High Lord Telrae Mynralythe
by Jason L Redfern

Telrae Mynralythe (LG hm M F14) is the ruler of the city of Fellaren-Krae.  Telrae was elected High Lord by the Council of the Oakenstave, of which he is now also the head, known as the Stave-Bearer.

Telrae is a kind, generous and almost idealistic ruler who is in his mid fifties .  He is quite a handsome figure always keeping his dark, but slightly greying beard short and neat.  His hear is a dark brown with the odd grey streak, just like his beard.   Telrae is a hard, decisive and sometimes stubborn being when in the council chamber discussing city politics with the other members of the Council of the Oakstave, but to the citizens of Fellaren-Krae, he is almost a different person, softly spoken, helpful and always willing to help the common folk whenever he can. 

Telrae stays mainly within the city, partly due to his duty as High Lord, leaving all the public relations and traveling to other cities of Sembia to the extraordinarily beautiful Tiaza Danyth, the elven female member of the Council of the Oakenstave who deals with such matters.  Telrae periodically visits Cormyr as he is a close ally with King Azoun, despite previous clashes between Sembia and the Forest Kingdom. Telrae is well respected by his people, although there are always a few who are determined to bring him out of power and destroy his good name!

Being elected as High Lord and not being heir to any throne, means that Telrae’s ancestors and the Mynralythe family line have not been recorded and thus can not be easily traced as if he were of a royal or noble blood to provide a history.   Telrae has been married for the past thirty two years to Lilanya Phenyl, a stunning woman of a slight build and fine features whom he met thirty years ago whilst traveling as a merchants helper on the roads of Sembia.   Lilanya was hard pushing her wares of Turmish garments, and a combination of stunning looks, charm and persistant attempts to sell a thick, gaudy cloak in the middle of summer to Telrae melted his heart. They both fell around laughing at the concept and Telrae abandoned his merchant master right that moment and headed into Ordulin with Lilanya where they soon began courting and fell in love.

Telrae and Lilanya have two sons, Belcoul and Darmal and a daughter, Sola (aged 26, 24 and 16 respectively). Belcoul has made Telrae proud and has quickly (through no influence of his father), rapidly increased through the ranks in the cities militia to Captain of the HighCliff Ward.  Darmal is still very immature for his age and has chosen to lay about and do very little except attempt to win the charms of the ladies of the festhalls and seedier areas of the city.  Sola is every bit as beautiful as her mother and is quiet and shy in nature tending to spend most of her time within the castle compound and surrounding parks.

The only other known members of Telrae’s family are his father – Olostrin, mother – Shalra, brother -Telan, uncle (fathers brother) – Bistral, a successful merchant.  Telrae can neither remember nor trace any other family.  Olostrin and Shalra both died suddenly by some disease when he was 16, leaving his uncle to take care of him and his brother.  Telan was killed at the age of 18 by a crossbow bolt to the chest fired by a soldier of the Zhentilar who had been surprised by Telan whilst heading to Scardale through a small wood on an errand for his uncle.  Bistral never forgave himself for sending Telan on the errand and soon went into depression.   Not long after, Bistral began sinking deeper into decline, both his health and business deteriorated and he lived only two years after before he died.  It was about a year after Telan’s death when Telrae met Lilanya.

The tragic deaths of all his known family made Telrae hard and wanting to stand for something, to bring happiness and security for people.  After Bistral’s death, the only thing stopping Telrae heading to the same fate was Lilanya and the thought of not being together with her.  They agreed to marry and then find a new home, not on the road as traveling merchants, nor in Telrae’s home village where too many painful memories remained, but to a new beginning, a city known for its order and security – Fellaren-Krae.

Upon arriving in the city and finding a small but adequate home in the dirty East Ward, Lilanya set about selling handmade garments to merchants and visitors coming into the city.  Telrae worked on the dockyards loading ships and manning rich merchants warehouses.  It was here that Telrae built up his strength and a year later was a member of the city watch, and another year on was training in the ranks of the cities militia.  Seeing the many different sites and areas of the city throughout his two posts showed him that he wanted more, wanted to help the people, people just like him and Lilanya.  Thoughts of his past still stung and Telrae soon formed a guild known as the Guild of the People. The guild was unofficial and had not been approved by the Council of the Oakenstave.  The guild interested many and brought much curiosity from the Council.  Telrae’s aim was to provide a better standard and treatment of the people of the city and used Lilanya’s homemade shawls, cloaks and many other garments to give away to the poorer and less fortunate folk.  A very strange sight soon took on where merchants would donate food, supplies and other mundane goods to the guild for distribution to the people.  This was indeed a strange sight, to see merchants performing this act, never mind merchants from Sembia!  After about eight months of this activity, Telrae was approached by Tiaza Danyth who invited Telae to the council chamber in the castle.  Expecting to be exiled from the city or some other harsh punishment, it was to Telrae’s surprise that he was offered a place on the Council to be speaker and official representative to the people.  Although Telrae was indeed flattered and honored by the request, he did not wish to become a member of the council and forget his post and what he stands for, believing the people would no longer see him as ‘one of them’.  Risking everything, Telrae also set out conditions of acceptance of the post, without further consultation, the Council agreed and Telrae continued to help the people as he had done previously but also with the support from the council.  This is the reason that Fellaren-Krae is a much better and happier place today.   Telrae was elected as High Lord and head of the Council seven years later.

Telrae can often be seen wearing baggy purple breeches, white shirt, high leather boots and a belt which holds his money pouch (1d4 platinum pieces, 2d4 gold pieces, 2d6 silver pieces and 3d4 copper pieces), and his long sword.  In normal everyday life he wears nothing to distinguish him from the average Sembian citizen, wearing his official garb only for other lordly visits and official occassions.  Telrae believes all are equal and stands by what he believes when he first began the Guild of the People.



Telrae’s long sword is a magical long sword +4 called Kasante, meaning ‘the binding blade’ in ancient elvish. The sword is of a rare elven construct and contains espruar runes down one edge of the blade and thorass runes down the other.  The runes detail the old alliance between humans and elves in the early days before Fellaren-Krae became a permanent settlement.  Little is known of this alliance and sages are still today attempting to trace any remnants and lore. Kasante has the ability to cure serious wounds twice a day, know alignment and protection from evil (15’ radius).

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