The Council of the Oakenstave
by Jason L Redfern

Fellaren-Krae is governed by a ruling council, the Council of the Oakenstave.  The Council is one of the oldest elements to the city, having its origins from the time when trade between the human and elven races began on the hills surrounding the natural cove.  The Council consists of ten members, evenly split between humans and elves, one of which is the head of the council and given the title the Stave-Bearer.  The current Stave-Bearer is High Lord Telrae Mynralythe. The organization and racial structure of the council is not only a tradition but also the condition of the enchanted Oakenstave after which the council is named.


The History of the Council

In the early days when the council was formed, five elven druids and rangers and five human tradesmen and bards met once again at the usual site on one of the hills of Fellaren-Krae to do their usual trade and exchange of goods.  Little did the humans know that an orc raiding party had skillfully tracked them and monitored their routines over the previous months.  Once the ten traders had finished their business and sat down, as they always did, to enjoy an evening of food, song and laughter, they were caught totally off guard by the orcs, who instantly slayed Kulth Chel a human trader, and Hen’fel Threstle, an elven druid.

Although surprised and off-guard, the remaining eight grabbed their weapons and fought hard against the orcs, oblivious to the other thirty orcs waiting in the trees ready to ravage through the many items which had been exchanged at the meeting, and of course, to provide backup to the other orcs if needed!  The humans fought sword to club, axe, spear and other deadly weapons customized by the orcs. The elves used all the magic they could summon, but even with the many orc’s that fell they were still too outnumbered, and the orc’s fought on with seemingly unfaltering strength and aggression.

Grabbing a nearby branch fallen from an ancient oak tree, Shael Ty’as, an elven druid swung the branch in a last desperate attempt to prevent an orc’s huge battleaxe from ending her life.  To her surprise, the branch straightened and upon the battleaxe coming down in contact with the branch a brilliant flash of green light lit up the land all around, the orc was nowhere to be seen, his battleaxe lay misshapen on the floor, 25 feet away!  The battle scene was frozen, orcs looked to each other, they were more than used to seeing magic but this scared them more than anything. Suddenly, every orc turned and ran. Scrambling could be heard from the surrounding trees and undergrowth as more orcs came out of their hiding places and ran in the same direction as the others.

Shael turned to her elven companions and the humans, who were all looking weary and almost ready to drop, only to notice just behind them a faint green glow.  It was the terrified stare on her face which caused the others to turn around. There behind them, only ten feet away stood two green translucent figures, an old man and an elf.  All eight who stood there knew that these were the gods Silvanus and Rillifane Rallathil.  The deities spoke in soft, unearthly voices to the eight.  Fragments of what was said are as follows:

“Know ye, that no orc or goblin-kin will ever cross this place again”.
“The Oakenstave which you possess is sacred, it will guide you and protect you”.

“There will always be ten to the Oakenstave, divided equally to bind elven and human peace in this land”.

Upon the last phrase, both Kulth Chel and Hen’fel Threstle slowly rose, bathed in green light and fully healed from death. The deities then faded into the night sky without another word.

To this day there has been no sightings of orcs or goblin-kin within a fifteen mile radius of the city.

The Oakenstave is kept securely on display in the council chamber in Castle Kraelas and has many times aided the council and ultimately the city through dream visions.

The return of Kulth and Hen’fel once again made five elven and five human companions who soon established a more permanent settlement on the site.  Three years later the Council of the Oakenstave was formed while Fellaren-Krae was still only a dozen huts and cabins.  Every since, there have always been five humans and five elven members in the Council. Upon the death of a member (which most of the time has been a human due to their short life span compared with elves), he/she must be replaced by the same race within thirty days.  Failure to do so results in the Oakenstave emiting a green glow and humming noise, the continued effects of this are unknown as only twice have the council failed to elect a member for over the thirty days, (being thirty-one days on both occassions).


Members of the Council of the Oakenstave

High Lord Telrae Mynralythe (hm m F14) Council Head (Stave-Bearer)
Ki-Han Jahn (hm m F12) Warfare and Defense
Mantrel Holaf (hm m F14\W12) Trade and Commerce
Balanthius Mon (hm m Paladin 13) Law and Justice
Kymree Falashay (hm f F12) Naval Commander
Myrahd Iathia (e f B12) Guild Authority
Eilemar Ruadathil (e m R14) City Watch and Guard
Tiaza Danyth (e f F12) Public Relations
Liathlian Renshey (e f B13) Property Management
Besavyl Naicael (e m W13) City Treasurer


Ki-Han Jahn

Ki-Han Jahn is the man commanding the city's warfare and defence decisions.  Upon agreement at council meetings, Ki-Han Jahn then holds war discussions with commanders and admirals of Fellaren-Krae's army and navy.  Ki-Han works closely with Kymree Falashay, the council member in charge of the navy and Eilemar Ruadathil, co-ordinator and leader of the city watch.

Residing in a manor just outside the main wall of the castle complex, Ki-Han lives alone, with only his scribe and trusty servants to keep him company.  Ki-Han is a boistrous, short-tempered man with long red hair held circling the bald crown of his head and falling down his back in a pony-tail and is approximately thirty-five winters old.   Ki-Han has the slight facial features as that of the Tuigan, of which his father was a horseman.  Ki-Han's muscular build adds to his intimidating image.


Mantrel Holaf

Mantrel is a large, overweight man of about forty winters and controller of the trade and commerce dealings within the city and trade with other cities of the Inner Sea, Sembia, Cormyr and the Dalelands.  Almost everything coming in or leaving the city is approved at the highest level by Mantrel.

Mantrel lives in a large manor house on the edge of  the Trade Ward and has four servants to help him with his daily routine.  Mantrel wears very loose fitting clothes, mainly decorative shirts and large pantaloons and he is rarely seen without his brightly-colored tunic which must be at least three sizes too small, the buttons being about 8 inches away from reaching the button holes!  Mantrel has a double, possibly even a triple chin and short, dark greasy hair and is known to care little for his appearance.


Balanthius Mon

The figure of law and justice within Fellaren-Krae is the paladin, Balanthius Mon.  Balanthius is a devote follower of Tyr and spends much time with the priesthood in the Temple of the Righteous Balance, where he also resides.  Balanthius sets the law and order for the city, often persueding the rest of the council to his ways, convincing them that the city would be a better place with an additional law here and there.  As a result of this, there are many, almost ridiculous by-laws in the city, which, unbeknownst to Balanthius are often broken by the citizens and ignored by the city watch.  Balanthius also acts as judge at any hearings and trials which take place in the Hall of Truth and Reckoning.

Balanthius appears as a tall, well groomed man with a large mustache and of about forty winters. He is a harsh man and is swift to issue sentence to any crime.  Balanthius often wears the garb of the priests of Tyr and is rarely seen in anything else.


Kymree Falashay

Kymree Falashay is a loud, demanding female member of the council and commander of the city's naval forces.  Kymree Falashays is just over thirty-five winters old. She is mainly seen at the Dock Ward area where the naval vessels are stationed shouting orders from her office which is part of her home, and generally rushing around always attempting to make the navy more efficient.  Kymree only ever leaves the dockside to attend council meetings at the castle.

Not appearing very lady-like, Kymree has a harsh, leathery face possibly brought on by all the salty sea air, and a gravely voice (no doubt from all the shouting!), her figure no longer resembles that of a woman, her muscley arms putting many new naval recruits to shame and a small chest which is always flattened even more by her tight bright blue tunic.  It has even been said that nobody has ever seen Kymree laugh or even smile.


Myrahd Iathia

Myrahd Iathia is a softly spoken and gentle elven female who is the Guild Authority for the city.  Myrahd's duties involve the registration and management of the various guilds within the city.  All guilds are under some kind of council control, some more than others.  Guilds are put forward and approved or rejected at council meetings by Myrahd.   Myrahd has many scribes working with her, organizing and logging the guilds and their activities (often too uncomfortably detailed for the many guildmasters).

Myrahd has the fine, chiseled facial features and slender figure typical to elves and wears long flowing robes of natural colors, many who don’t know her face mistake her for a wandering druid.  Living in a modest town house near the market place of the city, Myrahd lives with her husband Sanalyan and two children, Riffala and Shahlu.


Eilemar Ruadathil

Chief of the City Watch and Guard and member of the council is Eilemar Ruadathil.  Eilemar is a tall muscular elf with a kind but sharp personality.  Eilemar is well respected among the other higher ranking officers of the Watch and indeed by most of the guard for his generosity and understanding. Eilemar is careful not to distance himself from the Watch and tends to be patrolling with them rather then sat in his office within the castle compound as he should be.

Eilemar Ruadathil is always found wearing the officers garb of the City Watch, being a blue\grey combination of clothing with green piping and adornments.  Eilemar resides with his wife, Lianay in a manor just outside the castle walls.


Tiaza Danyth

Tiaza is head of Public Relations for the city of Fellaren-Krae and along with Lord Telrae Mynralythe, she is the most recognised member of the council.  Tiaza gives all public announcments, tells of law changes and city developments and status to the citizens on a regular basis, however trivial the news may be.  Tiaza is a stunningly beautiful elven lady with a slim, shapely figure and long golden hair.  Many male citizens often come to Tiaza's announcments just to gaze upon her beauty, seeming to be enchanted by her and thus paying little attention to her words.

Despite her womanly appearance and gentle nature, Tiaza is a skilled fighter and often helps out within the castle compound training and improving the combat tactics of the militia.  Tiaza wears a mixture of tight leather breeches and silk garments.  She resides within the castle in a suite of five rooms within the eastern wing.


Liathlian Renshay

All developments concerned with the city and controlled environs, whether it be extending a farmers field or building a new dwelling are dealt with and organized by Liathlian Renshay.  Liathlian is a spritely, elderly elven woman who is always rushing around and constantly jabbering away to somebody about something.  Once a bard and royal messanger of the Elven Court, Liathlian settled in Fellaren-Krae swapping her lyre for a ledger, deciding that it was time for her to settle down for a calmer life than what she had had on the roads and trails, needless to say, she has yet to calm down and take life easier.

Liathlian has a town house in the nobles district, where she lives with her third husband, Hymlan, a retired merchant.  Liathlian wears long flowing robes and womanly attire, her facial features now barely resemble that of an elf.


Besavyl Naicael

City Treasurer and High Mage Protector of the city, Besavyl Naicael is a powerful and well respected member of the council.   Besavyl is a stern, serious being rarely giving a smile.  All funds and wealth of the city and maintained and controlled by Besavyl, who often has the last say on developments of the city.  Besavyl and Liathlian often cross words and council meetings rarely end without a full blown argument erupting between them.

Besavyl lives with his scribe and apprentice, Tilme, in Stalcrag Tower in the Lancer District of the city but is often seen working all day and into the night sorting out the cities treasury and maintaining records. Aside from his commitment to his council work, Besavyl continues to study and teach the Art within his tower.  Due to this, he is not known to many within the city and can easily pass through the streets without a single recognition or acknowledgment.  Besavyl wears the typical long wizardly robes fashioned of green, brown and yellow silk.

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