Introduction to Fellaren-Krae
by Jason L Redfern

The following is a brief introduction to the City of Fellaren-Krae. This will be improved and expanded upon shortly and is only intended as a basis to begin development of other areas of Fellaren-Krae.

Fellaren-Krae (Fell-Ah-run Kray) is a walled city set on the southeastern peninsular of the nation of Sembia.  Originally a woodland settlement built by the elves of Moondale as a meeting place with the sea elves of the Sea of Fallen Stars. Fellaren-Krae means, roughly translated "Gates of the forest-sea". Many races inhabit Fellaren-Krae but the primary races are Sembian humans with elves coming a close second and due to these races, there is a high percentage of half-elves.  A reasonable number of dwarves, gnomes, halflings and other races also make their home in the city.

Being both a major overland trade city and active port on the Sea of Fallen Stars, Fellaren-Krae has a natural harbor formed by the high cliffs along the southern edge.  Entry into the harbor is strict and patrol boats intercept any ships nearing the entrance to the harbor to obtain prior agreed authorization.  Only in exception circumstances and after a thorough inspection may ships enter the harbor.  Overland trade is brought into the inner caravan holding area, a huge section containing many offices of the authorities and the city watch.  Here merchants must bear all cargo within their caravans and be authorised to pass.  A few taverns and supplies stores have been permitted to set up business within this section for visitors not wanting (or being allowed) to enter the city proper.  Fellaren-Krae trades in many goods with other nations on the Inner Sea and  overland such as neighboring Cormyr, the Dalelands and the areas east of Amn and Tethyr.

Fellaren-Krae is ruled by High Lord Telrae Mynralythe, a kind, generous, almost idealistic ruler.   High Lord Telrae is the Stave-Bearer, the head of the Council of the Oakenstave, a body of ten members who determine and keep the cities order.  Each member specializing in a particular area, such as trade, law, guilds and so on.  High Lord Telrae actually has no more power than the other members of the Council but is the public voice for Fellaren-Krae.  The High Lord and five other members the Council reside in Kraelas Castle, a huge impressive many towered castle atop Kraelas Hill overlooking the city and harbor.  The castle can be seen from miles out to sea and down the trade routes, often causing unknowning travelers and merchants to believe they are closer to the city than they actually are!   The castle, walls and the majority of buildings of Fellaren-Krae are built from a stone similar in strength to granite but of a much lighter color with a slight yellowish tint. The north and east of the city gradually climb atop two large hills, Kraelas Hill on which Kraelas Castle is situated and Daesyl Mount which is named after an elven druid who once made the ancient woods of this area her home.

Fellaren-Krae (Location Map)

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