The following temples are located within Fellaren-Krae. The main faiths of Fellaren-Krae are Silvanus and Rillifane Rallathil (see the city council history for reasons why).

Fellaren-Krae is home to a small group of very devout people. The city is currently, unbeknownst to much of the populace, home to a number of religions that would subvert the authority of Telrae Mynralythe and the Council of the Oakenstave, and many gods that aid the city.

The two largest temples in Fellaren-Krae are home to Silvanus and Rillifane Rallathil, legendary patrons of the Council of Oakenstave. Both temples sit across the street from each other, right where the western road into the city enters.They are usually called the Twin Devotions, because they look so similar. The two massive temples are also responsible for maintaining the plethora of shrines to the two gods throughout the area, and the respective clergies work very closely. In fact, High Priestess Saleeria Starwind (NG ef P11) of Rillifane and High Priest Varyv the Honorable (NG hm P15) of Silvanus are married.

During the Talassan Raids, the Twin Devotions suffered a great deal of fire damage, but they have recovered.

- By Luke Fleeman

The city is home to a number of other churches, all on good terms with the Twin Devotions. For any temple to officially be recognized, the Twin Devotions must submit their nomination to the Council of the Oakenstave. Once the Council approves it, they are allowed to function in the city. The Council does have final say on temples, but they usually follow the recommendation of the Twin Devotions. All these churches are chartered, and only the Council may revoke that charter, though, once again, the Council usually follows the wishes of the Twin Devotions.

The city is remarkably pious, with almost every single person worshipping somewhere in the city. Since the growth of Fellaren krae has almost doubled in the past few years, Alot of temples are operating without Council approval. All this means is that they are not recognized as an offical holy land, but instead as a business (since coin is what makes the gears of commerce go round in Sembia) Which makes the church more applicable to state and local taxes, levies, and payments. Officially sanctioned and established churches are give reprieve from some of these monetary payments ( no one wants to anger ANY god.) but until the Oakenstave and the Council give their stamp of approval, most "tent churches" who hold no solid foothold in Fellaren krae are ignored or treated as a business.

There are many other churches that have seemed to slime their way into the "Golden walls" of Fellaren Krae. Undesirable churches of the dark gods or more evil gods are routed and destroyed when found. Evil in any form is not tolerated and the Council and the Twin Devotions wish to keep the least ammount of evil breeding temples outside their walls. War is good for business, but not when it is a holy war within your own walls.

- By Lucian Barasu

The list below marks a few temples of note within Fellaren Krae's walls.

The Triads Glory - by Luke Fleeman
The Sailors Friend - by Luke Fleeman
The Chapel of Coins - by Luke Fleeman
The Bleak House - by Luke Fleeman
The Seer's Cove - by Luke Fleeman
Swordrest - by Luke Fleeman
The House of Fury - by Luke Fleeman
The Alter of the Dark Sun - by Luke Fleeman

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