The following shops are located within Fellaren-Krae.  The exact locations (district and street name) are not yet given but will be provided once the structure of the city has been determined and more locations become available.

Cats Eye Curiosity Shoppe - by Robert V. Droz
Nature's Bounty - by Shea Silvermoon
Mystra's Tears - by Adam Dabdoub
The Lazopyn Taxidermy - by Daniel Deadmarsh
Keepers Rock - by J.R. Carr, jr.
The Owl's Rest - by Daniel Deadmarsh
The Home of the Compass and Sextant - by Daniel Deadmarsh
Salzar's Emporium - by Sean Francos
Theman's Caravan Repairs - by Rob Current
Iam and Son's Appraisers and Metalworkers - by Rob Current
Hallowbrook Woodworking - by Lucian Barasu

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