-L Projexts
Project Guidelines
Active Realms Projects
Inactive Realms Projects
Tips on How to Build a Project
CC2/CM Map Conversions
Packaging your Project for the Internet
Making your Project available
Realms-L FAQ
FR Atlas FAQ
Contained within is the Forgotten Realms FAQ of the REALMS-L Mailing List. This FAQ contains many in-depth questions and answers on the Forgotten Realms setting but mainly focuses on issues of the REALMS-L Mailing List, its functions and standards of use. This FAQ is maintained by Tom Cullen and not by Candlekeep. An extensive list of questions and answers relating to the Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas CD. Many queries and solutions are given here by various sources, including ProFantasy Software Ltd. - Creators of the software. Furthermore, information compiled by Mark Oliva and Carl Nielson from discussions on the REALMS-L Mailing List are also given.

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